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Sport and racing motorcycle gloves product links and video timestamps:

Top Gloves Under $50:

0:08 – Alpinestars Celer Gloves:

1:59 – Alpinestars GP Plus Gloves: OUT OF STOCK

3:25 – Five WFX1 Waterproof Gloves : OUT OF STOCK

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brett vicko says:

Review more dainese

salomon casarez says:

can you do a beginner gear for small budget.

Ryan Ponticelli says:

Maybe the Five gloves have reflective index and middle fingers so that they can be seen when you are two finger grabbing either the clutch or brake. Excellent video by the way, I subbed!

Rendra Setiawan says:

Ryan, when will you review a motorcycle?

PK Lee says:

This channel is becoming my one of my favourites. I appreciate your opinions, especially the critical ones. This is refreshing as most reviewers tend to only praise the products they are selling. Reminds me of the Brits doing reviews and less like the American ones.

1990 says:

I’ve only watched one other of your reviews, but you have a real professional approach. I’m subscribing.

I’m a big fan of Racer gloves, an Austrian company. Extremely good value compared to the overpriced Alpinestars.

VanillaCracker says:

Bro that shirt is sweet. Just thought I’d let you know

Nicola Giannini says:

Look at the OJ Duel, they’re full leather, long cuff, goat leather palm with kevlar stitching, lots of armour plates and some carbon fiber touches, all for about 100 euros!!!

Busan_Sanai says:

isn’t Celer like 3 years or so old now? I was hoping AStars to update this model as well but currently I’m tossing between Celer and SMX-2 Air Carbon V2… I like the SMX-2, but I just wished SMX had more vibration dampening stuff on the palm for my buzzy FZ-07

Wolfgang Rembeck says:

Little problem with the celer… the contact feel is a bit worse than my GP Pro wich is weard… but it is really good for just riding around and good for the twisties without dragging knee

Jesus Barraza says:

awesome video! just bought my GP plus gloves two days ago and agree with you 100%. Very comfortable for daily ride, with all the protection you need.

CivilCycle says:

I’ve heard Alpinestars are now shit poorly stitched

Grexx says:

You probably not had tried any Dainese gloves because most of their line up blows away the A stars out of the sky

dave oliver says:

celer or the smx 2 air carbon?

Theodor5150 says:

4:22 epic thumbs up for that haha

Nelson Salazar says:

I have the Celer!!! They are the best!!!

Wolfgang Rembeck says:

hey guys…
i have a big question. the celer cost exactly as much as the GPX here in germany. what is the best glove to buy?
can you help me with that question please 🙂

arjun gowda says:

spidi ?

dafobra says:

I know it’s more coin but the Dainese 4 stroke EVO blows away pretty much every other shorty glove in protection and longevity… but as I said you pay for it.

xz Heroic xz says:

Wait. $200 for gloves?

Tim Van Leemput says:

I own the Alpinestars GP plus, and i must say, if you find the right fit, it’s an awesome glove, beast protection, and awesome feedback from your commands. I have mine since a year, over 10 000 miles and almost no wear visible (except on palm, but still dont know if i rubbed something or if it’s just wear from mileage).
And even though i own a good pair of furygan winter gloves, i still find myself wearing the gp plus 95% of the time since they give me so much feedback and precision.

Isak Chamoun says:

You seriously have the best quality reviews on youtube. It is so crazy that you only have 895 subs. Mind boggling your quality is better than the huge companies who make youtube videos.

paulbmx2000 says:

i just found your channel and im blown away. Great filming quality, intense content and everything is packed very entertaining, i love it! Keep on this awesome Work, you deserve some respect

Steven Henderson says:

I am loving your channel. brilliant presentation as well as editing. I also like the personal touch with you added opinion and personal sizing and recommendations. I’ve been binge watching a lot of your videos. liked subscribed shared! Now all I need is the extra cash to throw at all the crap that I want now!

Chase Angebrandt says:

I hate leather gloves
they are so big and baggy it’s hard to control the throttle and clutch etc.

TheAdventurable says:

informative & funny.

Busan_Sanai says:

As Torontonian FZ-07 rider, I want something that’s highly ventilating for the humid summer riding, still have the decent armoring, shorty for easy on-off, and have cushions on the palm to dampen the vibration of the buzzy parallel-twin. Preferably also have touch screen fingers for my phone GPS use… In your opinion, which do you think would be a best buy: Alpinestars Celer, ICON Pursuit touchscreen (from your other video), or a cheapest option: ICON 29er. I like how AStars has the pinkie bridge, but ICON’s price seems more friendly….

Andrew Weaver says:

Cow has better abrasion resistance than goat. Goat is just cheaper than cow, so it’s saving the manufacturer, not you. What is this myth of only really protective gloves on the track? Does my hand need to slide differently when I crash on the road, or when a cager takes me down? Your best street/tour gloves, none have a single good palm or side of the hand slider / protection. Max protection is important across the board.

The Nubster says:

But where are the Held gloves!!!!!! My sweet sweet German kangaroo gloves 🙁

Frank Gao says:

You deserve more subscribers!!

stigmata916 says:

Covering your front brake or clutch lever puts those reflective bits right out front. Though I like your reasoning for them as well!

imstuner says:

I’m not a fan of Alpinestar gloves. They haven’t hold up long to my Held Gloves.

Mike Foulk says:

better vids than RevZilla imo. (reflective finger)

OspreyBravo18 says:

SO MUCH ALPINESTARS which is funny because their reviews aren’t always that great they often lose out to other companies in the review section. Not even a single meantion of Rev’it, Dianese, Icon, Held, Scorpion who all produce some heavy hitting gloves that get 4.5-5 star reviews even after 100’s of reviewers put in their 2 cents.

dave oliver says:

celer or the smx 2 air carbon?

Zed Zexer says:

Great review,man!
Golden middle between Celer and GP Plus is Alpinestars GPX gloves. Check them out!

jakesta104 says:

going with the celer cant stand having hot sweaty hands


Should have included the Knox Handroid. They’re top of the line in racing gloves. a lot of features and design set you above the rest . I went down and luckily I had those on. Dispite the fact, they still look new and the kangaroo palm looks no different than wet leather. highly recommended

Carl Lax says:

every time you talk and move you remind me joffrey baratheon. yes, seriously lol

AHS Society says:

What about the scorpion EX gloves which are cheaper and more bang for the buck? I was going to buy celar until I saw the Scorpion there is so much more protection and technology.

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