Car vs Motorcycle DRAG RACE with BMW M2 & S1000RR | Head2Head

There’s no doubt the BMW M2 squeezes supercar-baiting performance into a sleek two-door coupe package. Mat’s already found out how quick it is in a straight line but how does it compare to a pair of high-performance bikes from the German brand’s motorcycle division? Join us for a wet and wild drag race to find out which BMW is top dog.

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smibru says:

You need to get some better riders to race the bikes! I just don’t understand how they are struggling to beat you. If I was racing you I would be so for a head of you before you hit 60 mph. Your riders suck period, just plain period!

SG says:

more vídeos lite this please

Johonan andrew gomes says:

Ktm adventure r vs m3

Daniel Coleman says:

The bike won!

Ovidiu Florin says:

bmw m2 won

Carguy82 says:

RS3 would have been a better race against the bike, the M2 isnt exactly a rocket off the line.

Entitledprick says:

Matt and Craig Cole.

ATHARVA Dalvi says:

the bike appears first but in the end the car pulls and comes first by a small margin

Maticalise Music Master says:

The bmw won

michal03966 says:

All of tchem are just death sentence waiting to happen.

sachin mb says:

S1000 would win against any BMW currently on road

Shashank Chikara says:

What about the drag? And the way K1600 dealt with the jolts, the whole thing looked pretty much staged.

Tharim Ahmed says:

Thumbs up if you’re late

Yassir Belarabi says:

My three favorite machines of all time together ! BMW rules

Dezz9820 says:

I don’t understand why Chris Harris is on top gear but matt isn’t.

Chris is a typically annoying guy that only likes 911’s and Ferraris where as matt likes more normal cars like bmw audis vauxhalls and fords etc.

dtfxsolutions says:

FAKE! ! Who did you have riding those bikes. There is no way a car could beat these bikes off the mark.

Stefan Ciganovic says:

M2 has 3.0 360hp and new ttrs 2.5 and 400hp this new cars are going mad…

Mr11ESSE111 says:

audi TTrs will be better in this test

S Miller says:

You should do M2 with 4 people in the car and a full boot vs a 220d or possibly a slower 2 series.

Jakub Kurzawa says:

Mat, GREAT video, great ideas for entertainment. 🙂

charismathis says:

The bike won

ephphatha230 says:

Mat must be really bloody good at job interviews

Armin says:

+carwow What about a review on Tesla Model S Mat?

Muhammed Suleman says:

You should totally have a slot in the new Top Gear.

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

B to the M to the W…

Jess Holderbaum says:

Hey now, that K1600 was in RAIN MODE, meaning it is electronically regulated to 20% LESS power than the quoted 158HP….

Navneet Murti says:

this is better than top gear. lol

Ravi S says:

M2 won the race!

Hilka Nander says:

BMW m2 won

R Bofill says:

Haha that was fun, id go for the m2!

Sam Kent says:

Well there we go, an s1000 can absolutely smash an average sports car. Who knew!!

bigmarkdarula says:

learn how to launch a bike, u don’t do it from 4k rpm rain or not

EinkOLED says:

I’m surprised the M2 managed to keep up with the 1000rr.

AdvancedEliteGaming says:

What’s faster, the worlds fastest car or a bike?? And which has a bigger top speed

SJ says:

the K1600 was IN RAIN MODE!!! major power reduction, then throw in the extra passenger, it drag race was meaningless… the bike is a 0-60 in 2.9 sec vehicle… the car isn’t even close.

Rishh Rydaa says:

You could have chose the M DCT instead of the Manual.

Thomas Rock says:

Clearly the M2 crossed the finish line first.

arxmagks says:

Add a sidecar to the moto to ensure victory LOL

Öncü Kılıç says:

Bad shifting for K1600

agentbob100 says:

This is probably the best car vs bike vid on YouTube 🙂

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