2017 Isle of Man TT Video Highlights

Another year, another TT week in the books. Here are just some of the highlights from the 2017 Isle of Man TT.

Read our 2017 Isle of Man TT Wrap-up: http://www.motorcycle.com/events/2017-isle-of-man-tt-wrap-up-report


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Rocket Steve929 says:

3:18 lol

Linda James says:

On my bucket list

fish must walk says:

i would die so many times.

thought the bikes were cool but having your friend basically fling himself numerous times over a side wheel to give you some extra grip while hoping you don’t crash is easily the most ballsy thing I’ve seen. cant trust myself on this let alone someone else

the real slim shady says:

Road racers carry their testicles in wheel barrows

Alp Aslan says:

island of Manee

Tatekana says:

I don’t think some people appreciate how fast these guys are traveling

4 Given says:

Now that I’ve seen this proper riding done by these true life pros @ IOM, I announce this day, from here forth, I will laugh until pee comes out when piss ant cafe racers on American streets display their nowhere nearness of said IOM riders. Props to IOM riders and spectators as well. Both are truly on the edge

Olivia Baklaton says:

Please do not visit this island beause it is an island of tax criminals.
If there were no tax evading paradises like this island everyone of us would have 1000 $ more in his pocket.

YURGEN D says:

ЭТО ACCЫ….ПИЛОТЫ СУППЕР …ЭКСТРО…. КЛАСС ….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luis Tamiosso LTmotoVlog says:

Chegando via live do Sandro da Kawa 7 (meu parceiro). Inscrito no teu canal! Venha conhecer o meu e se gostar, te inscreve! ABS! like #306

Katia Krüger says:

Olá deixando um joinha e já me inscrevi no seu canal! Passa lá no meu pra conhecer

JotaJeffersonOficial says:

Olá Parabéns pelo seu canal top hem chegando ao canal deixando like ae mais um inscrito no canal blz fica com Deus e até a próxima se DEUS quiser tmj

Prince Blake says:

Sidecar is AMAZING!!!! Holy shit, how have I not heard about this?

Mohd Aarif says:


Visionery1 says:

Sheer madness!

gcm747 says:

Don’t kill the music! It’s awesome. Straight from a Duke video.

Ana Paulina Flores Ávila says:

Look at this documentary https://youtu.be/g8J6s7qSUbY

Matt Shah says:

80kg body weight…. 60kg of them is the thier balls size

Alex says:

1:18 and i’m twitching to the sound of the Norton and then, then the electric bike!!! Killed it like a picture of your gran.

Frankie Walter says:

Wow this is crazy…nobody should speeding like that on the road…

Он Я says:

Охренеть легче,одна ошибка и останется мокрое место!

IoMTT says:

Chills!!! In a good way! Dunlop pushing it! https://youtu.be/UsFyrvhUNCk?t=71

Евгений Марцинюк says:

1:22 электробайк??? Звук возбудил! 🙂

carlos rios munoz says:

Bufffffff,increible la destreza y tanto control de la Maquina a esa velocidad✌✌✌✌

CarCat says:

I feel bad for the guy in back of the sidecar.

Mr. 3am says:

*what happened to guy martin?*

Dana Steele says:

The most impressive part is how the hell they can ride with the massive steel balls these guys have.

Melv Summit23 says:

One day, one day. I will be on that Island watching them race. Pure adrenaline, pure adrenaline.

Ke Ku says:

Die sind doch bekloppt

Andry Randriatsialonina says:


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