Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets of 2017

A new year, a new helmet? If that is one of your resolutions for 2017, well we have got a few great picks for the best full face motorcycle helmets on our latest gear review.

Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets of 2017 :

0:14 – Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise Helmet :

2:17 – Icon Alliance GT Helmet :

2:17 – Icon Alliance Dark Helmet :

4:13 – Bell Race Star Helmet :

7:20 – HJC RPHA 11 Pro Helmet :

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Supernova12034 says:

did he say 700$ for that first helmet? lmao, or i could get tires for the next 6 years

Hamachingo says:

Tried all the helmets in the store today, they all make me nauseous and I can’t close my jaw without inflating my cheeks a lot so I don’t bit myself. What to do? I can deal with scuba masks and astronaut helmets but motorcycle helmets seem to make me sick. Help!

linternasmx says:

Hi. What would you say is the silent helmet? The one with the lower wind noise level? Regards.

Matej Rajčan says:

Watching videos about bike gear, getting best laughs … super videos!

Bakwheel Tango says:


The rear spoiler snapped on the first day I used it (MAY/17).

ALSO: This is a known issue.

I found out later that many broken on new ones in the box at a local shop!

I won’t be buying HJC helmets again.

I don’t trust HJC materials. I want my fucking money back.

HJC This is supposed to be their premiere helmet!


#HJC I am going to shit all over the internet on your helmet. Call me with a refund!

joshua hutchins says:

do you do safety tutorials on aeroplanes?

submissions72 says:

Thank you. Fantastic video and entertaining .

Pieter Odendaal says:

hey bro!! do you have any gear/trips/tricks videos ons cruisers and long range riding (like the whole Harley Davidson scene stuff).

Best Helmet Review says:

Top secret to buy Giro Savant Mips Best Road Bike Helmet What do you what you don’t know

Meldrian Junior says:

yellow power ranger

yulichenisgay says:

which one is the most quiet though?

Atrill says:

You should make a video on the lightest helmets!

PcGamer Sam says:

2:18 *sudden jake the garden snake*

Sean Bax says:

What about the bell rs-1 got my one 2weeks ago and love it ece and high sharp rating

leahcim967 says:

Just got my Shoei x14. Best helmet I’ve ever owned.

Gian Alphonsus Callado says:

a 300$ budget helmet mentioned is quite expensive already for us here in the Philippines.

Ankit Singh says:

Hey FortNine,
I am an Engineering Student and can you please tell me if there are any ongoing projects or already available helmets with heads up display, that includes navigation, rear view, climate, music control or any other thing like that.I could’t fine any such helmets on the internet myself. Can you throw some light on it?

Kelly Frearson says:

As in the cafe. Like ya local greasy spoon rough not like ya local pub where it goes silent when a stranger walks in. It’s not like that. I meant the cafe where ya get ya food is not the Ritz restaurant, it’s a greasy spoon, but the food is boss! If ya go once, you’ll always be back there again! Very reasonable prices for food beverages etc. And a very friendly place. Always a very varied clientele.

Kelly Frearson says:

Damn spell corrector. Ace cafe is a bit rough was meant to say. Like ya typical transport cafe. The ritz it ain’t.

Kelly Frearson says:

Was originally a 24hr transport cafe. Has it’s own website I think, if you google it, if ya interested, you’ll find it. I believe there’s like a franchise or something and there’s others around the world.

Daniel says:

dang, I wanted to get the basic bell star 🙁

Davis Jackson says:

The first one looked like the yellow ranger.

MrFunkatronik says:

Hello, great reviews btw.

Would you reccomend the bell race star helmet for my aprilia tuono super naked? its my daily commute but also my toy at the weekends. thanks

Kelly Frearson says:

Voted by local council Best local bar, bar none!

EnlightenedSavage says:

Arai is the most expensive and worst helmet I’ve ever owned.

Destiny Smith says:

Hi there
Need your advice and why?
I currently have the HJC IS-16. Looking at upgrading to either the RPHA ST OR RPHA 11 Pro. I ride a BMW K1300s mostly long distances.
1. Which helmet would you recommend and why?
2. What’s the weight of each? Current one weighs 1650g
3. My current size is Large. Do I need to keep the same size or do I need to upgrade?


Alexander Kröndahl says:

FortNine I Have to say, you make one of THE beast motorcycle videos on youtube. Big thanks and appreciation to your work!

stenly says:

good review dude, you got a talent for this

IknowrealTV says:

I have a question should i spend my money on the Scorpion EXO-T1200 or get the icon

VWRabbit2008 says:

Not for nothing but I raced professionally. Helmet is the first thing you don’t cheap out on. There’s a reason why helmets are a $1,000 these days

HKMediaChicago says:

Not bad, still love my Arai helmets!

Bo Ismono says:

Thanks for this awesome video. I’m still very new at riding and I just got a Yamaha MT07 with a Shoei GT Air helmet. I was wondering are there any downsides to wearing a sports helmet like the HJC Rpha 11 on a naked bike? Can’t help to admire those Star wars designs to be honest.

Geadapott says:

Hi, can you say anything about the hjc rpha 70? There isn’t a lot of info or tests out there. The specs sound good though

Bada Aaa says:

can Bell race star install any Bluetooth?

JLOPEZ 23 says:

How about Agv Pista GP-R?

Sean Gallagher says:

I love how you say, “Bell can charge ya $50 for the bag… and they DO!”  Awesome…  Anyhow, you sold me on the Race Star Café Racer helmet, it’s on the way from Revzilla. I think it’s gorgeous too.  Thank you very much for the video, it helped me decide.

brendon chase says:

awesome review

Ronilo Jasareno says:

What do you suggest a full face and modular helmet for scooter rider?

What Fred Said says:

These helmets cost more than a lot of motorcyles. Are you kidding me?

Tim Van Driessen says:

I’m looking for a full face helmet and i also ride a naked bike, the only problem is i have a long oval head. What helmet would you recommend for me ?

MrDerekib says:

Icon is irelevant in Europe, hard to see a rider with an Icon

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