Classic Game Room – SUZUKI ALSTARE EXTREME RACING for Dreamcast review

Classic Game Room reviews SUZUKI ALSTARE EXTREME RACING for Sega Dreamcast from 1999, an average motorcycle racing game with sub-par controls but better than average visuals and track design. From Criterion Studios and published by Ubisoft, this Sega Dreamcast driving game has several bikes and unlockable tracks as well as up-to-4-player gameplay with Dreamcast controllers locally. This CGR review of Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing for Dreamcast has gameplay from Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing on Sega Dreamcast showing bike driving race game play in HD action.


Garfield Garland says:

What is the name of the music that playes when the crash montage begins.

Khristian4444 says:

The courtols was bad for this game

Azina says:

Я люблю эту игру -I love this game

Jadty says:

Somehow reminds me of Moto Racer and M25 Racer, both for PC. M25 Racer is a car game though.

Jesse Fisher says:

@sinbysin666 lmao a good sport. thumbs up.

theraptorus says:

@ 1:19 the good ol’ lens flare effect of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I miss those days….

Slash1626 says:

@Chaniyth Why not just review the Burger King 360 games!!!

Redaim 25 says:

Hey! What about Daytona U.S.A 2001. That game kicks ass!

Gabensy says:

I played with a lot

CaptainAtomSmasher says:

Thumbs up if you read SUZUKI “ALSTAR” EXTREME RACING!!!

Also! Thumbs up if you think that thumbs up are lame!!! I should probably just not post this comment, but damn it, I’m gonna post it anyway!

CaptainAtomSmasher says:

@MrJesseFisher I know, right?

Gabensy says:

The soundtrack …….great

Art Valenzuela says:

I rented this game years ago. I recall loving the crap out of it. Funny thing is, I google searched “Dreamcast motorcycle game” and this was the first thing that came up.

The Dude says:

Yup. What’s weird is that it was released on the DC as Redline Racer months earlier in Japan.

Bigsby Beerchief says:


swissmrkc says:

this looks like a new random wii racing game, and considering its 12 years later….i love my dreamcast it is so superior to the wii

redcardinalist says:


Ah the old refrain, blame x, y & z on immigrants. Often you hear this coming from the sort of person who hasn’t left their couch in 10 years and would be the LAST person an employer would pick for a job…

Indigo1Black says:

This looks like the Moto Racing game that I played on the computer!
Did the Dreamcast have that game?

IvanCrystalColor says:

Mark makes driving in the wrong way cool

Man of Action 0 says:

Meh, the first moto racer is better.

Neo Hideo says:

@kreeddem easy dude, I’m didn’t took you job. I live in my country (Poland), I’m not an immigrant. Right now we in Poland know that in the USA there is a crisis and there are no jobs, many immigrants came back to Poland from US because of the crisis and unemployment, btw in my country there are many immigrants from even poorer countries, today China is producing everything and they have more jobs

Ishidasouken says:

@BlazingSoul333 I guess Heyzoos actually played and reviewed it and Mark collects all the rewards, as usual =D

Pancake Lord says:

What’s the montage song name?

Atari Guy says:

Suzuki’s are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHOOP WHOOP

TheDybbob89 says:

Alstare = Japanese English spelling FAIL

svenneri says:

Nice graphics!

KODarkness says:

Mark, you really need to bring back Heyzoos! 😀

russotragik says:

@TheDybbob89 LOL
yu rait man, japanese aren’t easy!
yes, of course that “yu rait man” was a joke…

SEGA128DC says:

Hmm, Sega did officially endorse the Agetec Rally Wheel and the Agetec Arcade Stick…

LegionsOfAnon says:

hey now, you’re an alstare

LGR says:

I liked it better when it was called Redline Racer.

Wait, no I didn’t…

Joseph W. says:

I used to have this on the PC. I loved it then and I’d love it now if they’d port it to PS3.

KLBKLB1001 says:

@BlazingSoul333 Heyzoos must of been playing the games all along

BurningArmyman says:

@BlazingSoul333 OHMAHYGAWD mark ate heyzoos and now he possesed mark

Jesse Fisher says:

@sinbysin666 thumbs down. it annoyed me a bit just reading that.

Vivian Cels says:

Fantastic landscapes and dynamic

blakedmc1989RaveHD says:

i still have it on Dreamcast! tha music was awesome on it tho lol


Great game thought. Arcade style play.

Arjun G says:

I loved this game….

Super Z-Fresh says:

What’s the song at the end?

lolschrauber says:

i liked this game so much, wish i could find it somewhere D:

arcticridge says:

Dreamcast version of Redline Racer?

Llia Olsen says:

We played this game so much we found areas to jump and climb up walls totally disregarding the intent of the game in multiplayer. It became a H.O.R.S.E style of play going around the map trying to get to places the other player managed to reach.

referral madness says:

this game looks decent might have to check it out

deathaxe says:

Five quid? nah just download it for free…..

ReneM elo says:

Um dos jogos com a melhor trilha sonora de todos os tempos.

BlazingSoul333 says:

Wait a moment!!!! Mark is playing the game, BUT the screenname is Heyzoos. I Smell a conspiracy !!!!

MrTrancedsailor says:

get your helmet on, go, RACE.

Neo Hideo says:

That’s why i love CGRHD! Amazing oldschool games for past consoles that nobody else review! Great work Mark! Thanks! Nobody else review games that good as you do! and if my made a mistake in english – sorry, I’m from Poland, EU

TheMcdjc1 says:


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