Kawasaki H2 & H2r Review (First Ride)

Finally the waiting is over! After all the hype, Bike World gets to ride Kawasaki’s Supercharged H2 & H2r in Qatar. Crank it up and feel it! Check out our clean onboard lap: https://youtu.be/9ajURWAQhX4


dave bass says:

320HP on the H2R,..SICK!!!

Kaptain Keith says:

bet my grom could win in a race

Danny theplumber says:


kazantzidis60 says:

i cant ride a bicycle…

Riftborn says:

Perfectly summed up: you pull it into fourth thinking you are out of wheelie range, then it does one

maxx astral says:

Awesome review mate… Whoa what a bike…. Its an alien super charged rocket or something… Whoa

Nick C says:

Great review

Chase Vineland says:

Who are the 409 ass twats that gave thumbs down to this video?

Life As A Potato says:

is the h2r legal? lol

Basharat Tahir says:

i love kawasaki

Glenn parent says:


A No says:


1Rik1 says:

WARNING: Don’t watch this if you’re annoyed when people say “Haitch” instead of “Aitch”!

Garry Bennett says:

A game changer. what a machine the H2R is..breathtaking

Emjay Lloren says:

goodbye yamaha r1

step2zero says:

I’m sure it’s not supposed to be “haych”

patrikez1 says:

What on earth is the meaning of the dorky glasses,toothy cunt!!!

street rider says:

damn good video!

Pavlos Nikias says:

What about lap time?

โจ โจ says:

yes good

Angus mcglynn says:

the only downside is that this costs 55 grand

killaman beatz says:

Kawasaki showed they naked azz on these bikes

John C says:

gay ass sun glasses

JOYJIT92 says:

It looks like a Decepticon!!

ZX10R Ant says:

This is a good first bike?

It ́s Me says:

Sooooo…. a bike with a freaking insane acceleration but bad handling. Kawasaki truly is the suicide rider´s brand!

Gaysil Naubert says:

good analysis

វានធា យិុង says:

this dude is a good spoke person surprise i never see him any advert.

Martin Carter says:

Cheers, best bike review I’ve seen/heard, don’t know the guy but he could have his own show.

Cornelius Maximilianus says:

why build a bike like this when speed limit is 65mph on the highway?

Uddhab Das says:

i have only one question in mind, is that why dosent kawasaki cover those exhaust pipes.

Luisa Moser says:

explore follow cancer emafw part work tight curriculum bend spread.


i should hide this shit from my wife she will buy it in instant

Brian Hodgson says:

should read h2r 300hp(time to die)

Rushi PRAJAPATI says:

Kawasaki Ninja h2r the best

harris3693 says:

Just byt a kit car, slap in the H2R engine (contact their parts department) in it and win without killing yourself on the cheap!!!!

Streethawk_1 says:

can you tell me which brand neck brace is he wearing ?

Junito Punto Comm says:

Ugly !!

Shrecked UGaming says:

This bike looks sick!

James Stevenson says:

give me any bike for a length of time and ill love it . your a bike rider or not . this is a great machine . hate it or love it you will still have one.

Will Sterben says:

Nice. But I’ll stick with my old ZZR1100, it’s fast enough for me.

Nitheesh AG says:

Kawasaki has no haters. dunno why

MegaPoxie says:

No wheelies???

Alan Thomas says:

H2r not road regal that right?

Inherent Emperor says:

Japan is the keader you fucking western cunts

Arthur Kitchen says:

Great vid!

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