Mini RC Racing Super Bike Review

I am a fan of Super bikes as I love speed. Here comes a cool and totally fun Mini RC Racing Super bike from JXD company. JXD is making some quality toys and I am loving their products. This JXD mini RC Racing bike offers a flywheel based Gyro effect that makes driving this bike a very easy and fun thing for all ages. Not only this bike has authentic and coolest looks, but also its totally addicting neat little toy. Once you drive it, you are gonna love its stable and fun driving performance.

Dual front shocks, and single rear shock can take this bike to drive on most of the smooth terrains (its not for off road as this is not a dirt bike). Authentic scaled looks and dual speed selector on pistol grip radio is simply awesome. And its pretty durable too. Very easy to charge using USB Supplied charger, even when you are driving, just plug it in your car USB adaptor and let it charge for your next fun drive anywhere.

All in all, this is one Mini RC Racing bike that you will carry everywhere with you to have fun. Enjoy the review.
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Steffen Hartmann says:

you bought subs. 🙂

Rio Watuwaya says:

Cool cinematic scene make this toy looks cooler…

Vedant Patel says:

Nice one

Amaan K says:

its out of stock

Sabina Yeasmin says:

Speed ta sai

Gaurav Sharma says:

I also have this

technical boy says:

Bai yrr koi hummer 4*4 ka motor ka review kro hmna bo buy krni ha islia yrr uski motor ka review kra hummer off road

Technical Ayan Qureshi says:

please gove me that bike

Gopal Yadav says:

lena hai sir

The Biggest Controversy says:

never see rc version of motorcycles

Vedant Patel says:

Cool Bike

Shantisse Mason says:

I have that RC motorcycle

Ingo says:

Nice Bike
Greetings from Germany

MidnightPikachu says:

Are you pakistani?

Halimbolt8 9 says:


hiền phan says:

nội dung bởi anh chưa hay

Crazy Tricker says:

hey tfk how dare you to spaek such thing on indians

nike,puma,power & addidas fan npola production says:

u r Muslim I m also but I m from pakistan

Shantisse Mason says:

I have exactly that bike

dwayne ticey says:


Ravi Kumar says:

good plz give me

Ali Hassan says:

wailzikum assalam

Crazy Tricker says:

there are many many many facts about india that it will fill a book of 100000 pages

Nguyenvannuoc Nguyenvannuoc says:

em vva

Silberner Surfer says:

Is the steering proportional?

Shantisse Mason says:

I got exactly that for 2016 Christmas before 2017

galaxy marvel says:

where did you buy that and that so cool

Nhật Quang Lê Văn says:

TRON bike clones lighning and this bike, which one is faster?

Katayanagi Twins TRON says:

exact same one I have

Rahul Sharma says:

can u plzz send me the link to buy a similar bike

Max Payne says:

stupid. kid

David Farmer says:

I really get a kick out of your family participating in the fun. I am blessed with three grandchildren and I love playing with them. Keep up the great videos. D. Farmer from Memphis TN.

Gaurav Singh says:

best bike

Arda Demir says:

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim <3

kepikiwi says:

Thnz just ordered 3 from gearbest..

micky dee says:


Tiger Boy says:

how money

YouTube어쩌구저쩌구 says:


Crazy Tricker says:

india is worlds best religious country

Mujibur Rahman Bablu says:


harley2007eric says:

I forgot to mention with the lights on the bikes it makes it so much cooler…

Vt Abia says:

wpw you

David Rimmi says:

This is a dead rip-off of LiteHawk’s APEX! Even stole the package graphics. Boooooooo

The Small Inventor says:

salamo aalaykoum

Cyber Ghost 2 says:

new intro:D?

Amar Sharad says:

baddest video in the world

With Pankaj Narzary says:

i loved it the gyro there

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