2018 BMW HP4 Race Review

If you’re a fan of high-performance sportbikes, BMW’s new HP4 Race should be at or near the top of your must-ride list. This carbon-framed and -wheeled ultra-sportbike achieves new levels of what’s possible from a production superbike. Imagine about 200 horsepower in a bike weighing less than a Ninja 300!

One downside, aside from its stratospheric price, is that the HP4’s lucky and affluent owners won’t be able to flaunt it at the local Burger Barn, as it lacks lights and other accoutrements that would enable it to be sold for street use. It’s a track-only special limited to just 750 units worldwide. BMW says about 10% of them will make their way to our shores.

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Roy Ahmar says:

Kidney for sale. In good condition. Priced at $78,000. A steal.
Haha you don’t need both kidneys to ride. Plus 1 less kidney means more weight saving. Win win!



Maya Julien says:

quote specialist press ten fun refuse broken.

hopebear06 says:

Is it learner legal?

rogase68 says:

Won’t be to long until the Road legal version has carbon frame and wheels

citizensauto says:

Very impressive but does it have “suggested” mapping 8?


Geiles Bike ihr Luder

thedakon says:

BMW, this is all nice and stuff, expensive toys for rich kids, but why aren’t you competing in MotoGP?

Goutham Yuvaraj says:

Nice video guys.. Keep em coming

Aby Mathew says:

My KTM RC 390 has a wet weight of 178Kg and about 45 Horsepower..and I thought its damn fast……I can’t imagine how that HP4 Race feels with just 174Kg weight and over 200 whp….LOL..

Tim Alcorn says:

It’s such a great time we live in to be a motorcycle fan!
And a terrible time to be broke!
I should have snagged the phone number to that truck driving school that goose saw on TopGun…

Pillokun says:

171kg wet, now we are talking.

abhas kuber Chand says:

Dream bike for a motor enthusiast ♥️

Darrell says:

Can they make a carbon fiber S1000xr for me.

Baz Sheene says:

Is this a good first bike?

MotorSavage says:

Great video Kevin and it was nice meeting you at COTA. Cool dude! By the way my trip to Cali afterward was successful since I was able to get my drone out of the tree and retrieve the footage that was with it. Thanks!

Elasta Kristya says:

Intro song???

vladau says:


Csirkefoga says:

BMW was the only company a year ago who has automated parts of carbon fibre production. Don’t know about now, but big part of why it was so expensive is that it’s usually very manual labor intensive.

x3m5p33d3r says:

song at the beginning ====>Megaman 3 The Passing of the Blue Crown Overclocked Remix

Dizmoto says:

What a bike!!!

abelucious says:

Good first bike for novice riders

Ducati Drew says:

What an exciting time for motorcycles!

Griwble M. Furtado says:

Não entendi nada,mas gosto muito dessa moto.

IgWannA2 says:

146 dry wow

David Yeo says:

Please do more videos like this..

BeaglePower G says:

And yet BMW no longer competes in WorldSuperbike, do they even make the top 10 anymore ??, High price crap like this just loses 1/2 the value once it leaves the dealer.

SunzOffski says:

I thought BMW bikes were well represented in the USA? This machine has been test rode by plenty of European publications, almost 6 months ago?

Also the frame is beautiful but for road bikes, one crash, that frame is more than likely kaput. Isotropic materials are better for road use vs composites, at least when it comes to taking impacts.

s50201 says:

What’s the music

FPVgearhead says:

Yuppies rejoice!

Siddharth Sharma says:

Awesome video. But are you sure it’s a review?

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