Best Sport & Racing Motorcycle Jackets

Sport and racing motorcycle jacket product links and video timestamps:

0:10 – Icon Hypersport Prime Jacket:

0:33 – Icon Overlord Jacket:

2:24- Alpinestars GP Pro:

4:30 – Dainese Veloster Perforated Leather Jacket:

6:10 – Dainese Hydra Flux D-Dry Jacket:

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Let's Build A Wall says:

Your green screen is brutal

Saqib Siddiqi says:

What about the scorpion clutch ? Not even considered in that lineup ? I think it’s right up there with the gp pro and the dainese jacket

TyRaidd says:

For street I have Alpinestars GP R jacket, sport-touring style jacket with a fairly unrestrictive feel, good protection, and discreet enough to keep it on when I stop at the cafe for lunch.

For sport riding and track I have Alpinestars Atem, one size larger than my GP R as it’s a sportier cut. I also have it fitted with chest protectors which as well as offering extra protection, also help to provide a firmer fit. The internal armour is all noticeably thicker but also bulkier than the GP R, too, and the jacket is cut for an aggressive position. This shape actually makes highway riding less fatiguing but makes off-the-bike time quite uncomfortable. Being fully CE certified I’d say it would be the way to go over the GP Pro jacket reviewed here although the Atem is a step up in price.

Reckless Canadian says:

Ik this is a older video but I would still like your input. I’m a upcoming new rider and I have a max budget of $600 preferably $550 and under. I want a jacket that has great padding on elbow, shoulders, back and maybe chest and ribs. As well having great ambrosia resistance and looks good for a street rider. What is a good jacket for me. P.S. I am buying off FortNine website because I am a Canadian and I love your guys website policies and offers.

Dan Alex says:

@Fort9 !!! Please take a look at RST. They are sort of from UK. I just tried some of their jackets and i was completely sold….might want to check it out. Also, there’s a manufacturer in Poland, called Adrenaline. I also find that quite interested (i have a tex RS) looks and feels fantastic !! Pricewise ? 80 bucks ??? 2 interior lining, shoulder elbow and back protection (foam/but good on the back) some kind of hard tpu on the inside (it’s very ok and comfy)

lowdime305 says:

What size Hydra Flux fit you?

T.L B says:

Great review as usual. Keep up your fine work Ryan.

eduardo hernandez says:

You sound like a little bitch

Timothy Quandt says:

The Dainese Veloster looks like something I absolutely need in my life. Is it flexible and pliable or stiff overall?

Dominic Sands says:

I think there should be an update on this video with the Dainese Super Rider jacket involved 😉

Jonny X says:

I’m on my bike every day for about 3 hours. I ride upright on a cruiser, so I don’t really want a jacket designed for the tuck. I’d prefer something with d3o ce level 2 on shoulders, elbows, back, and maybe chest. I would like it to be abrasive resisting in high impact areas like anywhere over the armored areas, but I live in southern California and don’t see much rain, so I’d like something breathable, but with a removable thermal liner for mild winter. If I can pair this jacket up with a pair of riding pants that have protection in the hip and knee, but are also abrasive resistive yet very breathable that would be most ideal.

Luvin Itall says:

duuuuuuuuuude – you slate the icon jacket because it ‘only’ has 1.2-1.4mm of leather and yet you sing the praises of the Alpine Star as being all about protection – yet it only has 1.3 mm of leather … which in my language is somewhere between 1.2 and 1.4mm … just like the Icon you dismissed… don’t get me wrong, I think both brands are well established and have good and bad points – and your reviews are really good and I use them all the time to help me pick me gear – but in this instance … hmmmmmmmm … it’s a bit contradictory

Julia kocsis says:

Ryan, what do you think about the icon sanctuary, is any good? Maybe a review?

Jay Beemer says:

You should take a look at Vanson’s products. I own several of their jackets, one is approaching 15 years old now.

Vanson is all made in the USA. Basically, all of the ‘known’ brands (and the ‘Italian’ brands) are making everything in China to a price point. The quality of Vanson makes all of these other brands feel like a cheap Chinese windbreaker – I just bought a Dianese and kind of regret it. It is obviously cheap compared to my Vansons.

The first time you pick one up and try it on you will be convinced – just like me.

Armydude14 Gheller says:

how do u a get all this shit to review

Robert L. Merida says:

Hey silly question do you buy all the stuff and return later or you just request any item to do a review and then send it back or you get the privilege of keeping some thank you in advance for your honesty

midibudu says:

just bough myself a Dainese Veloster 2pc suit for 500€ lol, gotta love special offers

CivilCycle says:

how do you keep your pants and jacket together if they don’t have zippers?

Bavarian Banshee says:

So if the Hydra Flux isn’t good in the rain, why not get the Air Flux for $100 less?

Julia kocsis says:

Hey Ryan! What do you think about the Icon Sanctuary?

hb garments says:

hi sir

Andre Hiebert says:

I just want to say that your reviews are very helpful since you give negative and positive feedback on the gear. Revzilla on the other hand, is useless in terms of giving consumer advice. Keep it up.

Andrew Eddie says:

Are you going to review the new Alpinestars Tech Air Airbag Vest and GP Tech V2 jacket?? 🙂

Sulucion One says:

Anyone tell me what the difference between the Overlord and Overlord 2 jackets are? is it only cosmetic?

Николай Кольченко says:

Alpinestars GP Pro Plus R has slightly different back (inside the jacket), so you can insert their “Nucleon” series protector if you don’t really need “Bionic” . The only weird thing is that you’ll still have these 3 metal knobs inside the jacket which are used to connect “Bionic” . The rest is awesome. I’ve bought it recently.

Grizz Axxemann says:

Got any suggestions for a leather sport jacket in 5XL? There are some of us monsters out there that ride the big-boy sport bikes and don’t like Pirate (cruiser) leathers.

Squirrel Panda says:

Textile vs Leather jackets link?

MoTo VRUMM says:

hey. i saw your video. You talk about Dainese mesh jacket with whaterproof and it’s a pain in the ass because you can’t put on the jacket when it rains. So, i think that may be interested to look afther Bering Keers. It looks like that Dainese mesh you have but the whaterproof liner can be mounted outside the jacket, so when it rains, you keep dry and confort and when the rain stop, you get the whaterproof liner out and keep riding like you never passed trought a rain. I tested it in some havy rain in summer and nothing under that liner get wet. best wishes.

Eddie Matute says:

gp pro will be good for summer like 90 degrees… or any recommendations for summer

Juan Carlos Jaimes says:

hi, bro i have a question, how tall are you? i would like subtitles , 😀 thanks

ansis svars says:

How big is your chest in cm? I want to buy alpinestars i am 176cm high but i have 108cm chest. What size do i need? Is 52 be ok?

Taimur Qavi says:

Can you do best budget reviews???

Find Gohan says:

I would’ve put the dainese spr in there instead of the last jacket. the protection in it defends the high price

Brad Copland says:

gp pro and celer jackets are very similar, just one is thermal lined and the other is not. any reason the celer didnt make the cut?

Steven McLean says:

2:59 how freaking long are you?

V D says:

I am considering buying any one of the following leather perforated jackets.
Need help in choosing.

Alpinestars Jaws 2016 leather jacket
Dainese d1 leather jacket
Taichi Arrow leather jacket
Taichi Motion leather jacket.
Criterion: which offers the best quality for the price?
All are of the same price point on various online stores after discount. Around
599 USD.

My height 171 cms
Weight 60 kgs
Circumference across belly button 193cms
My friend’s Alpinestars Celer leather jacket size 50 euro fits me comfortably.

I ride a Triumph street triple and don’t do track days.
Mostly highway runs and occasional canyon riding.

Everybody, feel free to make suggestions regarding which jacket to buy.


Mathias Butel says:

Could you do a video on full one piece race suits?

Clip of the day Yup! says:

I like your reviews. you sure get to the point and quickly. outstanding presentation. I am on the look out for my next jacket. I sure love my icon patrol though. 3 season in that no problem.

Chad Stuetzel says:

I rode with an alpinestar leather gp jacket and the collar rode up into my neck, so everytime i went to look over my shoulder it rubbed me down to rashes. It sucks because I loved the jacket except for this one downside.

bouchy85 says:

have you heard of RS TAICHI? jackets, gloves, pants, blow all this away.

Tristan Gump says:

If you rode a fz07 would you wear sport gear?

J Han says:

What are the measurements of the model? Lol

Marius Gavrilă says:

You should try RST leathers. They’re pretty good at a very affordable price.

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