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What is the best motorcycle GPS on the market? My Top 3 Choices!
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papabeanguy says:


MrCaptainCrazy says:

Personal, I like to use my cellphone for a radio, phone, and GPS. I use a headpiece to hear everything. The reason I believe this is the best option is because it is all in one.

Goran Škoc says:

yes garmin GPS devices dont have much memory… dunno if they changed something in last 5 years but they allways had these problems, on ALL devices

Simranpalsingh Kohli says:

Hi there, what are your views on the ducati hypermotard ? there are two models 821 and 939 any suggestions does the hypermotard is good for daily commute and long rides?

evilevilrick says:

I don’t know which is the best for trail riding, since I ride a Wing, I don’t do much off road with it. However, due to the experience of having been around long enough to see GPS units come and go, I know that if it’s a GPS that works, it says Garmin on the front of it. I still have the little handheld trail model that I bought when they first came out about 12-15 yrs back. Still works. The 9 year old Garmin I used in my van died just a couple months back. It has been on the dash of the van since I bought it, summer and winter. I never took it out or unplugged it, except for updates, all that time and it worked up till now. Last time I tried to update it I was told it didn’t have enough memory, but it still worked at that time.
My brother tried another brand, Magillon, (spell ?). He took it home and tried it out for a couple days, took it back and got a Garmin. My mother and several others I know have had the Tom Tom’s, and I don’t think any of those lasted more than a few months. Tom Tom has had problems since they came out. Doesn’t mean they cant improve though.

D Holland says:

Zumo 660 is my favorite. Expensive but complex, rugged and simple.

Payehn says:

you said unit

Owen Wales says:

For the cheapskates out there, simply hook up Google maps to your scala/sena and put your phone in your pocket. Uses barely any data and voice command are usually clear and simple. I went all the way through Europe without spending a penny on a GPS..

Hammer Smith says:

love tthe work ya put into your vlogs. i missed the motowatch vid. i dont get notices from the cc website

Vincent Ferreria says:

Don’t pay for maps on the Garmin Montana/Oregon and save money by not getting “t” versions.

Get Routable Street Maps from here:
For offroad and topo maps, try the editor’s choice maps on GPSFileDepot:

Also look on the ADV Rider forums for GPS map suggestions:

stefano cioni says:

awesome video man, you are an inspiration. keep up the good work!

Quintin Williams says:

Cycle Cruza, what the hell do you do for a living?

CycleCruza says:

FYI – Most Cellphones use cellular coverage and not a satellite for location tracking, so a cellphone can be useless in helping you identify your location in a remote area on a trail in the woods.

moto- terminator says:

I ride in strip mine area’s and I can never get satellite singal. I don’t know if it’s iron in the ground or what so I leave breadcrumbs (mark an x in the dirt with my boot or use sticks) on the trail so I can find my way back. Trust me this works the best.

Joshua May says:

keep your hands on the handle bars man

Martin Robinson says:

The nightmare I have here in Australia is that the sun is so bright that I can never see the screen. That and the fact that it reflects the sun straight in my eyes. firs world problems.

Bobby Brewer says:

I seen you going through what looked like Grafton Ohio. I am from oak Harbor. Got me a 81 Honda Silverwing last summer. “my first bike” I am looking for a cheap GPS for my bike cause I don’t want to mount my phone or use a magnetic tank bag. Buddy of mine had a top dollar bag and it came off going down the road and the car behind him ran it over, smashing his Galaxy S5.

Tenny80 says:

copilot and your note 3

Sam Levin says:

awesome vid!

Eugen K says:

Drive without hands? You are not russian, this gonna kill simple people!

DieselQuads says:

I’d just get a topographical paper map. They are cheap and you can put it in on top of the tank bag in the map pocket. We use them and they just work better. Trails don’t change very often and maps are inexpensive. Plus you can easily tell where you are by looking at Google Maps on your phone if you really need to.

William Morin says:

hey man I love watching your videos.. I have the S2 also but I’m planning on getting a yamaha r3 for a beginner bike.. any views on a beginner bike??

Clorox Bleach says:

Should I use this or my phone

achmed20 says:

go with garmin! doesnt realy matter which one since all garmin devices can use openStreetMap maps which dont cost a dime and are dam detailed.
free mapping can be done via Basecamp on a computer and up to a certain degree on the devide aswell (fiddely l but works)
TomTom cant use these maps so thats a major downside.

SoopaBee says:

I hope you were able to find a good GPS unit!

Frank Lesniak says:

If you go into a store or restaurant and you leave your bike outside in the parking lot what do you do with your cameras and gps? I have 2 go pros and a gps on my bike as well and I’m so worried that somebody will steal them so I just take them off and it’s a real pain in the ass! Any ideas on what I should do? And what do you do with your cameras and gps when your are not going to be able to watch your bike the whole time?

nljoram3 says:

I tried the TomTom Rider by an motorcycle event. It was really slow, I did not test it on the road

Moto Tour says:


Evil Droid says:

I use my old Smart Phone in an Otter Box waterproof case & Google Maps. It has no service, I just use it on WiFi. You can download maps for offline use and you can set up a route on Google maps on your computer & send it to your phone. Pretty much all smartphones have built in GPS. It works great. It’s an original Moto X phone. If I need another map I just hook it up to my smartphone with the hotspot feature. You can get cheap used phones on Craigslist if you don’t already have an old one your not using. And if something happens to it, you just get another cheap phone.

Torian Allen says:

Hey man! Your videos are great. I’m building up my CB500X now, but I’m thinking of getting a 700 for the extra power. I do a lot of cross country trips, so being able to climb with weight and my wife is a pretty big deal.

Daniel DeMayo says:

look into the gps thats on the new beta rs models

G s says:

+cyclecruza Use Open Maps with the Garmin Montana . OR just download Garmin map torrents. Topo maps don’t change much. The montana would be great because you can also use it for hiking.

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