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The Next Evolution of the American Superbike – Associate Editor Zack Courts tours the Wisconsin -based EBR factory before putting the new 1190RX through its paces on the Jennings GP circuit.

See the feature in our May 2014 issue and on our website here:


M. Pinto says:

to bad that EBR is close… again… :/

mr. blank says:

We need an american triple.

Ramon Delgado says:

so sad to see them close up shop, yet again.

Indarow says:

You know what would be extremely cool?? (Though equally unlikely)
An EBR MotoGP team.

Auttie B says:


Warzed Arcanist says:

look great

Matt Miller says:

I want it

Dave Yong Jung says:

Looks OK, moderately powerful… but with $19k???  There’re better bikes out there if you have that much money.  This bike will sell most likely to nationalists and perhaps… police?

Jason Bari says:

yeah the bike is so great they discontinued it again cuz sales are in the shitter!! another shit review from on two wheels bunch of morons giving these reviews

leonex says:

guys, is it normal that I got a huge boner when I saw this bike?

rockmazafaka says:


Motox cross0374 says:

I live in Wisconsin!

Kevin Skuce says:

Dealer near me was selling these brand new for $9,995 just to get rid of them after the down fall of EBR, it still took them months on end to clear the inventory of a bike listed for HALF its original asking price.

dantana7747 says:

great engine  !   belongs in a cruiser !!!!

cott10r says:

meh typical buell, no thanks. and as far as wheelie’s go i have a ttr 125 that a wheelie machine lol

nich bland says:

I still want one

Yousif Alshaikh says:

the future of EBR is bright

Seuth Sengsourya says:

Pricy without Ohlins,Brembo package. It’s nice bike.

Riaz Uddin says:


MrGoldenFoxHD says:

Too bad EBR is done for now. 🙁

Sirref says:

As much as I love the fact that america has a proper superbike now, I’m more interested in middleweight bikes so I’ll be looking forward to seeing when ebr comes out with a 500-900cc sportsbike and will consider getting my hands on one then. Until then Street Triple R all the way.

TheNoobComment says:

Sorry America! You’re fallen way too far behind! I rather get a RR or panagali.

danair says:

The people that buy and ride Buell motorcycles could really give a rat’s ass what it looks like, and 2 rat’s asses whether anyone else likes it or not. Ask one why they’re grinning from ear to ear and you just might get tossed a set of keys….if you’re not being a duck, that is.

wasn't me says:

the rear end and the front ends angle reminds me a bit of the tl1000 s .  if they make that a bit sharper/modern , and i would read owners reviews saying its bulletproof and reliabe , i wouldnt see a reason not to buy one if i wanted a new bike . how are these prises compare in the us ? is the price of 19 k cheaper then the japs ?

Oldman pup says:

Why single front rotor?

Patrick Wheeler says:

And they’re gone, sad…

Gregg Cesaroni says:

I just rode that track last weekend! Love it!

Nikhil Arolla says:


DersNoNem says:

I am not an American and not trying to be racist but why an Indian company buy EBR? Why does not any American company believe in their potential? Anyway, its in my bike to buy list now

Vijayendra Kolhekar says:

America’s first super bike, from India.

HighrevR3 says:

Damn im digging EBR stuff. To bad they closed their doors.

Zone Television says:

I really love this bike. Espcially what Mark Miller was able to do in the 2014 IOMTT on the Splitlath Casino bike. Could you guys do a follwo up on this bike ? Thanks !

SFR SanFranciscoRider says:

very cool bike ! luv the american build !

marcus mcc says:

It looks out of proportion. wouldn’t having a huge brake on one side of the wheel put excessive load on the fork on that side under hard braking?

grishfish says:

No thanks. I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth from my last EB creation (XB9S). There’s nothing wrong with the bike but bikes from his companies are doomed to obscurity without some way to get parts.

Joshua Page says:

I have been riding Buell for years now. He and his team knows how to build and design, what I would consider, one of the best handling bikes in the world. I still love my xb12ss and am excited to invest into a 1190RX hopefully for next year. I am really excited that I can feel some real horses out of a Buell as I have invested quite a bit to get this Harley 1200cc motor over 135 horsepower. Its about time America has real sport bike!

knuckle brawler says:

hey Eric, your shit craftsmanship and product almost killed me and made me put off on all American made bikes. fuck you Buell.

Tim Kennaley says:

in moorpark ca the honda dealer has 2 of these on sale today only for under 10k

shuhsak says:

What’s the song at 1:35? Anyone know?

Amber Willems says:

scholar suspend return monitor at.

Austin says:

Just buy a zx10r

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