2019 Kawasaki ZX 6R Review – First Ride

The new ZX-6R offers competitive performance and technology starting at just $9,999. KIBS (Kawasaki lingo for ABS) adds another $1000, while the KRT graphic, which automatically includes KIBS, goes for $11,299 – $100 less than the next closest competitor, Suzuki’s GSX-R600. With this new price in mind, it’s worth reevaluating what we think about the new ZX-6R.

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Treizez34 says:

Am I the only person who hates the new styling of the Zx6r???

Sarat Chakraborty says:

I think CBR 650R will give good competition to 636, it may not be the faster, but better looks, LCD Dash and much cheaper price would definetly dent 636 sales.

Brandon Nixon says:

Anyone else think the headlights look retarded

jeremybly says:

I grew up watching Jeremy McGrath

Thach Ho says:

That dash is so 2000’s.

r says:

All these testers are lame

IrishPizzaMan says:

Looks like Kawasaki is on the coat tails of Yamaha?! Look at 2018 model vs 2019 model.
The 2019 is very very similar to a R3!
Yamaha now introduces the new R3 that looks like a R6/R1.
Kawasaki has great bikes; but there now playing catch-up!
Look this happens all the time! With all products!! Sony/Xbox- Chevy/Ford-Apple/Samsung.
I’m sure in 2-5 years Kawasaki May be on top or Honda?? But right now I. The Super sport arena it’s Yamaha!

Jesus H Medrano says:

Greed killed the supersport category,12k for a 600 hell no. 10k not bad

brewer brewer says:

Whats the music?

Ragimund VonWallat says:

i think the ninja 400 is a hidden wonder…too bad they dont make the bike fit taller riders because i know many experienced rider that would love to own that…simply to be able to beat the shit out of it all the time without going 150 mph, and with a proper sport touring experience

roger xu says:

I think it’s stupidly ugly than previous looks

Derek Joon says:

Want more people to buy and ride then make the insurance affordable, $4700 a year for a 97 CBR600F3 where I live, never had a ticket or crash just ridiculous.

Rence Fabian says:

If you guys hate the design and like the older one then this is a great time for you. Go into any dealership and the one you like will be marked down by a couple grand. You can most likely get the 2017-2018 for less than 10k. New bike under 10k with the old design, seems like a good idea.

Mark Mendoza says:

Now it looks like parallel twin ninja bikes with a hole in the front.

jaffabaffa says:

Here in The Netherlands it is still €12.799,-

SunzOffski says:

Yamaha make a R3, it looks like an R6.
Kawazaki make zx6r that looks like a Ninja 300.

It would be like Nissan making a new GTR and they make it look like a Nissan Micra, bad marketing in my opinion.

GRRB says:

This is UGLY, why does kawasaki think the power ranger look is ok? I think bikes like the kawas are the reason sport bikes are no longer seen as cool by many. Kawa hasnt come out with a good design since the legendary zx7r, they are definitely lost

GamerID Mike says:

Hmmm….kinda reminds me of the 03-04 636 with that front end. Idk how I feel about it though. Would have to see it in person first.

r says:

Bring back the Duke!!!

mighty boomerang says:

Top speed sir ? Stock exhaust.

Circahh H says:

Fuck they look TERRIBLE

Michael Acevedo says:

I’m very happy with the updates that Kawasaki made. They make a consistent effort to listen to the customer. Geared down for more low end torque, a quickshifter, a fuel gauge, along with the new price? Especially after the 2013 addition of the 636 engine. Sure it’s not perfect, but it’s damn good and is continually improving. Definitely seems like the best overall value in the middleweight category currently.

SLAV says:

Same this same that ok skip. Next !

NoodleGuy says:

Bike already looks dated IMO.

Mladen Milojkovic says:

Kinda ugly front…

Ragimund VonWallat says:

i just wish they would go vtwin on the 650 tho …no need for more power just a higher rpm to 12 -13k and i would cry of joy

bannajirocks says:

ABS worth paying extra 2k ?

Darth Vader says:

ZX-6R yes please .

Max Mazourov says:

Looking at the cockpit of the black one it feels like they have never moved on since p8f… With all big manufacturers bulling 600 off the market in Europe (bar Yamaha), I wonder how much money will continue going into the development of the 600 class for the US? Re QS interruption timing, it should be really straight forward to adjust with a cable and Kawasaki software. What’s the suspension like on these? Are they using Brembo for brakes? R6 has TC and slide control – any of this on the Zx6r?

pmay222 says:

Stupid exhaust

vince's photo says:

Wouldn’t the Kawasaki z900 be faster than the zx6r? It’s also under 9k, and WAY more comfortable to commute on. I like what Kawasaki was trying to accomplish with this bike, but I’d still pick the z900 all day.

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