Keanu Reeves and Arch Motorcycle Co. — /GOING RACING WITH ADAM CAROLLA

[BONUS] Adam meets Keanu Reeves at Goodwood Festival of Speed and talks two wheels, the actor’s new motorcycle company Arch Motorcycle Company with co-founder Gard Hollinger, and whatever else Keanu feels like sharing about his “production custom motorcycles.”


wikichris says:

No one can tell you what the Goodwood festival of speed is, you have to see it for yourself.

tres xxx says:

I didn’t see any racing.

Grandmaster Buu says:

beautiful. No labeling or categorizing here, just admiring another person’s creation.

Leonard Read says:

The bikes are like 75,000

Dennis Richards says:

Keanu Reeves . . . What a guy . . .

Jogl Mcbuckel says:

… is there a good engine option?

TurboMitsubishi says:

Keanu Reeves, doesn’t appear to be an ass hole…. I like that.

boy638 says:

Man his stunt work in John Wick 2 was sick!

4g63holset says:

Yet they use about the most horrible engine possible.

99bimmer says:

Is there anything he can’t do? He can cover your escape with suppresive fire, then jump on his bike and catch up with you

LookattheBiggerPic says:

…what a cool project – and now what amounts to a production model – congratulations Keanu Reeves & Gard Hollinger – nicely done gentlemen! (if I had the funds I would most certainly get one but for now I’m good with my 06 R1200GS)

Mad69Russian says:

Lots of lipstick on a pig, with lots of money and at the end of the day, you are still riding harley.

Sunbear805 says:

Love Keanu, but man, that $78,000 bike is fucking ugly!!!!

Jim Mac says:

Ahhhhh 4 years to design that!! Its a copy of my old Evel Knevel toy with the big red winder lauch thingy. NO, Just NO.

Konstantin Borus says:

“John Wick Chapter One” jacket on Keanu…..


Keanu, I’ve got a XR1200. Can your exhaust be adapted?

TheStwat says:

It’s nice to see Keanu is not quite as wooden in real life as he is an actor,,,,,,,

SunzOffski says:

Too much talking, not enough riding/driving.

Smokin07ram says:

I want the John Wick edition!

Cornelius Maximilianus says:

Adam Corolla is a fucking asshole

Michael Westermann says:

After all these years I still can’t get past Adam Carolla being the burp and fart joke pig on The Man Show. Keanu though… love him!!

peralez2383 says:

His beard looks like my bush

polong99 says:

John Wick decided to make motorcycle

okleydokley says:

I feel sorry for Mr. Reaves, they will not sell these bikes and his investment money is gone. The “racing” version is just ridiculous. I can see some Hollywood sales and that’s it.

Bosefuss DaBrun says:

Another pointless, expensive bike that offers nothing new to the rider. Stupid choice of powertrain

Zach Wilson says:

But why the Harley engine? Seems like the design would’ve turned out cleaner with an I-4 or a compact twin. These don’t look like sport focused machines OR cruisers.

Mark Donen says:

must handle like a truck: look how long it is and how kicked out the fork is. it’s a cruiser pure and simple. with a solo seat.

Gennaro Lombardi says:

You get a solid and clear look of the bike at 4:30 ! You’re welcome! And can I ask and , why in the hell are the using those small tires that make the bike look retarded ?! Is that just for the race, or am I missing something ?

turbo4zetec says:

Bring back Dogstar!

Matthew St. Onge says:

what kinda wack a awful Buell rip off is this crap. 100% Bullshit, 4 years to make the bike… they built a Goodwood version, that can’t be faster but sound more like a fart… I’ll pass, I rather watch the Matrix 3, 8 times

bigbangnone says:

Hard to believe. One Arch = 8 KTM 500’s

Javissko says:

“Hey! My name is Adam Carolla, you may know me…” -Nope.

Pat W says:

Everyone always bitches about how expensive they are but I really don’t give a fuck. Keanu is a completely solid guy, huge into bikes, and he makes his own which happen to cost a shit ton of money. Who cares, the guy can put together whatever bike he wants and if people buy because they want one then good for the company and the customers.


The seating position looks like the rider is taking a dump. You have to design the bike around the rider not sit around the design of the bike. Not for me.

Tony Clifton says:

Ive read about Arch motorcycles a few years back and the idea sounds great. The S&S engine but in a frame that actually turns and stops. Reminds me of Eric Buell building his first HD engine racer and road bikes.

Going Offgrid says:

This motorcycle is a lot like the movie Point Break. All looks, total fantasy, and nothing but posers.

Lifted_Above says:

Sort of wish there was some heritage in the USA that involved another engine configuration other than air-cooled, push-rod, slow-revving, giant Vtwin engines.

ronjonsurf39 says:

just stopping by to say fuck you drive for killing fast lane daily

Cristian Cavazos says:

Sweet bike, and that’s a pretty cool hat Keanu is wearing

E39_528ibläääck says:

The Seating Looks awfully wrong

hostilityy says:

Keanu is probably the coolest actors since paul walker, but this bike is a complete hipster garbage tin container. cafe racer shouldn’t be retrofitted to race cos it will be a complete fucking fail HAHAH it ain’t 1982 bro

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