Hs2 Motorbike Controller Review | Worlds 1st Fully Functioning for PC (A Bikers Perspective)

IASystems Contact Details
UK Phone: 07766 986 981
Email: doubledragoncc@yahoo.com
Website: Pending (will be updated accordingly)


The HS2 (Pro Version) Foot pegs are built using GSXR1000RR rearsets.
IASystems have stressed that to ensure the footpegs remain stationary when in use it is essential to use a seat which does not spin/tilt or have wheels.


To see more HS2 Videos stay tuned as I make more Videos or click here to find IASystems YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5XtfGPEVrY2r0_vB0U3i9A

IASystems have developed the Worlds First Fully Functioning Motorbike Controller for PC and it is EPIC!

I have been given access to the HS2, the development model that precedes the HS2 Pro; the first official production model exclusively available from IASystems.

You won’t be able to buy the model that I am reviewing here today but the HS2 Pro is basically the same device but more advanced and with twice as many button controls and it looks much, much nicer!

This controller takes motorbike Simulation to the next level and feels extremely authentic.

In this video review I asked my brother to come in and test out the HS2. He is a day-to-day biker but is not into Simulation. I wanted to see how a real biker feels about this device and see if he agreed with me that it delivers an extremely realistic and authentic biking experience.

For testing we used GPBikes and the HS2 together to ensure Ultimate Realism but the HS2 has worked flawlessly with every single game I have thrown at it, even GTA V.

We tested and recorded for an entire day and this is the results of that test…enjoy.


mightlife says:

Surely the gears should be in race shift pattern – 1 up 5 down.

Shin says:

seeing this video in my recommended section is debatably more baffling than how the channel owner and product developer treats criticism, I can’t imagine a company like fanatec treating people like that, fuck these guys and fuck that horrendous product. the whole setup just looks jank af and never worth buying, spend 500 quid on a 2 banger and cart it to a track, more fun than this pisstake.

PbPomper says:

Dude, why don’t you ride outside of the summer and spring season? It will make you a better rider as well 😉

Eddie Crabb says:

Does the clutch lever have a friction/sweet spot like a real bike or no

Southy says:

How much?

Eugene Rudman says:

great review, great kit – hope it sells well!

MeikzZz says:

honestly, I want to buy this. Is there any information when this will be available? Is there a website finally? Love your work guys <3

Sarvesh Deokar says:

Could you help me connect with the makers of this hardware ?

Daffa Zubair says:

I want to ask how could i buy it?

Jorge Gonçalves says:

Amigo, por favor, passe-me o caminho para baixar o arquivo desse jogo.
Desde já agradeço.
Att, Jorge Gonçalves
Já deixei o Like

Chris Bartlett Jr. says:

Can this be used on consoles such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

Demir Zengin says:

0:31 what is that song called ?


Where can I buy it?

MarquisDeSang says:

Make him try it again in VR, everything will feel natural to him. I race motorcycle on racetrack as an amateur and GPBikes in VR is reallllllly close to the real thing (when you put the lean to 100%). I sit on my real motorcycle to play in VR so it feels real. I am in the process of building a similar controller myself. You have to invert the left-right cause real motorcycles use counter steering to turn and nothing else.

Max Stafford says:

Pivot point is wrong , no counter steer even a switch to change this with sensitivity changer once you flick it. Like idk it’s janky. Slot more could be done to make this better

wasn't me says:

everybody here is talkin countersteering but that aint gonna hapen , unless they develop the game for such a handlebar thing

Joseph Holliday says:

How much is the HS2 Pro, and where do we purchase it?

Rod says:

Counter steering and FF will be perfect I would pay a 1.5K, Contact Fanatec to be a partner on this project.

DerpyDrummer says:

where to buy

TheHachebe says:

is he the one whoran off with all the money ?

IMaximusDMI says:

Next thing to implement would be a seat controller I see could picture an upside U shaped design with a sliding left to right saddle with the ability to apply resistance and hold your weight. Obviously the foot and steering controls would need to mount. You would also need to apply that same resistance to the handle bars. Once you give it throttle your handle bars should straighten themselves out.

FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ says:

As i biker.. i must say it sure looks great 🙂

V. Sriram Sundar says:

Mike please upload the full video of James using the controller!

Kris Sacro says:

Feel bad that u can’t really breathe properly cus ur obese

Pavel Stoikov says:

I am glad I found this channel

Emanuele Diotallevi says:

Where to buy?

Aleš says:

Hello kind Sir! Very nice video! Where can i purchase those handlebars? Thank you

e575fho says:

As I understand it, HS3 is now in the making? Just right for Isle of Man tt on pc 🙂

RidingwithSam says:

Next on development, getting the counter steering mechanism in…… and now u have a full on motorcycle experience

plexures gaming says:

I think the bike steering is supposed to go side to side not in a circle 4:30

Roman P. says:

I understand the counter steering points, but take a look as the guy is riding. If you pretend you are leaning the handle bars are actually in the position as if you were countersteering. Also to raise a point, we don’t really move the bars that much during high speed corners so unless you wanna stare at a static bar infront of you as you play games there is no point to it.

Bike Guy says:

Quad bike sim controller….useless for an actual bike.

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