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Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket Review For full upper-body off-road protection, the Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket has you covered. With an anatomic high-impact two piece plastic chest plate and removable articulated plastic back coverage, you are armored up through the two most largest portions of your torso. At the same time, additional high-impact plastics can be found at the shoulder and back of the elbow while soft, vented mesh comprises the main body. This jacket is CE-certified.


RudyW says:

Does this armor work with the Leatt GPX 5.5?

Andrew A says:

can you still rock a neck collar with this jacket without being uncomfortable?


Will this work with a leat neck brace?

Xavier G says:

Can this be worn under a motorcycle vest durning hot weather? I live in Las Vegas and summer is right around the corner, and if you didn’t know it gets really hot! I would like to see what would keep me cool instead of buying a leather jacket.

T M says:

Is this the same brand as Webetop? I have a Webetop jacket that is EXACTLY the same as the one in your video.

Bunty Burger says:

This jacket saved my back from a nasty spill on a rocky wash. Thank god this thing took all the scrapes and gashes for me.

Awesome product!

OfficialMINIm says:

This would make a good hand to hand combat armor.

The Mighty Blaze says:

anyone else by one of these for cosplay purposes haha

meth0d says:

This jacket is the shit! Fucking love it. Almost feels like I got way too much bang for my buck and they ripped me off somehow.

etyrnal says:

b.s. buy a size LARGER than you would. they are uncomfortable tight if you
buy the “right” size”

Andy M says:

kind of a weird question, can you raise your arms up comfortably in this or does the shoulder protection get in the way?

Jim Shu says:

what a stroke

John Dobson says:

I’m 13 years old, 5’11, 180 pounds, and have a 42″ inch chest. El perfecto.


what level is the protection in chest/back/shoulders/arms? level 1, level 2?

Rohan Savio Fernandes says:

Hi is the jacket waterproof?

Rotang Klan says:

I tried looking it up but couldn’t find any info, what’s the difference between Dirt CE and Street CE?

jeff fielding says:

can i use it for snowboarding?

Jack Beames says:

Got this today for leogang on Wednesday

foooooooooood says:

You emphasis twice this has dirt CE rated protectors, but the item is listed under “Street Gear” on I’d really like to wear dedicated armor under an unarmored leather jacket, but these ratings are pretty confusing.

MtzMaster says:

It’s too small

Camden Britt says:

Nice vid 😀

CrispyBacon says:

What would you recommend for someone who ride primarily street, to get to the off road areas? I live in Michigan and have a FirstGear Jaunt jacket that, even with the vents all open, gets really hot when the temps get above 80. I’m looking for something that is cooled, is lighter weight, but still give decent protection. My Jaunt jacket is incredible at the protection part, but I get dehydrated quickly, even though I carry a Camel-back, when I’m riding slow due to hot hot the jacket is.

Máté Kreinekker says:

Do you guys ship overseas?

Brett Williams says:

Fishnets are so in right now!

Leonardo Tanca says:

are the shoulders and arm pads removable?

dirt4breakfast says:

Bought two. One for me and one for my adult son. Nice design but cheep, cheesy zipper. Mine broke on the first wearing. My son’s on the second. Sent back. Way too expensive for such poor quality zipper. Can’t recommend unless they upgrade. Too bad, I otherwise really liked it.

noah burch says:

Would this be good for everyday riding I’m new and I’m looking to find good gear to keep me safe

SiriusXAim says:

There’s a lot of cheaper copies of that cool armor too. how good they are I dunno however.

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