LEGO City Racing Bike Transporter review! set 60084

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DVGaming says:

I love how the bikes look! This set actually looks AMAZING!

jx592 says:

I bout this set in the July of its release, mainly for the motorcycles. But it’s recent in my Lego history, I still have the stickered parts, the windscreen. And obviously the bikes, but I can’t seem to find the essential things. Like the wheel arches in red, or the doors.

Joshua fowler says:

This looks like a
cool set

Phil McDonald says:
Kyle Soler says:

I brought this with some Christmas money defiantly worth it well it was that or the dune buggy transporter bring on 2015.

Ed Fox says:

I got it but it broke so I really do wanted it

Josh Hall says:

Were did you find the new motorbike ?

Artem Panfilov says:
Galaxy World1942 says:

I have 2 both got broken

WestGame999 says:


AudioEquation67 says:

Hope i can get this set by 17th of jan

Amir Mukhriz says:

Should I buy this set or set lego 2015 tow truck?

WestGame999 says:

Great jod

Angel Gamer03 says:

Its not lego city if it doesnt have the coffe mug

Hulk Hutton says:

Just built this now after getting home from the gym. I think it’s a great set and love the color scheme! 31 and addicted to collecting lego lol.

Quinn Hobson says:

Price???? It’s so cool

Shooting Star Productions says:

Surely I can’t be the only one that realized that you can ride without the top part on the motorcycle right?

Ultraguy87 says:

I love the bikes!

CinnamonGlue22 says:

I love the new bike models

Patrick Nouwezem says:

This set is real cool i think im gonna get this im really glad there are 2 bikes PLUS the both have a spot (trailer/flatbed)

SGT_McNuggets says:

set comes with 2 crotch rockets

Ssj .Blurr says:

I would take the stuff off the stuff on the back and just keep it nice and flat

Daniel Guardado says:

I love that set I got it yesterday and I recommend it to who likes racing bikes

Omg Damn says:

Where to buy the Lego motor set

Abisyap Putra says:

do you think prefer this set or buy guardians of galaxy starblaster showdown

Amir Mukhriz says:

I want to buy this set!!!! :}

John Pavlatos says:

Go jang bricks

Angga Yudha says:

I started to love lego city when i bought this one

BadVibes PG3D says:

Link to get this set????

Kirsty Walker says:

At first i thought this was a standard bike set but now i want this

Omg Damn says:

It’s almost my birthday

legomaster1378 says:

Not into racing myself, but those new bikes are sick!

jx592 says:

This set and Anakins Jedi Interceptor really got me back into Lego, I never had seen Lego bikes so sleek and sporty looking, and Anakins Fighter really brought on a childhood nostalgia trip. Just to see the innovation, and ingenuity that has come over the last 12 years really makes me; well honestly depressed, because its been 12 years! And in the same light, invigorated: to see the milestones Lego has made, not just as a company but as a means of building memories

RMB Offroading says:

love the new bikes

Moxox Lego talagi says:

Got it

heather meissner says:

it is awesome

Nigel Thompson says:

I want this

ZACH says:

These new racing bikes are really AWESOME!  Gonna have to get this set!  Nice review – thanks!

Arjun_Rakhra7365 says:

thanks for the review i am definatley getting this for christmas

lettersfromhelen says:

That little hidden ramp is great, isn’t it? Completely unnecessary, but what a great addition. Good job, Lego.

Toy Vlog TV says:

What is that white/green/red object supposed to be?

Rebekah Cooper says:

Where did you get all your base plates from as the only ones I can find are about £10 a plate or $20?

The pootis_can Show says:

I like the set. But I want the colors to be octan green or just plain white. I’d also like to change the bike thing

Alysa Aiday says:

I LOVE this set! Grabbed it off the shelf at Target. As soon as I saw this set, I just had to get it. So I got it!

chinchilla miguel says:

man this set comes with more than I thought, really cool set!

Rashid Smith says:

Can u pleaseDo some 2011 ninjago sets and mega blocks powerrangers

Muhammad Faraz Ali says:

Nice set. love the color and theme, 35 but still love to collect Lego 😉


i think the colour scheme would be bettet green with white instead of red and white. so it would look like a green gx6r kawasaki ninga. what do you think jang?

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