Kawasaki Superbike Challenge Game Review (3D Motorcycle Simulation) (HD Gameplay) (Sega Genesis)

A 3D bike racing simulation for the Genesis….Can it actually work!? Looking back over the years, virtually every 3D Genesis game I’ve reviewed has been a dud. Will Kawasaki Superbike Challenge break the mold?! Find out after these messages.

Developed by Lankhor
Published by Time Warner Interactive
Systems: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Super Nintendo (SNES), Game Gear
Genre: Racing Game, Driving Game, Motorcycle Racing, Driving Simulation, 3D Racing


YungRetroGamer says:

what about virtua racing?

stringanime says:

“This is our guy” Centipede confirmed

MAZ Gaming UK says:

I was obsessed with this game back in the day! Great vid man. Just subscribed. Check out my SEGA Retro content too if you get the chance 🙂

melainakiss says:

Gaming magic right here.

XDX Gaming says:

Oh i remember that game 😀 Good old days. Like

segagenesis1989 says:

It’s nice to see people’s reaction to some of these old SEGA Genesis games! 🙂

Azwel says:

no extra chip? that looks very good

Geek Gamer Gui says:

With a game like this one, compared to SNES version, the Sega console owners could die in peace.

Jomaster The Second says:

When are we gonna get some 3DO reviews up in this beeyotch?
Also Fun Fact – over here in Australia, this game was released in a silver cartridge!

曾品傑 says:

formula one is 3D racing like this,too!!

xan1242 says:

Review Wolf3D for the MD, that’s a proper port.

Bitelaserkhalif 555 says:

Actually, if your bike crashed, it will damaged in this game, but it took plenty of attempts

19822andy says:

The Motorola 68000 chip used in the Megadrive/Genesis was an absolute beast in it’s day. It was actually a 32 bit processor but it had a 16 bit bus, hence the Genesis was a 16 bit machine. It was capable of rendering 3D quite well. Check out Elite 2 Frontier on the Amiga 500 which runs the same processor

Laurits Kennet says:

Stan, I appreciate you uploading in EU friendly time

Jerry Joe says:

Your name aint “Bird Man”. Bet it aint even Stan. Now…go on & make me a samich.

OnlyCaleb says:

that actually looks like a really good game. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it.

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