Aprilia RSV4 Superbike Review – Italian Racing Bike

Location: At the INFAMOUS “SNAKE”


ngv4ever says:

Mr. Afroamerican you mentioned you have an R1 and its with the crossplane crankshaft right ? So which one is better the rsv4 or the r1 ?

zimbrutza says:

you don’t seem to grip the bike with the outside leg, is that because your that tall? your cornering looks really smooth

nomadican says:

You’ve actually made me consider getting one when i have my full license now. I loved your R1 and the look of them but i’m falling for the RSV4

Dj Williams says:

I would sell the r1 for that sexy italtan bike.

FreeStyle4x3 says:

Your race skills are just awesome, mate.
Respect from Poland

Adeysworld says:

I’m 6’3″, you’ll fit on most of the liter bikes out there except for the Aprilia RSV4. It’s size makes it too cramped to be comfy on. As a tall rider, you need to buy adjustable clip-ons and rearsets to give yourself more arm and leg room on bike. If I were you, I’d get an upright liter bike. Like an Street Fighter S, Tuono APRC, Super Duke etc. Those bike are way more comfy for a taller rider and in the right hands can outpace any liter bike on road or track.

charlie dipietro says:

Planetgmt. You’re an octapuss. Tell your mother to stfu when I ass bang her.

charlie dipietro says:

Planetgmt, you’re not a squid. You’re most likely an octapuss that blows monkeys. Tell your mom to stfu when I’m laying her in the ass

TugarRider747 says:

Hey Mr. bigmouth hows that you dont have no videos on your channel. 🙂
Im pretty sure we would like to see you riding too. Or are you just another keyboard warrior. 😀

Rudy Arce says:

There is no reason or need to drag the knee chump! Why drag the knee at such slow speeds? It’s actually counterproductive unless you’re on the track really going pushing the bike as opposed as puddling around that canyon.

Jeff Thomas says:

How tall are you? The only reason i ask is that im 6″4′ and im lookin to get a liter bike were you comfy on your R1?

Adeysworld says:

It is…elbows out/up. Works best for me.

Adeysworld says:

You are until you show me. Put up or shut up. You know where to find me.

busa king says:

skip 3:10

yragg96 says:

@Adeysworld, I’m 5’7”. would a r1 suits me?

MetricPowersports says:

Wat the heck is the matter with this clown. He calls people slow then says the bike isnt for going around town. WHO CARES WAT U USE THE BIKE FOR! I know wat its used for…. To ride it.

Thomas Post says:

awesome bike! what if the rider had put it down and killed the bicyclist in the other lane? don’t do this people! grab your AMA license and do it right.

goofernator says:

hey sport, I know this question is too personal…but I must speak for many asking where you got that scar on your head? Long time follower, never dared to ask

Adeysworld says:

I’m 6′ 3″ you faggot, I drag knee as a byproduct to my pace. I don’t glorify “knee dragging”, take that up with the uploader of the video.

Andrew Carpenter says:

best decision ever !!!!!

Troy Fox says:

Why the fuck do you cunts jump on YouTube to talk shit? Keyboard gangsters death to you! Enjoy the fuckin video and chill. Simple. @adeysworld yo you have a tone of haters means your doing something right. Ride safe bro.

charlie dipietro says:

I’m wondering, do you know the reason behind dragging a knee. You’re probably gonna google it. Be honest, answer without looking it up. You probably think its to look cool. You’re a sssqqqquiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid

Mircea Andrei says:

faggot puma boots are one of the best out there… stupid cunt…

charlie dipietro says:

Ghost, jerkoff that u obviously are, ever hear of spell correct? You don’t have an iPhone? You knew what I meant though, or are you 100% a mongoloid?go eat your mother

Rudy Arce says:

Dacosta1972 exactly I agree! @Adaysworld one of my peeps “chewy” who is 6.5 260lbs has a Hayabusa and rides it very well and it’s way heavier than the RSV4 and he doesn’t even drag the knee…I own a 2010 Ape RSV4 same bike which is feather weight and turns effortlessly by the pressing of my pinky and you’re dragging knee brutha at such low speed? Lol, I’m sorry man but it’s gay and pretentious…who’s the “Faggot” now?

Rtype1000 says:

WOW. And I was MotoGP champion. Only problem was that nobody saw me there. With your knowledge about the equipment you proved that you do not know anything. So please go and play WoW and leave real world to others.

mightlife says:

‘si-ché’ 😉

nomadican says:

Haha and you bought one in the end 🙂

DaCosta1972 says:

Very nice, my mate has an older V twin RSV Mille which I have always lusted over. Maybe I’ll look into one of these to keep my 2 Triumphs company.

With regards the knee down thing. Guys, this is YouTube, its entertainment, not real life! Don’t get so engrossed in what is plainly wrong for most situations other than the track and……..

It doesn’t make you go faster, in fact, in this situation would slow you down.

Adeysworld says:

Thanks for the compliment man. My inner thigh is still gripping the tank. People are too short sighted to actually see what a tall person looks like riding a motorcycle.

1997TL1000 says:

Sup bro, good video enjoyed the words about Marco, one of the greats lost to soon, straight up warrior with a carbon fiber steed. Looking to grab a RSV4 and I think your video helped nail it. I have had Busa(s) Kawis and Hondas but I want something with character, so I’m looking at this and the Griso! Laughed in my lid the whole time I rode it! Most guys wont even look at one because it’s different and all they want is straight line speed no chaser. This sounds good and begs to be ridden.

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