BMW HP4 Race (2017) Purebred Racing Bike [YOUCAR]

With the new HP4 RACE, BMW Motorrad presents a purebred racing bike in a production run of 750. It is individually crafted by a small, highly specialised team, ensuring the very highest level of quality.

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The new HP4 RACE has a purebred racing engine similar to specifications 6.2 and 7.2 as in the Endurance and Superbike World Championships. The peak output is 215 horsepower (158 kW) at 13 900 rpm. The maximum torque of 120 Nm is reached at 10000 rpm. The maximum engine speed has been increased as compared to the engine of the S 1000 RR from 14 200 rpm to 14 500 rpm. With the aim of achieving the best possible performance, a 6‑speed close-ratio racing gearbox is used with optimised transmission ratios and various secondary ratios (diverse pinions and chain sprockets included).


Pek Pek says:


Peter NK says:

Dear Santa…

MrHighByte says:

that sound <3

Lucien Augustin says:

Lose the captain america colors and we will be st8

Just The Highlights says:

Camerawork was a little over the top in places.

MR.Chemaslan Long says:

คนขั้บBMW S1,000RR. คนขั้บขั้บดีมากครับท่านทีรักกันเองครับท่าน อย่ากขั้บมั้งครับทีานท่าให้โอ้กาดร์ผมมัสลัน หลง ครับท่าน

9enius says:

Superleggera ALL DAY. Fuck inline 4’s

Bigg Nuggs says:

Where’s ya ‘sposed to mount the tag?? And carbon fiber wheels but no mirrors!? Dern it to hell man that’s just crazy.

SickPrid3 says:

Why would anyone one want that bike to be street legal anyway?

It doesn’t have a kickstand ;D

Chris Martin says:

Wow thats pretty i must say. I’m a DUC owner and thats a good looken Beemer…Rich man’s track toy.

One Channel says:

must buy

Choschnebab says:

Too bad it’s not street legal

evnickols says:

I’ll just put a headlight and blinkers on it. I will be able to get to work/pick up groceries faster than anyone in history!

kirigaya kazuto says:

is this supercharged?i hear something like..”broooom pshhh”

Karim Sadouni says:

good jobs. b

iveco shop says:

want don’t these bikes ever have radiator guards

Atacama777 says:

Beautiful Beast!

mikkei says:

what is a dry weight?

MR.Chemaslan Long says:

ผมยอบรับขั้บBMW S1,000rr hp4. คนขั้บเก่งกว่าวาเล้กตีโนโรซีอี้ที่ดูๆน่ะเอาต่ามความจริงน่ะครับท่าน

Collin Albert says:

dramatic zooms haha!

Quân Pham says:

True shark


what’s the name of the circuit? thanks

Tommy Santayana says:

if i had more money and two lifes i wouldn’t buy it.

Watcharasing Lจะเอาไปสร้างให้แม่ says:


David M says:


Joe Buck says:

Great man. No experts talkin shit. No eurotrance fuck sounds over it. Just nice camerawork, awesome setting and sounds from the bike. That’s so fuckn rare on YT until i came to @4:40. Fuck you…

갓걸레아빠 says:

Sexy I love it!

zesong Gong says:

What a beast!


Wonder why the exhaust is so damn big

Marios Delvos says:


Kos Axel says:

выхлоп с прострелами ниочем

Airbag1010674 says:

No GP shift on a race bike!! BWAHAHAHAHAA

Lee QQ says:

HP4 sold US 200,000 in Taiwan. Fucking expensive

Asher Rose says:

damn this is a good bike / rider!

thelittleth1ng5 says:

what is it with BMW and these Ugly exhaust they always put on..

DROIDii1 says:

wait a few years for this tech to be street legal,
Emission standards in the future may kill off such monsters

Marc Porsche says:


Surachet duangwang says:


luqman syafiq says:

h2r rival maybe guys?

Ben Murphy says:

like worst camera work ever

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