Fast Bikes Sportsbike of 2018 shootout

It’s that time of year when we head off to a track somewhere in Europe with the guys from Fast Bikes magazine for their yearly sportsbike shootout.
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David Tomkins says:

“Let’s do SBOTY in Spain” they said, “the weather will be blazing hot, not like cold UK” they said. Lol, never mind, there’s always next year….

zecky wd says:

Gsxr good performance and reliable

Muhamad Safig says:

RSV4 : KING of the ring, always

Collin Weinheimer says:

Stick the h2r or even just the h2 in this competition and it would really shake things up

William Travis says:

Enjoyed the video!

Gabriel Johannson says:

Such an awesome array of great bikes. We are really spoilt for choice. That RSV4 is sublime. As an ex-RSV4 owner its a bloody great bike. Ex because I was only using it for CBD travel. Mental. Seriously, if you wanted a V4 you’d be nuts…nuts I say to go past the Aprilia. That R1 is special. Great to see Suzuki come back hard & fast. Wow.

Jim Sound says:

Right, Im happy withb the fact that you have the Aprillia in the frame, BUT, where was the Norton V4? Now come on

submissions72 says:

I didn’t now Baker Mayfield rode bikes.

Andrés Padilla says:


Bharat Singh says:

Whats the track at 1:23

submissions72 says:


Bali baliku says:

love bike. yeahhhhh


Ducati V4??

Muhammad Rayyan says:

comparing a 959 and an f3 with other liter bikes is pretty irrelevent isnt it?

johnlee072092 says:

Honda was once producing the best bikes. But now it seems like they are lagging behind. I don’t understand what was happening. Can somebody explain it to me?what is happening to honda??

Supersport64 says:

Finally a Sportbikes shoot-out again!! 😀

fwh79 says:

Well… it’s a good thing no one showed up on a V&M tuned 1999 R1 😉

Andrew Murray says:

Nothing but bad gear boxes and quick shifters, is it April 1st. Looks like Aprilia sponsored this test. In mcn latest test it was slower than the blade and ducati on a track, mind you the ducati isn’t even a 1000cc. I’m losing intrest in these bias test. Why dont you guys do a few laps on track and tell us the times they did. Then consider everyday use of the these machines.

Chris Doms says:

Gross ads.

Alexander Palacios says:

Top great ++

Auttie B says:

Great job, Suzuki for me and if I had the cash RSV4

John Spencer says:


I rode for a long time. I don’t know how many bikes I’ve had. I do know that I don’t like Bridgestone tires.

Give me Michelin or Metzler

My first set of Radials was on an ’01 Bonneville. I compare my first experience
of Radial tires with the difference between “Dunlop K81s” + the stock junk on my ’75 RD350.

Yes, I’m a Grandpa.

I don’t have a bike now. I’ll be back out there on a CanAm. My balance is gone.
51 years I’ve survived riding the streets of Southern California.

I had 6 accidents.

Yash Patel says:

Correction – Ducati Panigale V4S = Superbike

TBone MC says:

Thanks for the vlog. It was interesting hearing the Honda comment about a box full of neutrals. I’ve had the same experience with a different bike and it really is annoying exaggerating your effort in gear changes but every cloud has a silver lining because my experience is that it goes away after the box has been run in a bit. I was more than surprised with the oggy knobs because I’d rather be replacing some casings and fairings instead of frames.

Dale Nutter says:

Flash the ZX10 and try the test again. It would be a different story then.

Michael Davis says:

I am happy with my CBR SP. best bike out there

kernal85 says:

Nice review! Wonder if KTM will bring out a sport bike again that would be fun.

Daverr says:

Ducati = Hype

Trackappeal says:

Glad I got the Ape over the Duc.

heli ryot says:

s1000rr,rsv4 doesn’t have a stock exhaust? while the gsxr,r1m,zx10r still has the stock exhaust.

Nabarun Ghosh says:

But, Sir, Aprilia RSV4 RF can’t beat the One and Only Horse Power King BMW S1000rr. It always was and will be the King of The Road, Specially For Me. I just Love This Machine. Without H2 and Ducati V4s, There is no Superbike on the Market Which Can Beat The BMW S1000rr 2018 Model.

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