BMW HP4 Race Carbon Fibre Frame | First Ride |

MCN Chief Road Tester Michael Neeves went out to Estoril race circuit in Portugal to get his hands on the eagerly awaited carbon fibre framed BMW HP4 Race. At 146kgs dry and 215hp, it sure is a force to be reckoned with.

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Alex Cotton says:

10.20 was epic!

Pistol Pete says:

What a machine thst is man

Randy Marsh says:


brady093093 says:


Amirul Yahya says:

Why bmw doesnt go for motogp ?

valebliz says:

The production quality of this video is fucking amazing.

bishop says:

go ahead kill yourselves

Rudy Liyanto says:

I always like bmw machine , body shape etc. but never a fan of its exhaust pipe. Too fat.

Firestarter says:

You can easily make metal be strong in one direction and flex in another. Take a fucking engineering course.

Buildings are designed with beams that are incredibly strong, yet flex to handle vibration.

You make it tall and skinny and it’ll have exceptional flex resistance for the suspension yet allow plenty of flex in the direction you desire.

RC MAN 23 says:

I would be scared shitless on this bike, just from the fact i know how much it cost

Mario Haro says:

I would love to see this bike on the track going against the (Aprilia RSV4 FW-GP) and the (Ducati 1299 Superleggera)!!!!

Design Alexandre says:

a ce prix je préféré prendre un H2R et pourtant je la trouve pas belle mais beaucoup plus puissante et je dit cela alors que j’ai deja un HP4

Leri0th says:

How far off is it compared to the SP2?

Owen Kuzma says:

Rip smiley faces

Rui Dias says:


Ben Payne says:

Absolute bike porn.

William Ryan says:

Great presentation of the bike’s features and riding experience. It’s gorgeous, a work of engineering, design and technology.,

Armen Esmaili says:

Why doesn’t BMW get into MOTO GP?

Andy Li says:

146kg…. WOW

ayie4321 says:

wtf…thats lighter than my 250cc

Punnyabrata Chakraborty says:

what is that background track?

ShiZ TV Chanel says:


Sir 5tu88s says:

Nice vid thanks guys. Great bike too.

Abhishek Mishra says:

Better than the ducati superleggera

Allistair Neil says:

Engine sounds a bit rough…

Caan t says:

I’m taking it that this IS the first one ever then. 000 out of 750

Motobeard says:

Nice ride, do you think it would be good as a first bike?

Herlander Morais says:

Shootout between the Aprilia RSV4 FW-GP, BMW HP4 Race, Honda RC213V-S Sport Kit and Kawasaki H2R, please. You can do it MCN. Keep on the good work. Thank you.

faijerbleed says:

foot technique totally wrong

Joseph Marton says:

how will this compare to the exact same bike , the electric version ?

Freerider says:

Beam me up Scotty.

David Hill says:

171 kg wet (376 lbs) , 215 hp , put it this way if it was a 1363 kg ( 3000 lb) car it would need to have 1715 hp to have the same power to weight ratio .

Viktor Skarlatov says:


Kurio71 says:

What a good lookin’ machine

Sanjeewa D. says:

It’s 000/750 !!! Oh my god! I would literally lick that pice of art! ❤️

john doug says:

46 dislikes, really? Probably from the other 46 press members who can’t ride like Neevsey. lol. Keep it up MCN!

cr8ive says:

Seems to be stuttering a lot around the corners doesn’t it? . . . Doubt that an Audi would have done that. 😛

NZSmall says:

The audible traction control sounds like something from star wars, so Good!

Ronan Rogers says:

The headstock of my S1000rr metal frame snapped just from some dickhead who knocked it off its stand when it was parked in front of my house…needless to say he did a runner before i got there. Cost an absolute fortune to fix, covered by insurance. Otherwise a brilliant bike.

cr8ive says:

Great,   if its not hand made and they can mass produce them . . .they should be cheap then . . . . . . . . NOT!!

Zi9makin6 says:


Jimmy Neutron says:

he looks handsome with mustach

John Keckley says:

Oh, audible traction control. I thought it had an ignition problem.


BMW have so much technology available to them. Would be amazing if they make a prototype MotoGP bike

Auttie B says:


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