Skids and wheelies on BMW’s £68,000 HP4 RACE at Valencia.

Discounts on some sexy carbon –

44T stickers –

Onboard lap –


Ahmed NN says:

fuck they didnt hav a tft screen? shame

lane808080 says:

I would give you lot a quid


How many seconds per lap on this one comparing to standard S1000RR you can win if they both on slicks with your skills?

wimmm72 says:

Set up a 44 teeth HP4 race team…subscribers (sponsors)…can donate per £10…each 10 note donation gets a unique serial number…you can sponsor as many tenners as you want…now here’s the setup…if the £68.000 is met…you guys get to test,track it and race the bike for a year…you don’t get to keep it at the end of the year…each sponsor gets a chance to win the bike…. you make a lottery with the individual numbers…you have to include other European countries to get to the 6800 people….(distances from the UK within reason)…to not be UK exclusive…i’m from Belgium so i’d love to see you test,track it and race it…with awesome video content to follow…and then after one year get a small chance to win it…1 chance in 6800…those are better odds then a real lottery winning £68.000…the HP4 lottery can be done live on Youtube…well…that’s if one of you doesn’t bin the bike during the year…then you still don’t get to keep it :-)))…and the next year you start all over again with a new HP4…

Lee Grice says:

Great video fella’s… what a truly incredible machine. Where do I send my money to contribute to you buying one??

Dave Here says:

You are a fair rider, got her down good and far lol

teapotone says:

Ha Ha LOVED it!!!! No other words for it, that is a full on JIZZ MACHINE!

Nicholas Reading says:


scerif says:

Not really! Ducati all day

D says:

Two things: 1) Ask for 2 pounds instead of 1, buy two of them and – raffle the other among the contributors. 2) Comment on how the special (carbon) wheels are related to the bike’s manouverability.

Derrick Washington says:

3000 miles???? Come ON!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha

Andres says:

Still not winning at the track unfortunately :/

Jaka Berdajs says:

You 2 should start a hour long show like top gear… But wait for it… Its about bikes

Sundeep Baro says:

How it will stand against SBK Superbikes and MotoGP?

downshift83 says:

oofff O_O

Adam Simmons says:

Where can I donate a £1 for you guys to get one!?!?! #gofund44teeth

von sauerkraut says:

German rubbish

ccaalluuss says:

even better than the zx7r?

William Travis says:

Enjoyed the video!

Andrew Freeman says:

“The kill from the quickshifter is a mini clutch-up” WANT!!!!!

lalrintluanga vanchhawng says:

Love the Facial Hair. You look Dapper.

acidoxyde says:

set up a patreon or a stickers sale or something specifically for this. I would be more that glad to give a couple of quid for a project like that

SpeedyFireblade LFC says:

Once again a phenomenal piece of German engineering.

Gary O Mahony says:


Thomas Evers says:

Who had the faster lap time and I didn’t see any wheelies ?

Bob Carter says:

I would give you a quid. Come on you other 99,999 subscribers. Stump up. This is just the best.

Tomáš Fruhauf says:

“These brakes are phenomenal” Yeah, must be cool… [*cries on K1 GSX-R*]

D man says:

1:39 the guys face when BVG hits the poo walk LMAO

randykawasaki says:

finger out boys. crowdfund now.

Plain clothes horse says:

Nice job again guys. Lucky fellas + amazing bike. Where do I send my quid to?

john doug says:

A Panigale V4 and HP4 Race face-off would be interesting since their HP’s and power-to-weight ratios are pretty much identical.

Paolo Zampieri says:

No matter what the bike you ride on the day, it is always the most iiconic, bets, faster, etc, etc piece-of-BS EVER. You are getting boring folks and THIS particular bike has won…uh…ZERO WSBK titles so…not so unique IMHO.


I’m sad now 🙁

D man says:

in my dreams i couldnt push this bike. LOL BVG always havin to poo

Andrés Padilla says:

This is what I wanted to hear. That this is the best way ahead the Superleggera! thanks for sharing your moment of joy kiddo’s 🙂

Stephen Cartwright says:

Yes, buy one. I will subscribe. Love to see you use it in anger….

thewindow6 says:

100% willing to give you lads a quid to buy one of these

Dombennezon says:

BMW have been building superb bikes for a while now. I don’t get why they didn’t win any WSBK titles.

Benniee1 says:

Fantastic video lads!

Chris Burgess says:

Haa Pee Fear ✋

tmac20031 says:

148 kilos?! Holy sh*t. An R3 weighs 169 kilos. That’s nuts

MrDANVXR says:

I’m in lads set up the payment page

ManAndMachine says:


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