Jin Xing Da – JXD806 Mini Motorcycle – Review and Run

Link to purchase from GearBest.com:
RTR ($28.43) – http://shrsl.com/?~834c

This little RC motorcycle is actually quite a bit of fun!

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Blue Player says:

Oh yeah do you recommend the Ls 115 or the UDI U941 thnx

DutchRC Adventures says:

Aha! I saw this one pass by on alishamao (or somethings) ‘s channel the other day as well.. This review was a LOT better though! 😀  You’ve got more motorcycle review coming up? 😀 Possibly the Kyosho one??

Greatings from Onyx (my cat) 🙂

Moto Productions says:

do mOre!

Nathaniel Chapa says:

Review the XMODS from radio shack!!

Budget Guy RC says:

cool little bike my friend have fun RCing

SnapPunch Robert says:

Cute lil’ thing. Wish it were off road type since I don’t live near any sidewalks or roads

vAxxAv says:

Great review! Love your cat!

Haseebullah Khan says:

from where did you buy

Michael Mazzei says:

Heah Ryan, Took a class level one with dartdrones and the phantom vision plus.  Got a cert for the class and even flew the phantom.  It is about 100 times harder to fly the ones you review, you are a master.  However I was the only one in the class to hit the only light pole in the flight zone.  They didn’t have a dyslexia model. should have looked at the fpv. we were flying both ways. nyway thanks for you help

Kenny Rustler says:


Devolution RC says:

It’s pretty excellent for the price. I didn’t expect it to do as well as it did on the bumpy parts 

ely mental says:

Looks good value

Garrett Reynolds says:

yes a catfinaly my life right s complete

Mike Meyer says:

Seems like “not bad for the price” is the perfect summary for this one. But most RC surface vehicles don’t hold much interest for me – they all seem to similar. I’ve recently added another exception, so I’d be interested in your reviews of one of the low-end versions: the JoySway Caribbean (http://www.amazon.com/Joysway-Caribbean-Mini-RTR-Sailboat/dp/B00C1EFSKA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429303596&sr=8-1&keywords=joysway+caribbean).

4thGloryMonday says:

Think hobby king just rebranded this exact rc. Thumbs up buddy

Xenro66 says:

Damn, that’s pretty cool! I gotta admit, these things have definitely advanced over the years. I remember years ago when they had to be stabilised by little trainer wheels at the back xD

UgliestYoutuber 1231 says:

I have one but it diffeent

muaythai193 says:

was this max speed?

The Northern Flyer says:

hi, what video editor do you use

shadowpenguin2 says:

u have a car omg i do to

Luke Knect says:

Do one that does wheelies

leon0247 says:

You mentioned in your video how yours turns to the left a little bit you can do anything to correct it that’s because most of the wait for his like the drive train and stuff like that is on the left hand side along with the circuit board so you can actually put a little bit of weight on the right hand side or take some of the screws out on the left hand side or shift the driver over if you can I turn his head to the right and added just a little bit of weight on the center but over to the right a little bit on the gas tank and that made it go straight

mannu79 says:

Nice review bro. This is a little bit off topic but check out this drone it looks pretty cool. Inguity HD Camera Drone peace

JinRei says:

is this better than Allegro?

Zachary Abdollahi says:

you said rtf in description

Charles Flaherty says:

Did anyone ever tell you, you sound like Judge Reinhold?

forrest225 says:

Looks like horizon has the exact same thing braneded as exc outburst. Sucks that there is no proportional steering.

chris ortiz says:

this is a kitty review lol

Franky goes to Hobbywood says:

haha, very nice..!

ben1000bhp says:

Eachine 3D X4?

tvese1234 says:


Nadel Baharan says:

how many meters can run ??

Jimmy V says:

1/16?? Looks like the Top Race 1/10 & Microgear 1/10 – just sayin. Gearbest now has them @ $23

Awesome vid as always. None of the 3 sellers mention non proportional steering. I can always count on you & Elsie’s fair & honest reviews :)). Many of my purchases are based them. Thanks

Arsenal Glasgow says:

Nice little motobike looking forward for the review of the kd summit s600 1/24 thanks

Denzel man toys- industrial ltd melbourne says:

it doesent look really good at all

Engineer Ahmad says:

Can u plz refer me some 1/30 to 1/40 scale rc motorcycle with similar performance. I checked this one is 1/20 scale.

MaRwAN says:

cool this bike really good video rc


Ryan does it come with Elsie?

TheOne Savage says:

Could you pleas get these drones from Amazon to see witch one is better me and my friend want to buy one PLEAS!!!

Search thes up

FQ777 FQ17W WIFI FPV Quadcopter Foldable Pocket Drone With 0.3MP…

2nd one

Blomiky 512W WIFI FPV Elfin UFO Bee Tiny Micro Nano Quadcopter H…

There both the 1st one

Blue Player says:

REVIEW THE LS-125! want to see if good cause no one review it yet

Jayden Shepard says:

That cat though

TOJO says:

That looks fun, cheap fun I say!

K_Boi says:

copy of ecx outburst

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