2019 Husqvarna FS 450 First Ride Review

Pound for pound, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more exciting motorcycle to rip around the racetrack on than Husqvarna’s fabulous FS 450. For 2019, Husqvarna remains committed to the supermoto segment, giving it the same batch of updates that its championship-winning Supercross bike gets. We get a little sideways during a quick first ride test at Adam’s Go Kart track in Southern California.

Read the review: https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/2019-husqvarna-fs-450-supermoto-first-ride-review


Rollyone says:

Closed course supermoto only? Pshh.. time to go to a dmv in another state.

bg gutta says:

This motorcycle is trash! Fucking parts cost a arm and 3 legs!

sqd8r says:

Adam is the best love this bike miss my 630.

Topher Grace says:

Slow… down…. you’re rambling
Give the same info just over 6-7mins

op3l says:

Hmm.. maybe slow down the talking and cut back on some of the sponsor like talking. Also I’m here to see the motorcycle,which I didn’t see much of in this video. What this video does is bombard my ears with sales pitch while looking at a sweaty dude.

themorganator says:

Enjoyed this video – no complaints from me, and the bike is seriously tempting! Anyone know where Zack and Ari have gone too?

Sunil Kumbar says:

make a video on detailed review of cbr 650r sir please

James Oren says:

Welcome Adam! lol I accidentally watched this on 1.5 speed at first and was like “woa, this guy needs to chill” but yeah, at the right playback speed great job! I know it must be tough stepping into such an established channel with well loved hosts, and yeah, I was one of the people pretty nervous about the future of the channel, but you definitely settled the nerves 🙂

Don’t mind some of the comments here, change is hard, and I think some people forgot it was just a First Ride Review lol – you did a great job man; welcome!

Elimentus says:

I’m seeing a ton of complaints here, but I just wanna add that Adam’s a top-tier reviewer. Stoked to see him on this channel and can’t wait to see what he brings to us!

Bogdan Savchenko says:

I think they should have started with a video introducing themselves and all.. I love my motorcycles, but to be honest, I watch these videos also because the hosts were so much fun

Signature 163. says:

Great to see Adam heading up the channel.

Bill Kerr says:

Adam, I don’t care for supermoto but I’ve seen you do some fine reviews, esp. the recent MV Turismo Veloce piece. This video did seem a bit rushed, like a preview, but that’s OK because supermoto is a waste of time. I look forward to your future videos. Just chill. It’ll be OK. Make it your own. You gotta Twitter/instagram to take feedback/requests?

Richard Morris says:

Glad too see Adam back in this space.
Much like Ari & Zack he is authentically talented and a fast motorcyclist. For me, this level of credibility is the #1 ingredient.

Ari & Zack’s had one other ‘thing’ that they took to Motor Trend as well… their video guy who filmed and produced the content. This ingredient has more to do with the finished product than how fast Adam is talking.

In any case, this is infinitely more credible than any motovlogger review.
If you really want to differentiate yourself from Ari & Zack take a page out of the Loz Blaine playbook and be hilarious. His departure from releasing frequent motorcycle reviews has left a big hole for me. His were, by far, the most unique.
Hire (and import him) as your sidekick!

Frank Williams says:

pretty good for a first video, just slow down there tiger, i cant catch all the stats

Tester Testerfield says:

Nice to see Adam. One of my favourite reviewers / testers from across the pond.
Adjustments may take time to be made, but he (and anyone else joining him) doesn’t have to be a copy of Ari and Zack every channel and presenter evolve. I consider him a change and evolution.
Welcome aboard!

Joe Samlofski says:

Is it just a genetic thing that Americans can’t pronounce Husqvarna?

Jorge Martinez says:

Wish was street legal

Fernando CBR says:

Man… I wish I could have a Husqvarna street bike (the 401), but here in Brazil it will be more expensive than a car

Paul Hinman says:

If I had that FU money, I’d buy 2 and store one away. This thing looks truly special.

Adam Lockington says:

Glad to see Adam on board. I remember when I was looking at getting the new R6 last year, his review was by far the most technically comprehensive and impressive (Sorry 650ib!). His 2 wheel skills and experience definitely come through.

Navaks says:

Please don’t say things like “this is their first video, don’t be that hard and so on”


Ari and Zack made tons of videos and if these peeps watched at least a couple of them they would get an idea of what people would like to watch and how to expose the content.


Troy Graham says:

I could live with you doing review for sure. Screw those sell outs!

chandrasekar arunachalam says:

Thanks for bringing in this bike.

Phil Womack says:

So, did Husqvarna sponsor this content? Perhaps the bike is that good but it sounded more like a press junket than a review.
I don’t want come over as hating it and I’m certainly not in the “This channel is dead to me without Ari and Zack” mindset.
Ignoring the above, the review was probably perfect for the niche the bike sits in; fast, adrenaline inducing and great for a generation with a short attention span. If that’s what you were aiming to achieve Adam well done.
My opinion is that Zack, together with Ryan Fnine, is the epitome of what good motorcycle journalism is about so you have big boots to fill. I just ask that you keep the content balanced with in depth reviews and fun features.

オルソンフィリップ says:

aj det gör ont hur han uttalar det. huskuvarna

tali sson says:

Great to see Adam here! I was about to unsubscribe when Zack and Ari left, but Adam is a damn good reviewer and rider and a nice guy too!

Nikolay Stoykov says:

Still haven’t learned how to pronounce Husqvarna correctly.. what a shame.

zucc is the lizard says:

Due a commute episode on the 701

MrBarlien says:

I don’t really know what makes a good video, but this was not one. Now I know that the shoes to fill are quite large, and it’s hard to loose the faces of the channel.
I think it’s important to realize that the audience of MCM on this channel, at least the regulars, come here becuse we know/knew the people, and what they liked. So when they talked about bikes whe knew where they were coming from, and if they weren’t a fan of a perticulair bike, we knew why. I think the “by-line”(as in made by/written by) is important here. These quick and fast videos, with the generic guitar riff are a dime a dozen on youtube. Personality driven content is always better.
Anyway, I know this is early days in the transition, but I hope that this was just a test, and not a sign of things to come. I wish you all the best, and I will be watching.

aluisious says:

So Ari and Zack are gone, and Adam Waheed is back?

CLUTCH1st says:

I was super excited until I heard the price. Very little price difference between the 701 and the 401

Aaryan Somrain says:

I miss Ari

Jordan Boatwright says:

Hard to see Ari and Zack go, but excited to see what they do. Good video overall, but could use a little more character sprinkled in.

Previous MM videos were typically 6-20+ mins depending on the nature of the video, and still had significant views and likes.

I think the new channel hosts have definite potential and honestly don’t look far off from the very early videos with Zack and Ari.

Xiph1980 says:

… “We just got done”…
Sorry, I can’t listen to this dude. Guess MCM is done for me.

Daniel says:

Adams that kid you sit next to when you’re bestfriends not on the school bus. Sup Adam good to see you here.

Axell Hernandez says:

Is this a dual sport or a track bike?

Andrew Boundy says:

Nice intro vid guys – keep it up 🙂

Michael Kastner says:

$800 less than the 701 , crazy

Rufus says:

I was hoping it would be Adam doing the review. I’m still on board but there’s a few things to refine in the format. People are always resistant to change.

Dustin Nisbet-Jones says:

Thanks for the great first ride insights, good video as always. I appreciate that you get so much information in such a short amount of time. IMO, unlike street bikes, a track-only niche bike like this FS 450 doesn’t require much time to get across what the viewer needs to know about it.

Looks like a ripper!

DGETHIS01 says:

“Literally put gas in and rip.”….. A hole in your wallet

Von45Rose says:

Great video Adam! Keep’em coming!

Forza Fox says:


ttiization says:

We want charismatic people guys. Just do nice long videos like you used too. I love the content Ari and Zack made, but we need to move on. Keep up the good work

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