2019 BMW S 1000 RR Review

THIS is the most comprehensive review of BMW’s all-new S 1000 RR

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JJ C says:

Hahaha love the Shift cam VT .

谷岡弘彬 says:

how would you rate it in comparison to the V4S?? Having a hard time deciding between the two…

Kai Cortez says:

Wonder why they didn’t put those amazing Hayes calipers on the Hp4 Race. I call it bull shit. They went for cost cutting and they know it. Hayes is nowhere near Brembo quality when it comes to calipers.

Cisium says:

Good breakdown. Hope it’s dry at Jerry’s!

dylan hedges says:

Any chance of a same day, same track, back to back S1000-RR v 1100 V4 Panigale v 1100 rsv4 (when it comes out) this year? (-:

G says:

The bald guy should learn how to speak. He didn’t complete a single sentence and 90%o of when he tried, he couldn’t get the words out. A big detractor to an otherwise fine video.

Jorge Silva says:

Very unlucky, we only had 2 days of rain recently, in Lisbon… and the bike was being tested in that period.

Sean Stone says:

The engine being part of the frame means it will be a ‘stressed member’. Never want a stressed member

Khalid Hadi says:

Is the BMW s1000xr going to be changed ?

jump 70 says:

Looks like there’s been some extra snacking lately….Baron Von G…

iTxip says:

Sueperkins review as usual, Proper vid (^o^)/
That bridgestone tire launch on Jerez…. S22 maybe??? Looking forward to that, cant find much info on them right now and I will need something to replace the s21 soon

Actionlutz says:

Not sure if I would get the dynamic suspension, I’ve heard a few horror stories about the cost if these break down. On the other hand, maybe things have become cheaper and more mainstream since the hp4 days?

jean marc Giroux says:

Bike of the year for sure

Anurag Sharma says:

How does it compare to the Ducati V4?

JJ C says:

Mega wheely by the BMW Dude.

Michael Kastner says:

Why a 2017-Honda -SP2 is superior!!

Bradley Dunningham says:

Loved the review on the BMW! I’m looking at buying an Aprilia Tuono 2019 do you think you will be doing a review on this motorcycle? It would be great to find out about its new electronic suspension. Thanks. Love the videos! Brad

Robbiec52 says:

vvvy is ze Baron hungover und herr Statham is not??

Steve Fowler says:

lol, don’t melt Nancy…turn the nanny off..as Kenny Roberts said about racing in the rain…”It’s still a race, it’s just raining” (a former two class AMA Expert License holder.

knotsable says:

They really nailed the design on this one, especially the front of the bike.

Stephen Brown says:

Fantastic bike, love it.

Gordon Bain says:

Nobody does bike reviews better.

kernplace37 says:

Goddamn hungover lol

Concordeagle says:

This is the 2020 model, not 2019. Don’t believe me? See https://www.bmwmotorcycles.com/en/models/sport/s1000rr.html

Millz says:

I was expecting a Baron Von Tumble with how wet that looked. Don’t think I’ll be trading my ‘17 for one in a hurry, but looks a superb bike.

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