Marc Marquez MotoGP Bike vs FORMULA F1 Indy Race Car

This is a competition between bike vs car race with the Marc Marquez Honda RC213V MotoGP bike and a Formula F1 Indy Race car. Who do you think is the fastest? Who will win in this epic race?


Rajeev Kathait says:


BlockChainDP says:

F1 Indy Race Car is F1 Mclaren car? xD

Cesar Correa says:

It has 4 wheels, it is physical. The 4-wheel object in a curve will have a lower centrifugal coefficient, but the good motorcycle rider will always hit the 4 wheels with resources that girls who feel safe inside a cabin do not know, it is inevitable, the cars will always swallow the dust of the motorcycles.

Yamasaki Honda says:

Not an F1 car. An F1 car would lap a motogp in 4-5 laps.

Jode Ville says:

I would be intimidated trying to work those corners, while a car is trying to dominate and control the same.

Rochelka Goodrich says:

The car could have beaten the bike by far more than this narrow margin.

I'm heo says:

Why the car won ?
But not marquez?

John Mcallister says:

Huh, anyone can drive a car fast….

Mr phil says:

The sound of that superbike really doesnt do it any favours haha

Enrique Subiran says:


sevenrats says:

I love Motogp and I love motorcycles but there is nothing faster around a track than a Formula 1 car. F1 cars aren’t even really cars. The center of gravity is only 4 inches off the ground. They have substantial aerodynamic downward lift. They’re actually airplanes as much as cars. They are the pinnacle of racing. A machine made for one purpose.

Ketek Puteh says:

I like motogp now F1
motogp is good

May Day 183 says:

well that was boring

Borchi Lethal says:

En estrategia de recorrido una GP y un F1 no podrían correr a su gusto …. Seria peligroso, digo yo como ignorante!!!
Los sobrepaso y su máxima velocidad! !!

lalaland0417 says:

yeah but can the guy in the Indy car crash to the point where he is dragging along the track, then haul himself back in and go on to win the race.

Del Torro says:

Японцы по жизни камикадзе. Им как раз 2 колеса под жопой!

Charles Banxton says:

Sounds like Chewbacca doing donuts

Aka says:

Sub for me, I sub-channel

Jigar Chalni says:


The Moto King says:

I want to see this in person.


Good mm93

eventcone says:

These guys don’t seem to be really racing – more like a few demo laps.

The aerodynamics of F1 and Indy cars is absolutely key to their performance advantage over motorcycles – so much so that I consider them to be at least as much ‘aircraft’ as road vehicles.

Might have been more interesting had Marquez insisted that the car remove its ‘wings’…. 😉

Shaka 08 says:

Yg bilang marc kalah, wajar lah orang f1 dijiluki jet darat

RemoraMarine says:

The cage did NOT do a wheelie. Bikes rule.

Jerald Jones Gabaran says:

MOTO GP is more excitement to watch compare to F1 race

Giuseppe MaterA says:

Ma.perché i giornalisti scrivono sempre.cazzate è lì giustifichiamo sempre per me sono dei pezzi di merda io gli rompei le corna e allora si che vivremmo meglio cominciando da TV 8 Agostini e pernat siete due scoppiati

bike lover says:

this race would be different if their was rossi riding in it

B Boss says:

WTF is a formula 1 Indy car? Is that like a NASCAR Sprint cup monster truck?

Nivaldo Silva says:

Não ha piloto melhor que Michael Dunlop e o saudoso Yoshinari Matsushita.
E na Formula Indy Helio Castro Neves.
O Resto é Merda……

จันทิมา คงวัน says:


Pandi Sopan says:


Herdina Julia says:


Muhammad Raffi says:

kebanggaan saya marquez

Nicky Davies says:

The bike was faster on the straights clear to see the bike also wasnt giving it to much in the bends if he was he would have his knee down it was no race

Mica Ny says:

This is indy bullshito car. Motogp requires more skills and is much more fun to watch..

raewee watthana says:

Must be drag with NINjaH2R or MTT YK

Jim Hinson says:

Cars in one form or another, hold every record there is. But I still love MotoGP.

javier garrido says:

An IndyCar is a fórmula 1? What a stupid

arthur alvin aguilar says:

Supot ako

Sacky Chin says:

What category does formula f1 Indy race car fall under

Zrx 1100 says:

next vs H2R

Elida Carpio says:

The indy car race are boring

Adrian Walk says:

Some people hate this video because its not an F1 car and others hate this because marquez lost

Juan Reyes says:

How dare they insult Formula 1!!! That’s a car from the Indy Racing League.

nollypra says:

Who’s the twat that thinks its a 800cc !!

Penguin Pie says:

F1 and indy do not belong in the same sentence retardedbro

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