High Speed RC BIKE / MOTORCYCLE MOTO-GPe Racing [*UltraHD and 4K*]

High Speed RC BIKE / MOTORCYCLE MOTO-GPe Racing [*UltraHD and 4K*]
The guys from the ‘Motor-5 RC Bikes’ forum visited the Aldershot MCC track for the second round of their 6 round championship. This is a compilation of action highlights from the qualifying heats that gives some idea of what MOTO-GPe racing is all about.

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Zuhlyon Shakur says:

Cost of build roughly???

da streets part 3 says:

were thesecmostly nuova faors?

Marlovw Brandovw says:

Where can you buy bikes like these?

ambitionsskyyyy says:

Hello dom I met you at the last event, how’s things?

lddlmurphy says:

Motor X bikes off road would be cool

Richard Andrew Crosby says:

Simply awesome!!

fearsreason says:

No wheelies?

23hublock1 says:

Is this the place by the kilns in Badshot Lea?

Jenson says:

these are so fuckin cool!

Wei Chen says:

looks pretty retarded lol, probably worth alot, but looks and sound like some cheap toy…

Nick Hersheys says:

Top speed 108 MPH. WOW ! They better have life insurance.

Essential RC says:

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C. Attucks says:

Crashes with no injuries…I love it!!

mark675 says:

Those long crashbars look so weird

ewokshoterz says:

didn’t even know this was a thing

kracksmith4ejm1 says:

aren’t add those wings cheating? i mean in real life if you go to low you should fall but this doesn’t and get rather picture perfect turns.

Infinite Flight fly says:


Ian Mangham says:

Sounds cool

Bonzo Bonzai says:

cheater bars :p

Bobby Gourde says:

Awesome track!

JohnKate Fruerence says:


Cameron Angel says:

These are so cool I’m wanting one now

Jerry Lukas says:

Put wheels on the bars

ERD Epoch says:

Imagine all the Mad Pussie the podium winner gets from the groupies.

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