GP Bikes FULL Review (2017) Motorbike Racing Simulation

Welcome to Sim UK. This is the FULL GP Bikes Review 2017.

Motorbike Controller for PC:

GPBikes is, to my knowledge, is the only PC Motorbike Racing Simulator for PC.

I spent a lot of time on this review because I wanted to capture everything that GPBikes has to offer, and there is a lot.

I hope I have done a good enough job.
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The Game Demo & Introduction:
Full License:
Community Modding:
Bikes on Track:
Tools & Plugins:

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If you want to see this game in full action:
Oculus Rift

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About the Game
GP Bikes is a realistic motorcycle simulator, based on a scratch built physics engine that accurately simulates motorcycle dynamics and setup options.

GP Bikes also allows to host and join online races, with an integrated matchmaking server. During events data is collected, to provide statistics for riders’ comparison.

– automotive industry-standard tyre model
– dynamic track surface groove buildup
– wet track simulation and dynamic drying
– dynamic marbles generation
– tyres pickup of marbles, grass and dirt, affecting grip
– output of CSV files with telemetry data to analyze riding sessions
– a plugins interface allows external programs to receive realtime data from the simulated bike
– LAN and online racing. Dedicated server available
– advanced users can build new tracks and integrate them with the provided tools

If you are interested in GP Bikes, you can download the demo.
The project is constantly evolving, so join the community to orient future development.
To unlock the full version and to support development purchase a license.


driftjunk says:

Pretty sure I bought this about 5 years ago, I’m a bit disappointed to see it still looks exactly the same and I’m pretty sure it was beta then too.

Kris Grym says:

Ï bought the sim thanks to you. It’s pretty hard to stay on the track but I like GPbikes a lot. I wonder if it will be released one day. Great video SimUK. cheers from France.

Highside says:

feel like a progression of the old GP500 game, the best game ever.

Eugene Rudman says:

great review, great simulator – it’s destined for great things!

FishnetChicken says:

Brilliant Sim, got me downloading the demo and joining the forums as I watch your reviews – top work!!

Marcelitus 230 says:

can run it with a gt 610 + Pentium E5300 +4gb ddr3?

Liam Vickerman says:

As someone who rides motorbikes and tried this in vr with their own open vr patch lets just say im considering the HS2 pro if I can find out where to buy one rigging it to a chair and have a nice big fan in me face

NeonsStyle says:

You have obviously never ridden a motorbike in your life.

janaucarre says:

Oh thank you. At some moment i was near by crying because what you said was so beautiful.

Richard Dale says:

It’s Philip Island not Philips just a minor technicality.

Geej Sim Racing says:

Could u link the mods you have because i’m having trouble finding many?

Seibaa says:

Cool, I would have not found this game if it wasn’t for your video. Just tried it out and it kicked my ass, even though I’ve played a fair share of racing simulators (GSC for example) 😀 I love this kind of stuff. I’d love to see AI drivers though. Excellent review by the way!

Jose Mundo says:

You totally sold me on this game. I now need a windows computer. What kind of power do you need to run it at decent graphics lvl? What are you running it on? Great review!

Henrik Stålbrand says:

Nice review! Got my license after I stumbled across this video. Can’t stop playing hehe

Cyan says:

I can’t tell you how happy I am that someone (you) made such a wonderful and in-depth review of this game.
I haven’t played it in a long time but I remember having lots of fun with it around 2011/2012.
However all I used to control it was my crappy keyboard which – as you can imagine – was a pain to work with. But I took my time with it and at some point I was able to do multiple laps on Ulster-GP. Setting new record times for myself again and again. Mods made the game a truely fantastic experience and even though I never participated in any online races (couldn’t get it to work and probably didn’t have enough patience) I’ve had more than enough game for the little money that I spent on it. None of my friends were even remotely interested after taking a quick look at the graphics. But they were more into cars anyway. Graphics were never the thing that told me anything about a game. Game mechanics and physics is what I was most interested in and GP Bikes delivered.

Thank you again for this great review!
Only one last thing would be nice to know: What’s the name of the song that was playing in the background for most of the time?

Andre Sukianto says:

great review!

PizzaChet says:

PiBoSo is suffering from schizophrenia. Juggling way too many dev projects with too few people on staff. I own ALL of their/his titles. Patience is required for those wanting rapid development.

metel jeksen says:

This look wayyy more better than MotoGP by milestone…nice video!

NoBadReply says:

OMGosh! This sim is legit to the fullest…even in demo download and its beta! I ride on real tracks on bikes (track days only, not a cert license rider though) and the physics are all there. While watching this I was thinking of rigging up a real life setup, then you briefly talked about one existing. I’ll be getting one of those ASAP! Once I get setup, I’ll purchase and learn designing to do a local track I ride at.

This is an excellent review! Superb job! I’m so excited about this.

ManuJDT says:

Very nice review!

Jason Hawkins says:

Does it run in 4k resolution?

Mohawkology says:

so wait, you pay £23 to the devs but all the content is done by modders ? What are the devs doing then and why should I be paying THEM the £23 ?

Hubcap _ says:

Hey it’s me again….I figured out why the Link in the description wasn’t working ( shall I say would not download the game). That is because the first 2 mirrors in the link will not begin the download….you must use the undescribed mirror 3 or the torrent option to get the game

napalmhardcore says:

GP Bikes reliance on mods to flesh it out is what has prevented me from buying it. RFactor was another game that was almost entirely dependent on mods and I had a love hate relationship with that game.

The problem for me comes down to consistency of quality. Some mods are great, others are lackluster and some are downright awful. It is sometimes the case that mods that are really well done are not of vehicles or other content (tracks etc) I’m interested in, other times content I am interested in is available but the quality of the mod is poor. I personally find mod reliant platforms more frustrating than enjoyable.

In the case where content in a game comes from a single dev or team, they will have applied the same methods to arrive at the end result, so there is, or should be, consistency (although there are cases, such as Gran Turismo’s premium and standard cars where this isn’t the case, and I found that to be equally frustrating).

Every couple of years or so I get the urge to play a motorcycle sim. GP Bikes has probably been the most promising but development is painfully slow (I realise it is a one man dev team and that he has other ongoing projects, but it feels like it has been in development forever). I’m reluctant to pick up GP 500 or SBK 2001 (which are still regarded as two of the best sims to this day) for a number of reasons. I’ve not looked into it extensively but experience tells me that it’s probably a pain in the backside to get them running on modern hardware and operating systems and there are probably a number of “essential” mods/plugins/patches to hunt down to get the best out of them. That and because of the fact that they are licensed titles, I obviously can’t buy them digitally anywhere and don’t really fancy buying them on Ebay.

A few years ago, if you didn’t want to go with GP Bikes due to its under development status and didn’t want to buy GP 500 or SBK 2001, you had the choice of SBK series or the MotoGP series. There were fans of both (I prefer the idea of riding production bikes personally) but generally I was given the impression that more people preferred the SBK games. However, just to make things more complicated, there never seemed to be a general consensus as to which release was best. Some say SBK X, some say SBK 2011 and some say all modern bike games are crap. In the end I just got a headache and decided I’d hold off buying anything and check back in in a year or two.

Ride 2 is definitely one I’ll check out because it seems to be the only bike game in recent memory that has been received positively by the vast majority. I am left wondering however, where are the SBK games? The last installment (excluding mobile releases) seems to be SBK Generations and Googling SBK for one of the modern consoles (I’d probably buy on PC but I used that search to return modern results) shows nothing. Has no one picked up the SBK license? Am I right in saying that for current bike games (I’m aware there’s an upcoming IOM game) your choices are Ride 2, MotoGP 2017 (both of which are the same developer/publisher if I’m not mistaken) or GP Bikes? If so, that’s pretty sad.

Hubcap _ says:

Surprising lack of content in your channel with this game. After you talked so enthusiastically about it. Curious why that is, lost interest?, lack of development,…..???

Verdi says:

Is it still worth buying this? The physics look amazing… and attract me a lot! I am used to playing MX Simulator (another hard old 2007 sim). I am wondering, are there a lot of mod tracks to choose from? And is the community still alive? Thanks for this review! Without you I would never have found out about this game!

Artem Khabarov says:

i remember your first review of gpb, that was very funny 🙂 seems that now you are in strong love with this awesome sim, just like me. by the way, if you want more good motosims for new vids, try mx bikes and mx simulator, motocross itself is something much different comparing to road racing and also gives a lot of fun, especially because of tricks like whip/scrub and some other techniques. but notice, those sims look poor with default content too (mx sim is actually ugly as hell even visually), so you need mods (which are also unlimited). the sims may seem totally different in physics at first look but the reason of that feeling is the huge difference of help systems and handling settings in-game: mx bikes works almost same way as gp bikes – quite easy to adapt, but in mxsim you must try different settings of advanced stability menu (all here are various helpers for your hands) to find a good one. mxsim was the pioneer in such kind of racing games, it’s still very very popular, has the biggest amount of additional content and so on. You should be patient and smart while learning coz the games are not only about reflex and muscle memory. Both require a lot of effort to become good ofc, as in real life, you won’t be able to do tricks, you will be falling all the time at corners with ruts, whoops and bumps will be your hell, jumps looking stupid and random at landings etc., but after months of practice you’ll probably find both sims fantasticly interesting. mail me at nebula.29 @ if you need more info or help, i can even help you with testing full versions without buying, setups for better control can be provided too.

Pete Harris says:

Awesome review…thanks : )

forestR1 says:

“Phillip’s Island” lol. *Phillip Island!*

puremad1 says:

Hi Sim UK, Great Review!
This game is Screaming to be on Steam early access and all content on the workshop! Any News IF it will be?
I so got to have this Sim whether or not but for now with the server to mod issues plus others you mention ill hold off with regret for now but this for me is ONE to have. Cheers !!

King Javo says:

Thanks for the wonderful review! I never knew this game existed and have always searched for a better simulation than games like MotoGP. I’ve downloaded the full game and have been adding as many mods as possible. Still learning what’s out there in terms of mods and definitely how to ride. Still haven’t jumped online yet, but can’t wait to join the online community!

Liam Vickerman says:

Happy new year! its a bit late but ive been held captive elsewhere for a few weeks 😉

Forza Legend says:

hey bro do you think they will bring this to the consoule?

Markoi Green says:

So for the price of full game you get unfinished game in alpha state? ROFL

Angrod Z says:

Thanks for this review ! I’m willing to be a biker and try to drive on track irl, and wanted to find a simulation, and there it is ! The game is very interesting, even if the technical part is very scary to me knowing I a big rookie !

Patrick Carlotti says:

Hi, can we buy this game on steam ?

Tim Tytgat says:

why are the sounds always terrible in bike race games…

Mohawkology says:

This game needs some support, it looks like it could be a real heavyweight with some cash/development injection. But having said that, considering it is in Beta what have the recent updates added? If anything at all?

thai nguyen says:

i like play but dont like buy,how to play free

Yusuf Beyazkılınç says:

does the licence also include mxbikes?

The Alien88 says:

BEST SIMULATOR? mah la ruota davanti neanche tocca terra e la moto non fa altro che saltellare per non parlare della grafica da super nintendo

Geej Sim Racing says:

i play mx simulator which looks like this but on road pretty nice

Sparks says:

very good review. very good work. thanks.

Summit Howler says:

What background music did you use ? Other than that really great review !

Sathaporn Potiswad says:

I heard that this game support VR like the Oculus Rift and that it is so much more immersive than playing with a regular monitor.

J.D. SCOT says:

Motorcycle sounds in this game is on the top level…amazing job. Sounds like real ones… but the graphics…jesus christ… the only good thing about the game graphics are that it made me feel 15 years younger. And second thing that when the rider crashes…first the rider is staying on the bike no matter what happens…and then suddenly just poof, the rider disappears. Not so realistic that first the rider is stuck on the bike doing these 360 degree back and frontflips with the bike and then from out of nowhere aliens capture the rider… 19:30 there is your proof that aliens exist.
There are many great options etc but still I’m not very excited of it.

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