McLaren P1 vs. Porsche 918 Spyder vs. Ducati 1199 Superleggera – drag race

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The McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder are two of the hottest hypercars on offer at the moment, but how well will they fare in a straight line against the fastest Ducati on sale? We pitch them both against a 1199 Superleggera to find out.

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Jose Millan says:

If i was the guy on the bike id be scared shittless like if u agree

Leo 71 says:

The p1 is king, even though the bike did a faster standing mile? The bike isn’t even capable of 200 mph so why set that as a target speed? So the p1 couldn’t lose ? Car journo’s hate having bikes steal the glory don’t they.

Diamond Emerald says:

Ducati legend

MK SnEaKeRz says:

2:57 your welcome

Apoorv Singh says:

Ducati rider is a pure Badass,,, titanium nuts

Igor Brezovic says:

Nevermind the titanium, Steve is made of steel. And he weights accordingly 🙂

James Walker says:

Respect the P1

I A says:

2:55 is your video.

Joseph Peart says:

4wd drive is always slower when equally matched because of the 4wd drive limits the top end because of the joint drivetran between front and back wheels where as the rear wheel drive has no drag restrictions to the front wheels of the vehicle

ISH's channel says:

well ducati claimed superlaggera will go 0-100kmph in 2 secs…i was hoping bike will stay far ahead from cars

sazhawk says:

Race starts at 2:56

Hydra says:

pshhh use the devil sixteen it would destroy

dany yel says:

Should try with the 1299 panigale

Larry Panozzo says:

Holy shit, as tested both the P1 and the 918 are over $1.1 million.

Meanwhile the Superlegerra is an affordable $83,000.

Abraham Benzamin says:

Want a bugatti chiron vs drag race..
Both company says their top speed is 400 kmph.. so that would be f badass

Michael Pendergras says:

Put the new 1300 would walk all 3 of you , too slow

Flory Molina says:

how did p1 beat dugati ?

Emirhan Er says:

kawasaki h2r 400 km/h in 26 secs , 6 secs for 200 km/h ,10 secs for 300 km/h

Abraham Benzamin says:

If that bike was Kawasaki ninja h2r.. it will kick the ass all the cars

Mr. Yoso says:

Starts at 2:51

kirill kim says:

Мамку ебал

Erosion Playz says:

H2R vs P1 plz i would like to see that match!

lord_ RaeDan says:

Every drag race should be this long, quarter mile is just too short. I wanna see the cars/bikes go all out.

CubularCreeper says:


Military Edits says:

Well that way of comparisment is an insult to me. These Cars were build for the track not for some stupid redneck drag race

The Palm Tree says:

He should have poped a wheelie because the size of his balls

perfectdiversion says:

A few races now shows the 918 lacks top end. Quickest by far off the line and for a little. Mclaren really out does it in the top end. It out does the Ferrari too.

Flory Molina says:

i think the dugati was built 4 top speed not mile drags

DeluxeDestroyer says:

I saw the phantom 4 pro

crashnburn506 says:

“On this particular day the p1 was king” except the bike had a faster standing mile time….

Liam Sweeney says:

Fuck you the P1 wasn’t ‘king’ it did the slowest mile and you obviously just framed the challenge afterwards to make the car look like it won. FS. Bikes all the way.

vishal bhalekar says:

if there was NINJA H2R , it was sure win

Jeffy Jeffy says:

you should probably start planning your funeral before riding a bike at 200 mph XD

Chris Johnson says:

Car pornn

Celal Baba says:


Vartazian360 says:

Now redo this with the 720s


Ducati 1199 Superleggera going 200MPH. It made special for racing over 200bhp, but Ducati 1199 Panigale only 190BHP.

VIllain OP says:

I’d shit myself on that Ducati

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