2018 Kawasaki ZX-10R SE Launch Review

We head out to Almeria with BJ from Fast Bikes for the launch of the new Kawasaki ZX-10R SE


RMW says:

In my opinion that’s the best dash there is I don’t really want some boring iPad on my bike

arkama67 says:

His arguments about the zx10r don’t make any sense at all imho.
Like the zx10r is not good but the rr version is great, wtf. You can flash the ecu to get autoblip for 100 bucks and the weight difference between the two models is like 2kg nothing but the wheels and the exhaust.
Btw I own a zx10r and I think it has the best price/performance ratio. I remember the first time I jumped on it I felt like I was on a bicycle, light as a feather.

Simon Foster says:

What a great review from one of the best again love your work mate.

The Chess Savage says:

It’d be better if it wasn’t so ugly…

sqd8r says:

Great review. I never understand the issue re the screen. Yes agreed it’s not an expected tft but honestly I never look at the gauges . Didn’t look at it thirty yrs ago when I started riding rarely do it now.

Cuban Rider says:

Really, really good review.

Asad S says:

2004 Yamaha r1
2005 to 2006 gsxr 1000
2008 cbr 1000rr
2011 to 2015 zx10r
2015 yamaha r1
2017 Honda Cbr1000rr
My opinion on the best Japanese super bikes in the time period.

Tom Dixon says:

Another fantastic review, very impressed with your work

cn 250 says:

So sick of one light broken design.

AeroR says:

I love Kawasaki and I would always buy a 10r again!
The 10r SE is a very good update

AeroR Entertainment

Mathieu Dupuis says:

BJ, really nice review! Keep them coming. I cannot stop watching every blog you posted! Cheers!

MrPninja says:

And watch Neevsy from MCN bag the crap out of it as usual

Chris Garcia says:

Anyone else love that you have to muscle it?

Jdor D says:

That suspension sounds phenomenal, “Yeshua/Jesus is the way”

Jokimsteny Rodrigues says:

One of the best bike reviews on YouTube..! Thank you ..!

PistolPete63 says:

Good honest review!

gourav jangra says:

2011 ZX 10 r is best

amerpaisa says:

Brutally candid review. Keep them coming.

Alex Miller says:

Amazing review!

Slade Renegade says:

Excellent review!

TJ says:

Is that Bill Belichick at 6:03? 🙂

Bang Average Rider says:

Great review!
I think maybe a lower price tag like the GSXR would turn more heads but at that price the kwack wouldn’t get a look in from me.

Plopracer says:

Nice track bike but I really cannot for the life of me see the point of a sports bikes like this on the road.

Vincent GSXR750L7 says:

I’ve noticed. And when it comes to reviews you should take all the awards.the content is clear and precise. I can buy anything you put a stamp of approval on..keep up the great work..

Spencer J says:

Definitely agree with you on the dash, poor for a bike of that cost!

arne brouwer says:

Advice to kawasaki:

1. New dash
2. More lowdown grunt

Kiki_Daily says:

oh, i just noticed the zx-10r key are the same design as the ninja H2

BAD yamaha MT10 says:

Wow…nice hair cut. Use to own one of those green machines. Couldn’t get to power on the road and it killed my right hand, shoulder and ass. Stupid road bike.

donmlaaden says:

I love Kawasaki for its size! Man, liter bikes are so small nowdays, Ninja i sonly “big looking 1000”, bigger is always better!

Roman _ says:

talking about the “best suspension” in the world on a street bike is something the average rider won’t even notice or care about (except for bragging rights). and for the racer, they’re going to replace all these components anyway. i’ll stick with my 2013 zx10r on full ohlins race ready that i picked up for 1/4 of the price of this bike. these bikes are getting stupid expensive. i do appreciate your honesty specifically towards the end. i had to revise my statement as that is exactly my thoughts on this bike.

Mal Reynolds says:

That instrument panel is total deal-breaker. When is Kawi going to update that old crap?
You can just swap sprockets, and fix the long-gearing issue. -1 front, +2 rear. Problem solved.
Price is too high, and I don’t need “electronic suspension”.

Glideman says:

Who paid for the holiday? Advertisement or review? Please say, the viewers should know!

Miguel says:

Nah! Not an exciting bike in my opinion. Good review though.

bhavishya parwani says:

which song plz ?

Ducati Drew says:

Absolutely loath Kawasaki in every aspect except maintenance.

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