Is Motorcycle Racing Dying?

Highside / Lowside – Is Racing Dying?

They say the first motorcycle race started as soon as the second motorcycle was built. Since those early days, riders have come up with countless ways to face one machine off against another. Today, it seems to some that enthusiasm for motorcycle racing is on the decline. Is this true, and what does it mean for all of us? Lemmy, Joe, and Spurgeon are back on the couches for another conversation in our Highside / Lowside series.

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BWX says:

Why’s everything gotta be a competition? Just ride.

XboobtubeX says:

the snowflake disease is alive and well. Gone are the days when dad would say to the kid “It’s your own dumb fault”. Today everyone wants to sue to get other people to pay for their stupidity. Babying your kid does more bad than good. One day that kid will get out on his own and find out the world is not all rainbows and not everyone gets a trophy just for attending.

alex lopes says:

Its dying because old people do it. Simple as that. Like generation after generation. Young generation hates mingling with ilder generation….well because the old generation tend to be judgemental and controlling and always demand a certain deqorum only because they are old….and they yap a lot like an expert in life like this video….no 16 year old would want to hang out with these guys everyweek.

MrPninja says:

Great vid guys, the thing stopping me doing track days, is if I crash it’s my financial problem, I found out the hard way, on my first track day I was having so much fun dragging knee on every corner, 3 red session comes and about half way through my session I blanked out ( due to medication the doc failed to tell that could happen) any way on the main straight I found myself o n the grass, I thought what the hell, so I tried to get back on the black stuff, and hit something in the grass, my bike flipped 4 times, and everything was broken except the frame and all the running gear, except the sub frame, and no insurance I had to fix it all which wasn’t cheap, oh and I had a broken check bone, 3 broke ribs and was unconscious for 4 minutes, so ever track day since I just go very slow

Renn Rodriguez says:

Liberal Politics Has inFiltrated These Things.. The Fun And FreeDom Has Gone..!

Slo PoKe says:

really and truthfully you guys keep up the great work and hope to hear more …

vine1313 says:

13:18 I think that is a HUGE problem, parents now want to keep their kids safe so THEY don’t have to worry about that. As a parent, I WANT to feel fear, I want to know my children are going to live life to the fullest. I’m not saying don’t be safe, but don’t be so afraid that YOU will be uncomfortable, that you keep them from finding an activity that makes them happy. Sorry, just my little rant.

Galicano Siton says:

Good stuff as always!

travatron4000 says:

$50,000 /yr is huge back then, That’s decent money now.

Jeff Ruebens says:

I prefer watching videos for free than paying to go to a race that might be 95% boring. When I was a kid I watched some local motocross, bike flat track, and car dirt oval track racing, and all seem less popular now, but not gone. Being a racer is expensive, time consuming, and risks injuries. I used to watch MotoGP bike races on TV for free with our cable package we paid for, until it moved to more expensive ways to watch it. Also, helicopter parents constantly hovering and obsessing over the “what ifs”. Back in 1971, it was hours of arguing to let me buy a used 65cc 2-stroke Harley dirt bike with my own money from a paper route, mowing lawns and shoveling snow when I was 12 years old.

annabanna666 says:

The biggest overall problem is the cost in money is too high

Stony Crane says:

Spurg, I loved your comment on “you don’t have to buy a bunch of Sh*t for your bike”…dude, aren’t you in the business of selling Sh*T for your bike and isn’t that part of the fun…making something special and your’s? lol, fun piece anyway guys

Scott Peterson says:

Great series guys – keep them coming!

S M says:

Two comments: One is a plug for MotoAmerica. All of the classes are incredible racing, even the Jr Cup is fantastic. Second, track days are a great way to get exposure into amateur racing, unfortunately, like you guys pointed out, most tracks are in the middle of no where (my closest track is 3 hours away). So travel, on track prep, and a lack of information from the tracks for new visitors keeps people away who may be curious. And I have to mention, the ego’s and attitudes of the majority of participants is ridiculous. It should be a welcoming and friendly club like atmosphere, instead (in my experience), its chest thumping show off gathering for who has the most expensive track suit and race tires.

Rsl4Life says:

I typed in RevZilla where I get my Podcast. And got NOTHING! I use Podbean. But yeah nothing was there.

RevZilla says:

For the full, uncut version of this conversation, check out our Highside / Lowside podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play Music!
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T-Rex Racing says:

I am a club racer in the UK , I could race almost every weekend through the season if I wanted or could afford to .Then again the furthest track from me is Knock Hill in Scotland , Brands Hatch is 250 miles south of me , they are probably the furthest tracks from me . I have 3 tracks within 25 miles of me and 8 with 100 including the TT course. BSB regularly gets crowds in excess of 70,000 per day over a three day weekend , if you want to go to the TT you have to book a year in advance to get there , the racing is free. Club racing always get good crowds too, this is the UK it rains a lot lol

Rubber Skilla says:

I love watching MX the best. Most exciting i feel

Ron Gittins says:

Track in New York for speedway bike, were you referring to Owego NY?

Motorheadmike says:

The PUSSIFACATION OF AMERICA NOW. Proud to be a child of the 70s.

annabanna666 says:

Ppl are scared pussy sheep too scared too live.

Brandon Lewis says:

“I can beat myself anytime.”- Spurgeon Dunbar

Juan Moreno says:

Honestly, not sure why you guys are drinking beers during these episodes….

Stephen Martinez says:

Motorcycle Gymkhana has a pretty low cost of entry, and really all you need is a timer, some cones, and a large parking lot. It’s like “racing” MSF drills. Problem is, near me, I’ve only seen one event scheduled in the past 2 years, and it was canceled because enough people didn’t sign up for it. I was looking into it because I don’t have the scratch to spend on gear and parts specifically for a track day. My bike and gear is more sport touring oriented, not race oriented. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of “bring what you’ve got” inclusiveness when it comes to the road tracks, especially in southern CA. I understand the insurance aspect is the reason why most road tracks have their gear prerequisites set for Snell helmets, and full racing leathers, but it’d be nice if we could find some sort of middle ground or way to make even that form of racing more accessible and affordable. I do have a full armored textile suit, and full face DOT helmet. For someone interested in the sport, there should be a way to at least give it a test run with the gear I have before dumping $1000+ into gear, tires, and parts, only to find out it wasn’t for me. Most racing is asking for a lot of commitment from people up front, with no guarantees. It’s kind of general hurdle for getting people into motorcycling in the first place.

dmaxcustom says:

Racing is not a thing on my country. I envy the USA for having so many tracks everywhere and being so easy to participate. That does not exist here. So, hearing that all that is dying brings me down heavily.

SmokyOwl says:

I really do blame parenting , and the fear of child social services. Everybody’s kid lives in this safety bubble; everybody I know that’s getting new into motorcycles are in their 20s and they’ve missed out on so much learning time.

Ontario Andrews says:

[ Like ]

Bunnyshooter 223 says:

Oblivious soccer moms on cell phones. They’ll hit pedestrians even…

WutDaFug Chug says:

It’s cost. $15k for a 600 these days, when they used to be $8k. Superbikes easily 20k+ now. $200 for a trackday when it used to $125. The industry has priced itself out of it’s prime market.

Alex says:

Idea, why don’t you guys share where races are. Race on Sunday buy parts on Monday

David B says:

17:10 I feel completely the same way. As interesting as professional racing is, once it becomes so elite it feels like it loses the spirit that the normal rider would connect to.

Sarah Dell says:

I feel Dakar and Baja have gained more traction in the US over the last few years

dragonrider385 says:

Hello from Indianapolis Indiana. We have some flat track racing near me. At the Marion County Fair Grounds. It is a lot of fun to see and i go as much as i can. But i think most of the people there are with the racers. I know some of the racers but i go to have a good time and the price is nice. So i know i would like to see more people there. Thanks for the video.

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