GB Racing Motorcycle Protection Review by Reactive Parts

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Get a detailed review of the GB Racing motorcycle protection, why you should be upgrading to get the best performance out of your motorcycle by James Whitham, ex MotoGP and World Superbike Championship rider.

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Hi my name is James Whitham and i’m
down at Reactive Parts. Next we’re going
to talk about GB Racing crash protection.
I know a little bit about this because
I’ve used it quite a lot and I’ve
actually been on a bike when I’ve slung it
down, picked it up to see what I’ve
got left and because of this I’ve got
more left than what I thought. All race
series is in the world both national and
international require compulsory crash
protection that’s not to save the bikes
getting damaged as such, it is to stop
casings rupturing, oil going onto the
track and marshals having to
clear it the up so this is mandatory in all
forms of racing. What’s good about the GB
racing ones, well it’s dead easy to fit
absolutely simple, that takes 10 minutes, that
10 minutes at about five minutes and
you’ve got your bike all sorted out. Why
are they good? Well they are strong. This is
nylon but it’s not normal nylon that’ll
hit the floor and crack, this is what’s
called sixty percent long grain nylon it
means the sinews are
really long that makes it really tough
but quite flexible this is brilliant
stuff. Thanks for watching. To shop at
Reactive Parts please click the link


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