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Dainese Racing D1 Leather Jacket Reviewhttp://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-racing-d1-leather-jacket?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Dainese_Racing_D1_Leather_Jacket_Review As a redesign of the hugely popular Racing Jacket, the new Dainese Racing D1 Leather Jacket puts forth a few noticeable changes from its predecessor. The updated version makes use of metal collar snaps rather than the original rubberized style and the sleeves are no longer embossed. The new sleeves have also added micro elastication as well as cut the reflectivity by 50%. Additional comfort is attained through increased flexibility along the back of the shoulders and the interior has been upgraded to accommodate the new Dainese split chest protection system.


Carter Lamont says:

What’s the Tutu cowhide supposed to be, is it the 1.0/1.1mm or 1.3mm?

Jonny Taylor says:

Which Dainese leather pants match up best with this jacket?

tristantao says:

How does this compare to C2? They’re the same price (after some discounts), same company, and same style… Can someone clarify which is better (or more suited for different needs?)

PVTfluffy says:

“Oh your so damn visible today” lol

takti says:

just bought the perforated d1 jacket and I’m blown away!
I’m 6’3″ (1.90m) and size 56 fits and looks like it’s tailor made despite fairly wide shoulders. really feels like a tight, powerful layer of protection and it still provides great airflow.

JackSwatman says:

I’m totally torn as to what i require, i will be on a street triple so think anything with a hump is a little OTT,

I am 6ft, yet only a 38 chest but broad shoulders, so i either go small to fit my torso and have a tight jacket around my shoulders, or go comfy on shoulder and have bagginess around torso 🙁        perhaps a smaller size with the longer fit?

Sprayed says:

I’m 6′ 205lbs – Athletic Build. Size 44/45 inch chest – 33 Waist. What size would be best for me if I wanted to add in back protection?

Omar Fuentes says:

How’s it going gents. I’m really digging the style. Would this be comfortable if I only wear it to go from and to work? I ride a c50 boss.

Çağatay YILDIRIM says:

100 kg adama xs giydirmişsiniz amk.

maria Ma games says:

I’m 1.68 m tall and 69kg weight , what is the ideal size for Me?

JsOnMyFeet23 says:

The intro every time gets faster than an Italian supersport

Andrea Sarti says:

Hello everybody! my husband is riding BMW f650gs and he is between Racind D1 and Veloster jackets, he like more the D1 but because the name he is afraid about if the raider position will be confortable in a upright position. We use to make weekend rides 50-400km far away. what could you advise us is better for him? Thank for the great job you do guys!

lhPhuc FPV says:

Hey, I live in Singapore and it’s hot and moist here. Is it good to use the Racing D1 Perforated as mainly a daily jacket ? Do i need to clean and condition the leather that often ?

Motorcycle Gear Hub says:

Folks, don’t forget that the Dainese D1 jacket is certified to the 13595-1 CE standard, which certifies that this jacket is indeed a protective motorcycle jacket (attaining such certification is very difficult and very-few jackets nowadays are certified to this CE standard). The CE directive to the 13595-1 standard calls for testing of many safety features of a jacket, even retaining capabilities (to prove that the jacket’s cuffs won’t ride up when the correct sizing is chosen).

The D1 jacket is a beast of a jacket without having to resort to the super track-oriented leather jackets from the bigger brands (Dainese, Alpinestars, Held, Spidi, etc). The D1 jacket is at home when cruising around or carving canyons and it is very comfortable. Heck, the 13595-1 CE standard even checks for a jacket’s comfort features!

I’ve personally done an unboxing video of the Dainese D1 jacket on our channel (click on our channel and browse the videos; it’s there) so that you folks get to see how the jacket comes as when it will arrive to you. It’s beautiful, smells so dreamy, Tutu leather is on point and it’s a sexy jacket (confirmed by several attractive ladies).

We (the team at McGeaHub.com) absolutely recommend the D1 jacket! Let’s hope my unboxing video gives you more reason to buy this epic jacket; if you’re on the fence, then don’t even overthink it and buy it. You’ll be glad you did.

Metin2 Karadeniz Hile says:

Is that weard a hot and sunny day ? And cold days ?


hi revzilla, I have 1.69 cm and my weight is 90 kg, size 54 would be good?

miginus says:

What’s the main difference between this and the Super Speed D1??

Canadian Rider says:

I am 5’8 170 pounds. Skinny build. What would be the best size for me? I want it nice and tight as it is supposed to be.

Gaetano Greco says:

What size of mannequin are you using? M, L, XL. 50,52,54?

macsporran says:

black is boring a tall with colour would make us smile

Patrick Griffith says:

I’m 6’4 175 and I like jackets very snug- I would love a 50 TALL in black black red, but it’s ‘not available’… PLEASE HALP!!!

M.F. Gamesta says:

OK. I’m 6’0″ and I weigh 190 lbs. 34-36 inch waist on most pants but mostly 34. I’m a border-line athletic build but I’m not ripped by any stretch.

During my research for this jacket, I was fortunate enough to go to the D-Store and try a few sizes on but I wasn’t ready to buy. My kids ordered this for me for christmas.

I tried both the 52 and the 54. They both fit and the 52 was snug and fit perfectly. The problem is it would have been WAY too tight after adding chest and back protection. The 54 was only slightly larger. Still snug without chest and back armor but with it in, it still zips up with a little bit of room. It is possible that after the jacket is broken, the 52 would have fit very well. If I raced, I would probably would have made the 52 fit.

I got the perforated (estivo) jacket. It’s been in the mid 50s here and I was fine in this jacket with just a t-shirt underneath (heated grips FTW). WIth the 54, there is room for layering.

PrettyToWatch says:

Is it compatible with the Dainese Wave G back protector and the Dainese Delta Pro C2 pants?

VanillaCracker says:

Wow I actually think this is a perfect jacket – except for the Dainese tramp stamp right across the chest. Any recommendation on how to remove that? I would need to know before buying.

septo laksono says:

racing d1 have 46 tall size ?

Eric Oliver says:

Does the Racing D1 Jacket only pair with Dainese Leather pants or will it pair with Dainese’s Drake Super Air Tex pants?

bolydman says:

Hi guys! I’m having trouble choosing the size. I finally decided on the D1 perf, but because of the wider shoulders, the troubles begin. Here are my measures:
Height: 171 cm; Weight: 75 kg; Waist: 88 cm; Chest: 98 cm; Shoulders: 50 cm (cross back); Arm: 57 cm; Neck: 42 cm. (the measures were taken by a tailor, so that I won’t mess up 😀 )
I should mention that I tried a few days ago a Rev’it Stellar and the 50 was tight in shoulders (the sliders were bothering me), but it was great on the body. The 52 was comfortable in shoulders, but a bit large for the body. Most important is the shoulder comfort :).
Looking at the sizing chart from you, I think that I should wear a 52 short.
What’s your opinion?

RAWkeeper N. says:

How can we wash the leather jacket?

Jordan Borrowman says:

I need some answers. I’m 6’4″, my arms are abnormally long, I ride a honda shadow that I’ve customized to be more of a bobber style bike. This jacket is the ONLY JACKET I can find that fits me, but it’s style is too aggressive. What do you suggest?

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