High Compression Racing Head Review

Review of my high compression head for my 80cc/66cc motorized bike.

Head link – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HFPRGRW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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John Bunkoski says:

Complaints are lame

Zoological Militia says:

I got a CNC head was wearing shorts bike lean over head touch my leg burned into my leg into artery blood poured out just like getting hit with high powered laser cut right into the skin, the head makes more of a loud pop on mine but got a new high performance exhaust half to see what it does.

susan Marie says:

and if you ever learn how to talk + a little about engines ‘you may even be able to fix it .

Redneck 404 says:

@2:56 laughing my ass off

Avenger 21 says:

Expensive……80 dollars……my gaskets alone for my bike are that much

youZombie_Gamer says:

Nice Paint Job Bro

Clifford Williams says:

why not a description of the head itself rather than your feelings?

Jarardo Shermack says:

What do you run for a spark plug

Danzel Mc Clellan says:

Its quite. But if you cut the muff off it go louder .

John Boy says:

I run 25% ( quart ) 110 Octane Racing fuel to a gallon ( 3 quarts ) of non- ethanal fuel. I’m getting over 80 MPG & averaging 35 MPH. I’ve been making 40 mile round trip rides on it…loads of fun…so far…top speed… 47.4 MPH.


High octane fuel does not make more power. What it does do is allow a higher state of tune without pre-detonation. Changing fuel alone will do nothing for you unless it was pre-detonating before.


A head on a 2 stroke won’t make it quieter……it’s just a head.

Chamblizi The All Mighty! says:

Great Dane “paying for head.”

Vi.cecity says:

this thing looks so ugly

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