Ducati Hypermotard 950 + SP Review

One of the most bonkers bikes ever built becomes even more bonkers, yet more useable, for 2019. We try to tame Ducati’s Hypermotard 950 at the world launch in Gran Canaria…
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Il be waiting Hahaha says:

Does Chris even want to do this any more ?

mason white says:

Like it a lot, just hope it won’t have to be in the shop every other week like some of the previous years. This is on my wishlist now though

Dee Jay says:

I would never buy one of these because I would get in so much damn trouble. Would just be a bad life choice. Bad bad bad.

identiticrisis says:

You can disable the ABS on Aprilia’s V4s. My Honda allows the rear to be disabled, which I know is true for several other bikes as well – I’d be surprised if KTMs didn’t allow it via some drawn-out arcane ritual or similar. I think some 125s only have ABS on the front brake (drum rear?).

I bet all it takes is “don’t do this on the road” warnings in the manual (that nobody reads).

UnClarkable says:

Funny to see people calling it a one trick pony. Suck it up buttercup and ride every bike, everywhere. In the wise words of Steve McQueen, “Stop being a pussy and ride.” I’m sure he was complaining back in the day about the missing cornering ABS on his 1946′ Indian and the lack of smart phone compatibility… @44teeth Would love to see a video of you two ripping around on a couple of 1100 Evo SP’s just to hear yal spat about. I daily one now and while I cannot fathom how my license is intact, it really is a machine that induces chronic laughter. No matter how I say “just a mellow ride today” I end up lifting the front in 1st before I get to the exit of my driveway like who am I kidding. WOOOO!

Cornish_ Boy says:

Really want one to go with the fz1, just need them to knock £10k off the price, lol

Midnight says:

Great video

Orange Future says:

701 SM !!!

Jamie taylor says:

how does the Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 compare to the Ducati any ideas?

Zack Courts says:

Good times! Thanks for not throwing my key as far as you could. Hopefully the next time we ride we can turn off ABS…

woweeoi11 says:

Great stuff, can’t wait for the new 690 video!

themorganator says:

its 2019 FFS. How is there no fuel gauge?!?

Trollindurty says:

Are we just going to ignore Chris’ doggy mug?

Fancy Animal says:

4 Years later Al finally centers his camera and gets a decent mic.

Zedhead motovlogs says:

Why would they even produce the stocker? They should just present the world with the Sp with a middle finger up saying we aren’t even sorry.

Reuben Hooft says:

Yes very good. But the real question is do I buy a Tuono 1100 factory or a super duke R and do I sell the old gsxr1000 k6 ??

xenolard says:

Are we supposed to believe that either of you ride that skateboard? 😉

Ed Wilson says:

Hyperstrada SP please.

Kent Brown says:

Brother. England is surrounded by water and fish last time I checked anyway.

Thomas Williams says:

The only real Hypermotard is the 1100. While these are plenty fun, they are too heavy.

Roberto Smith says:

I have the 939SP and  agree its seat sucks balls. Will I be silly enough to trade it for a 950. Maybe I should avoid the dealer for a little bit.

Alex Morgan says:

Whats the difference between hypermotard and supermoto,?

MotoQuickShifter says:

I actually wouldnt mind the SP ❤️

martin allen says:

Supermotard? Pffft, buy an old 2009-2012 CRF450R honda mx bike, for under 2 grand, throw a grands worth of lighting coil, loom and motard wheels at it and it will piss all over that mickey mouse rich boys toy.

Abc Cba says:

P1 for the Brits!

ᵖᵗᵒᵒᵉᵞ says:

at least they tried to make the looks more faithful to the original terblanche design, but there’s still proportions on this one that are off. i’d prefer to keep my 1100 evo sp, thanks.

plus, you really shouldn’t bother comparing this with the 1290 r. as an owner of both, you just can’t flick the sd around like you can the hm, and the hm is just so much more nimble around town. the sd is a beast, but the hm is fun.

Mark Gatward says:

that was a pretty good review

BarryEssex says:

1290 allllllllllllll day

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