2018 Yamaha R1M Review

El Baron ventured to Portimao for the world press launch of Yamaha’s 2018 R1M. Subtle tweakage and a few handy additions are on this season’s menu.
Thanks to Crescent Racing and Mr Paul Denning for hosting us.
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MrPninja says:

And yet they say the ZX10r se Showa suspension is better than the new panigale, although I’m really contemplating on getting the s1000rr or this bike, the only thing with the R1M is that is bloody uncomfortable, more so than the S1000rr or the ZX10r se, so I don’t know what to do, as that R1M I love the look of

Bobby G says:

a bunch of nonsense on the beginning …. Go to 2:41 …. your welcome

Vinay Kumar says:

I like the looks of the R1M, more than the Ducati V4.

Josh Nance says:

I bought a brand new R1 S model back in May 2018. Leftover model. The electronics are near identical. Obviously with the M version you get fully automated comp/reb damping control, which is VERY impressive, but otherwise the electronics are very very similar and absolutely incredible. I spent a little over 1,000 between a 3/4 exhaust, ECU flash, Filter and couple other little things. My bike won’t outrun a M that has a flashed ecu but it’d keep pace pretty darn close. The dyno charts are not much different either. Just the R1 and R1 M have an extra 1800 rpm and make a few more whp. I would save the money and buy either a regual R1 or even the S model. *By the way: the R1 in ANY form is the most uncomfortable and flat out brutal street bike i’ve ever owned or test ridden. Get a new seat immediately

martin allen says:

I’d rather buy an old 2004 ZX10R and piss the rest up having fun.

Gandalf m8 says:

Sounds like an amazing bike and a good rival to the V4 Speciale but I still think those autoblippers are for lazy people ;p

sulo man says:

Why yamaha does not use brembos?

jorec vv says:

Nice video
The best superbike in the world!

sfhang says:

This guy is just too fucking gay for me

Mãe, tô no Canadá! says:

How about turning it on?!

三重中正 says:

Austin Zappas says:

I want Yamaha to make a super hyper sport bike with a 1400cc crossplane motor and a redesigned and super light omega chassis and a RADD front end ala GTS1000. That’s what I want. Supercharge it, and give it a single sided rear. Thanks a bunch.

SheepEatingDuck says:

Can you get custom underseat exhaust on the R1m…?

Paolo Zampieri says:

I bet this is THE (another) best SBK you have EVER ridden!

Matthew Watkins says:

Chris – you sold your R1M because it was all getting a bit serious, but you have bought an HP4 Race.  Maybe then the R1M wasn’t serious enough 🙂

Pickle Rick says:

Can you shorten the gearing so it’s geared more towards street riding ?

richard parkus says:

Is it worth the extra 4K for the r1m over a standard r1 for a track day bike

Chris Stratton says:

music=shoot me!

Rick Bates says:

“Super Jizzy Bike”

ToothyGus says:

What’s happening with bikes today? Why are they all following the same design trends as super cars? All pointy, edgy fronts, the fairings don’t even cover he engine fully. Have you seen the new panigale v4 from the side? It looks like a fucking sparrow with a tiny tail and a massive front? Whatever happened to the old 916 type design with oval headlights and a great looking seat with full fairings? What’s wrong with the old R1 design with great looking headlights? This one just looks like a snail with its eyes retracted.

Aurora Jones says:

I hate how good this bike is. I want it to be terrible yet its the best. BAH

Roberto Rubio Avila says:

prende la puta moto aunquesea…..

The Nimble Ninja says:

2018 ZX -10RR is cheaper.

apostlemilton says:

An absolutely high level review of the 2018 R1M. Professionally done video. What a great channel. Please keep up the excellent standard of work.

blue03r6 says:

yeah the abs needs to be adjustable or at least be able to be turned off. and I would like the lift to be adjustable to something as a reference such as setting 1 can come up X amount of inches/mm etc. the brake components are fine. it’s the pads that are terrible. I replace mine with Ferodo sintered pads. incredible difference.
I also notice they put symbols in the indicator lights on the dash. that was a pet peeve of mine. a light is on but unless you can remember from your manual you don’t know what it is.

taxation is theft memes news & more says:

What’s the best 2018 superbike? Zx10se/rr. , r1m , v4panigale etc etc etc

CallMeGhostRider says:

Come here for the R1 but really just interested in the astonishing camera quality. What are you recording this with?? Lol

Rahul Allan says:

Please do a similar video on the Fireblade SP1.That would be great.
There are no videos of the fireblade anywhere with so much info

Frank Burdo says:

those guys talk to much. all i wanted to see and hear especially was the bike. not those weird accents those idiots had. dont make a video if you dont ride the bike in it!

Adolfo Vallin says:

hi mate, i was wondering about which is the name of the first song on your video, i really liked that song! and obviously your video!


No joke even the 2015 R1 with the usual mods maybe £3k spent is beating everything on every UK track I’ve visited on every open day these things fucking flame EVERYTHING short of £500k of single seater race-car or a £80+k race-bike don’t dare argue they dont!. I’ve seen the mad duck taped up black and white GP bikes in testing, they look like someone has taped over them with black and white gaffa tape then shot them with a shotgun to make them look unrecognizable… they sound like the end of the world and the only thing I’ve seen fly by like the GP test bikes is the single seater formula Renault. Short of that a well dialed in 2015 onward R1 murders everything. It’s true and it needs said as all you guys/gals who do track days know what I know so lets be honest this is the fastest lapping production bike on earth with barely £3k of mods.

D.B. says:

Interesting comments on the brakes!

play boy sx says:

Great channel…..sir can u tell me is is Yamaha faster than Kawasaki zx10 r….

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