Best Sport & Racing Motorcycle Boots

The best sport & racing motorcycles boots are jam packed into this video. Find the perfect pair of boots for some aggressive riding.

Sport & racing motorcycle boots product links and video timestamps :

0:11 – Alpinestars S-MX 2: OUT OF STOCK

2:20 – Icon Overlord Boots :

3:55 – Sidi Vertigo Boots:

5:58 – Alpinestars S-MX 6 Waterproof Boots:

5:58 – Alpinestars S-MX 6 Vented Boots: OUT OF STOCK

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Sorry to ask, but do you use any of the equipment u review? Reason I ask is because it all looks fresh out of the box.

giff74 says:

I’ve tried several different proprietary water proof liners that aren’t Goretex and they may as have used a plastic trash bag. Goretex is made by the Gore company, that’s all they do is make the and refine the material. The end result is a much more comfortable and breathable material than any in house lining component.

Anmol_me says:

i am not able to find smx 2 or smx 3 at any local dealers. have they been discontinued? any new boots replacing them?

Eric Bowling says:

Seriously, fuck Alpinestars sizing. Jesus.

Naturepheonix says:

Sidi Mag-1?

feces dasheeit says:

idk how i ended up on your channel but i love all the info and editing you do. keep up the good work

Sparton Gearz23 says:

Do you ship to the USA?

diemji says:

I assume you only review gear that is for sale at Fort Nine,and that’s why we don’t get to see anything from,say,RS Taichi,or any of the more obscure,but excellent European brands,like Richa,or Furygan.Shark make fabulous helmets,for example.It’s a pity because your reviews are great to watch,just a bit limited,seeing the same brands all the time.I guess it all boils down to economics.After all,there is a big Fort Nine logo at the beginning of the video,so what should we expect?The vlogs and travel videos are fun too,even though I don’t live in Canada.or even the northern hemisphere.But never say never in MotorcycleWorld!I may get there one day.Anyhow,congratulations.It’s not many channels I bother to subscribe to,and God knows there’s no shortage of them out there!Good luck,and stay upright.

Lennert Wanders says:

Interesting, why didn’t you pick the SMX-6 GTX Goretex 🙂 it will serve all purpose.

J. Kyung says:

No love for Dainese?

BaconatorOMG says:

And im overhere on a r6 with a carhart jacket. Jeans, and $15 walmart sneakers

tankas says:

Could you please review the Daytona Strive and TCX S-Speed in the future vids.

Ben WoodHead says:

These videos are great guys, so thanks a lot! I just came for some gear ideas for touring and hard street riding this summer, and found myself an hour later considering which of your chosen adventure boots and gloves I’d pick myself.. Love the format, just the right length and pacing in these reviews so looking forward to more.
Peace from the UK

sandrooco says:

Hmm where’s the Supertech R and the Dainese models?

Lee Douglas says:

Your videos are excellent.  Your delivery is spot on and informative.  Your recommendations come across as unbiased and well reasoned.  I’m looking at getting back into motorcycle riding after a few years off (sold my Ducati 999 to fund a down payment on our first home).  Your reviews are of great assistance to someone like me whose been “out of the loop” for a few years.  Thanx so much for your efforts.  Cheers.PS:  I love the “Canada specific” considerations, such as a waterproof boot in Vancouver.  Nice.  I live in SK, but grew up in Lions Bay, B.C. (a little village on the road to Whistler).  We still have a home there, so I’ll be using my next sport bike in both locations.  Little tips regarding waterproofing etc. are extremely helpful.

Tom Sharpe says:

I’m just looking for a good boot that is a bit cheaper. Would you have any recommendations?

Loststylus says:

what do you think about smx-1 r vented boots?

jakesta104 says:

smx6 all the way and alpinestar celer gloves cant sweaty feet and hands while riding hope these help me stay cool…

Colin Richard says:

My go to boots are the Mag-1’s amazing boot both on and off boot. ADV Bikes get the Crossfire 3. Bad weather is the cobra gore and toucan cores.

Matt S says:

The SMX-6 does come in a GTX version also. Makes for a brilliant all year round boot.

stephanie says:

What about the SMX 5?

berraco47 says:

I have the SMX-6, getting used to it but I actually don’t like the sole it’s slippery on my pegs could def use more grip like the vertigo

tiger37373 says:

I like your approach to the reviews. just always wishing for other items. Daytona makes amazing boots…

morgan given says:

Which ones do u recommend for street and highway use?

Cornelius Cucumber Seat says:

Nice to find a reviewer that is a reviewer and not a shopping channel posing as a reviewer.

REID R. says:

Which boots run wider? any idea? thanks

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