Best Sport Motorcycle Tires of 2017

From track-focused to road-biased, RyanF9 breaks down his top selection for best sport motorcycle tires that you can find on the market.

Best Sport Motorcycle Tires of 2017 :

0:10 – Metzeler Racetec RR :

2:24 – Bridgestone RS10 :

4:26 – Bridgestone S21 :

4:26 – Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 :

6:56 – Continental Sport Attack 3

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Find Gohan says:

I can’t decide between the s21’s and the Rosso III’s. I commute a lot but I do like to have confidence in the tire during leans. I’m also planning a track day next month. which tire would best suit me?

BM086 says:

Hey Ryan, where does the Diablo Rosso Corsa sit against the Rosso III and S21? It used to be Supercorsa > Corsa > Rosso II (i.e Race, RoadRace, Road). …but adding the Rosso III into the mix, i’m not sure if it excels over the Corsa in any way other than mileage & wet grip. Keen to hear your thoughts.

Sheldon Nicholl says:

Looking to replace my Yamaha R3 tires. I looked at the Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3. Then I thought something from the “touring” class like the Pilot Road 4 or Battlax tires might be better. . . . No track days. So not a consideration.

Carlos Sonomiya says:

What do u prefer for some track races. Metzeler RR or Supercorsa SC?

Greg S says:

Best tires I’ve used are Dunlop D212 GP’s, although the D211 isnt far behind. The Dunlop Q3 is more comparable to a Bridegestone S20..

Xénos Polemistí̱s says:

George Road Race Martin?!

João Ferreira says:

My rear diablo rosso 3 did 6500 km on my speed triple 1050….Not to happy since they claimed 25% more then the rosso 2….
Have friend whit s21 or s21 evos (I dont realy know the diference and they claim 8k km.
How much should do a Continental SA 3? or a m7 rr?
Still i tink i will but the new Metz Roadtec 01

Nenad Stojanovic says:

Diablo roso 3 ro Diablo roso corsa ??? for B3 675

tylerdtharp says:

What’s your opinion of the shinko advance 005?

Shawn Stover says:

Thanks for this review

Will Viljoen says:

I would love to hear your thought on the Michelin Pilot Power 3…I am having a tuff choice deciding on a set of tyres so far the Continental Sport Attacks make the most sense on paper but I have used the road attacks and didn’t love them. So for 600cc bike that does aggressive street riding and the occasional track day would you go with the Power 3 ‘s, Sport Attacks or something else. Not too worried about price. p.s I have only ever been disappointed in Bridgestones so not to crazy about going there…would love to hear your thoughts, thanks.

Jonathan says:

Hey Ryan, I ride the torquey k6 gsxr1000 and I’m not down for killing tires but I like to go fast. The best set of twisties are the 327 and I’m in Montréal so 50-80km. I was thinking Pirelli angel gts. What do you think? It’s more for dry performance and Montréal performance 🙂

Arkadiusz Grzyb says:

Question regarding Metzeler Racetec RR; Which compound are you reviewing in the video? There are 3 and I’m a bit confused. if it was mentioned anywhere in the video or comments please forgive me 😉

Floyd Burdett says:

I went “suddenly” from the OEM’s on my Yamaha — something from BRidgestone, but I don’t remember the model — to Q3’s because I picked up screws in both tires on my way to a Track Day… And Dunlop was sponsoring the Day, so I put them on and took off!
It was my first Track Day EVER! I had almost 40 years of ‘riding experience’…but it was on the ‘standards’ of the 70’s and 80’s — Kawa 2-stroke triples & KZ900 & KZ650, etc.– and then ‘cruisers’…until my FZ1. I was ‘almost’ like a new rider…getting to know that kind of HP and the differences in tire design as well as weight-saving and frame stiffness, etc.
But by lunch time, I was knee-dragging and ‘going to the edge’ on the tires. I was amazed at the difference in confidence I had in the Q3’s over OEM..!! And I have been riding Q3’s for over 3 years now…and interested what the changes to the Q3+ will do.
But…I got a set of Rosso Corsa’s for Christmas — I LOVE my Brother! — and even though I only have a few 100 miles on them so far, I have been Very pleased, and totally confident to also ‘go to the edge’ with them. They gobble up twisty mountain roads, like the well known “Tail of the Dragon” in western N. Carolina, allowing me to ‘keep up’ with the full supersports of all but a very few very skilled riders…
Not bad for a 65 year old Retired Marine, with a fractured back, artificial rt hip and left knee..!! But Still Loving to Ride!
I was VERY Pleased with your reviews! And I think you did an excellent job! And I am surprised that the Q3’s were “not worth reviewing” because these new tires are that much better! I have run Metzlers on my ‘cruiser’ for years, but haven’t thought of them as “Sport/Racing” tires…

ayowser01 says:

The tires being compared aren’t all within the same sub-catgory. The racetec and rs10 are a league above in terms of outright grip.

george elias says:

For a semi beginner rider. Do you think I should get a soft stickier tire or a longer lasting firmer tire?

Phil Cormier says:

only lose 1 sec. off your time LOL….yea 1 sec if your running rookie lap times

David Fll says:

@fortnine diablo rosso Corsa or the Rosso 3? i have an R1 and I have been loving the Rosso Corsa, what is your view, i ride on the wet if necessary and do the odd racetrack

MrGrandure says:

I list weight, got more aggressive, and destroyed my pilot road 4s. some one recommended the m7rr….

wolli wobbel says:

Great video, but you should get the front tires in the test aswell 🙂

Matt Arneson says:

all the info i need, none of the bullshit i dont. another awsome video

UeDeniz says:

No Michellin Power RS?? 🙁

Gene Kim says:

Those are not the micro sipes on the S21 but a kinda decoration just like the chicken strip indicator on the Metzler m5.

Ios Pro'z says:

Any suggestions for a 300 cc bike for commuting purposes offering good mileage and decent grip on wet roads. A longer lasting one wont hurt 😉

Calculatedrisk262 says:

Ryan, what do you think about mixing tires.
Was thinking s21 rear with rs10 front. for a 07 gsxr1k

paulo pinto says:

Hello, thank you very much for the videos, I’ve learned a lot from them,I want to ask a question, if you can help me, please. I have a cbr 600rr ABS of 2011, And I’m thinking about buying some tires, for my moto.
I’m thinking of buy one set of
Michelin pilot power 2CT..
What do you think about these tires?
Very successful, with your videos, I will continue to follow them all..
Thank u very much.

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