Is a Leather Motorcycle Suit Worth It?

Is a full leather motorcycle suit expensive? Is it necessary? In this video, I go over the surprising cost of a one piece or two piece leather motorcycle suit setup.

I had always assumed that any leather suit would have dianese or alpinestars prices, making them near impossible to afford. I proved myself wrong by making a budget gear setup for rides up in the twisties/mountains or doing intro track days in the future. This isn’t a video preaching ATGATT, but if you ride hard and want more protection, finding a budget suit might be a good option for you. Ordering a suit online is somewhat hard due to the fitting issue, but using a size chart may be helpful. I got pretty lucky with the fitment and show you guys my suit fitment on and off the bike. I will do a long term review on the suit this winter.

The Gear

Speed and Strength Triple Crown 1 Piece Suit
Alpinestars SP 2 Gauntlet Gloves
Alpinestars SMX- 5 Riding Boots
Icon Motorsports Airmada Rubatone Helmet

Total Cot for the leathers, gloves, and boots was $450
Helmet was around $180

The Vehicles in the garage
Speed Triple 1050
Daytona 650
Honda Ruckus



gavin ard says:

please turn down your intro music holy hell

Kevin F says:

I can’t understand how some people buy a bike for a few thousands bucks and then say that they can’t afford 1000 on gear(helmet etc.)
I mean I drove a 125 cc yzf r125 (because Europe) for 1.5 grand from 2008
and had a pair of 330€ boots which I got new for 180€ (deals and shit)
a 700€ leather suit which I got for 500 bucks, a pair of racing gloves 100 bucks because they were two models back from the new ones coming out and an arai quantum helmet which normally costs 600€ which I got for 150€ from a racing rider who made it as a rain helmet which he only used 5 times and than forgot about it.
total cost 930 bucks
and you want to tell me that your life isn’t worth that.
Do your research wait for special deals and get yourself something that saves your life like mine did.
frontal collision with a car after sliding over the ground at around 60mph
only thing I broke was my thighs
still a bounced lung and a slightly torn spleen but I survived and am In a shape that’s worth living

Max Biaggi says:

Good review. I’ve purchased from STG several times. Great prices, quick shipment and good customer sve. I wear my AGV Phantom when I’m riding.

Toooooort says:

Subbed bro thanks
For watching the vid haha

Piston Slap says:

I like my sute. When I was shopping I was looking for a leather jacket and pants. The cost would be more than a full suite. I also figured I would get in a hurry and wear only the jacket. so it kinda forces me to wear it all. I wear mine any time I get on the bike.

Chris chris says:

you should always wear as much good gear as you can you only got one body you got to protect it .all the ass holes that don’t wear shit tend to pay the price

The 90's says:

God this guy try’s so hard to make that 10 minute mark. It’s like 3-4 minutes of repetition at the start.

Ducati Drew says:

Been down a couple times….not a question of when but what do you want to be wearing as you slide on the ground with you bike on top of you. Any questions?

Dro Furick says:

Am looking into gear for my first riding season this year. Curious if an all black one piece end up overheating a rider? Assuming you aren’t stuck in traffic and going say at least 35mph. I personally could care less what the rednecks around my parts say but I feel like 90F and humid day would make a one piece more dangerous as far as being exhausted. Am I overthinking this? hah

curvecrazy says:

I’m referring to “properly fit” clothing. The onis is on the wearer. I understand your points on leather vs synthetics and your reference to leather having no advantage. Ok.. I get it. Sure. But? NO. You gussy yourself up in proper race leathers and take yourself on a little foraye down some tarmac at 150mph. Get up… note the damage is pretty extensive probably to leather and seams particularly in most cases. Now… do the exact same thing in your synthetic of choice! For some success oriented hints… practices…best have an ambulance ready cause you’ll be needing one my friend!!! One should not make the mistake of comparing synthetics, which are MUCH more likely to deform on impact and suffer elongation, thermal breakdown, tearing at the seams etc not to mention with synthetics it’s so much easier ( more pliable material?) for armor to rotate and fail it’s designed function shall we say “spectacularly”? Now don’t get me wrong…I love aerostich suits, have two myself and two tumbles in aerostich roadcrafters. They held up in my low speed crashes, that armor setup and construct being superior to most other “synthetic alternatives”. But no way do I want Togo down hard at high speed as I have done more than a few times with proper race leathers resulting in “walk always with some bruises from bouncing/rolling. Based on your assertions no reason racers aren’t running round in synthetic suits on track… but they’re not! :). Your mileage will not vary.

curvecrazy says:

Yes absOTOTALutely. Had an ER nurse once argue with me that leather doesn’t prevent broken bones only roadrash! That assertion based on her personal experience treating patients in the ER! Well… I hate to disagree with someone as knowledgeable as “herself” but the number of crashes I’ve personally witnessed on the road and at the racetrack where there were no broken bones at all, no roadrash, just scuffs and embarrassment but nothing necessitating a trip to the ER at all. So, as suspected, in most cases, riders in proper gear don’t end up in the ER most times. Of course, she would never have seen most of these riders cause = they avoided injury and the need for care completely. But she couldn’t seem to grasp that. Leathers aren’t created equal, buy good stuff and buy once. Armor makes all the difference.

David Harrison says:

if you value your skin then you value a set of first class leathers. its the sort of question only a non biker would ask .


Wow, this is some high quality content with kickass hi quality production standarts!
most impressive!
yeah, i got suit too. you have dark color, i got light color, Ying Yang…XD

crashed once, pretty bad, and i managed to walk away (after chilling for a bit,offcourse)
But during HOT summertimes,i wonder if i should get textile jacket or mesh jacket….(its like Mini sauna on hot Sunny days!)

zachary bingham says:

If you have ever crashed you you’ll never have to ask if it’s worth it.. And there are only two kind of riders, ones that have been down and then the ones that will go down.

dudebro313 says:

Saftey is never a D-bag move. Its your life, do you want to live it?  Everyone wants to go cheap with safety, brakes, tires…etc.  Fuck the paint job, are these the best tires?  The best tires allow my brakes to perform at their best, gives me the best chance to avoid a “fucked up day!”  All the best dude, nice vid!

Michael Kastner says:

The Hospital bill will be 10x the cost of the most expensive gear from Alpinestars!! I just ordered a Tech Air race suit!!!

Johnny Enright says:

And it looks like you got a load in your backside…that thing looks like it’s worth 299…so you mos def get what u pay for.

browie316 says:

Of course they’re worth it unless one is a squid.

Alan B'Stard M P says:

not worth it. Poser’s BS

Marjan Gerčar says:

Is a Leather Motorcycle Suit Worth It? From my experience definitely it is.

MrRoosterProduction says:

whats the outro song?

Johnny Enright says:

You’re a rookie aren’t you? Or you and your buddies don’t really hang out around other bikers do you?

Bryan Huff says:

Thought I saw a speedy in the intro…Niiiice s3

baeni. says:

outro song? *-*

Matthew Sprague says:

stopped watching when you started talking about if people think a one piece or 2 piece is douchey and what other people think hahaha …if you really ride and do a track day and go to the mountains that’s not even a thought. . proper gear is the only way to go unless your a poser like most young kids wearing teeshirts and jeans rocking a 200hp s1000rr with chicken strips 2 inches wide … never worry about what people think about your saftey because at the end of the day your the one riding the crap out of a bike and they go up and down main street and talk crap and can’t back it up

Aris Hingco says:

Why are we even asking this question?!?!? Question should be “is your life worth it?” if the answer is yes then there you go…..

Eileorwyosky Trywoykia says:

I never put attention to a full one peace suit because it was 2k+, Then i ended up paying 9K+ when i crash in my motorcycle. So if you are reading this, get full suit and not be fucking idiot like me. You shoose. 2K+ for a suit or 9K+ in emergency visit.

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