Best Motorcycle Racing Boots 2017 at

Best Motorcycle Racing Boots 2017

The best motorcycle racing boots are all about 2 things; 1) helping riders perform better (i.e. go faster!) and 2) protecting that rider as they do so. It really comes down to that. In this guide to the top motorcycle racing and sportbike boots, we provide a list of the industry leaders that continually deliver in both categories. Regardless of usage (racetrack or spirited street riding), the best motorcycle race boots of 2017 have proven themselves to stand out amongst the crowd in either category.

Be sure to check out the rest of our gear guides as we continue to release the best performers and top picks throughout the Spring of 2017!

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Andre says:

Great video as always from Revzilla. Just a quick question, out of the boots here, which would you recommend for riders with large calves?

CB_675 says:

Revzilla, Is there any news on an update to the Dainese Axial Pro In for 2017? The Rossi Replica added a few new features for 2017 and there hasn’t been any news on if those updates would translate to new models of the rest of the axial pro in lineup. 95% of the sizes are currently out of stock still so does that mean something new is coming out? Thanks.

Manish Thapa says:

my height is only 5.2ft
which boot is suitable for riding…cbr600

mydogatemypurse says:

No Gaerne or Forma? oh well. Thank you for not carrying ugly brands like bilt and sedici! lol. I have the original Dainese corse out and they are incredible. The alpinestars I think is overrated.

Southern Canuckian says:

Love the gear guides, reviews, and other videos. You guys should have an option on your site for Canadian pricing so I don’t get surprised when trying to order something.

bvtv says:

I’m 17 should I get a car or motorcycle to commute to school?
low budget too. I have $6000 budget.

PedalStrapped says:

Im genuinely surprised that in none of the 5 shoe videos, were Sidi boots listed

YouArookie2Me says:

question: Are racing boots good at being a work boot? I dont like wearing black or brown color. Not racist btw, I just look better in white

smibru says:

Revzilla, I looking for a boot like the alpinestars SMX Plus, but with a metal toe slider. I have the SMX Plus in a size 47 and I wore right through the toe slider/rubber/leather because my boot slides across the road in most turns. I’m 6’2″ it happens on my XB9R and my R1. So after two trackdays my boots are finish, can you please help me find the right boot?

Victor Von Doom says:

no sidi mag-1/vortice??

J Gomes says:

thank u for the video but i will keep buying cheap shit even better if i find them on CL my buddy got all fucked up with the air bag vest and that shit is expensive.

RageQuitReUnited says:

Hey Revzilla, I need some advice, sorry for the block paragraph! I plan on getting a sport bike very soon and I’m trying to decide on all the gear I plan to get because safety is the most important to me. I will be commuting to school which is only about 15-20 minutes away and riding for fun/pleasure on the weekends. With that being said I’m looking for a boot which will offer me great protection and I’ve narrowed it down to 2 choices but I would like to hear your recommendations.. Originally I figured I was into the short riding boots but after hearing people’s horror stories with short boots (ankles injuries and such) I decided to just get a full boot in order to fully protect my foot. My choices included the Alpinestars SMX Plus Vented Boots and Dainese Course Out D1 Boots. I’m leaning towards the Dainese just because the smx plus are a little above my budget but at the end of the day, I’m not cheap when it comes to being protected. Do you think these 2 boots are a little too much for the street? Would you recommend something else for me or are these good picks? Thanks for taking the time to read this haha, love you guys!

Colin Richard says:

The fact that no pair of Sidi boots were even mentioned makes me wonder why.

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