2017 High End Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide from Sportbiketrackgear.com


2017 High End Helmet Buying Guide

Every helmet in this buying guide is a great helmet, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. With that being said, they all have different features and benefits; and this video will show you how these helmets differentiate from each other, so you can make the most informed decision when making your next High End Motorcycle Helmet purchase. Let us know in the comments what your experience is with any of these helmets, and let us know of any helmets you think should have been included.

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TheBrokenBMW says:

On my 4th Shoei….:)

The ultimate 4 joker says:

What about 6D ats-1

Paulo Almeida says:

The HJC is an RPHA 10’Plus Ben Spies.

juanmacabado says:

great review Brian

Alan Rodriguez Monteiro says:

I very rarely leave a comment as I feel that only when a video seriously catches my attention and thoroughly grips me, then it’s deserved. hats off to you brilliant video gutted you ain’t uk based

Cotivity says:

I think you’re a masochist, bro…helmets shouldn’t fit the way you describe…let the padding do the talking not beat the padding into submission…You ARE a large but refuse to size correctly…

Afshin Farahbakhsh says:

you talk way too slow

Faraz Baber says:

Perfect review

Pedro Galindo says:


Subar says:

Which one looks the smallest

Jason Herbstman says:

Do you think the Pista GT is ok for street riding? I have read it was designed for track use.

Shobhit Singh says:

I have corsa small size my head size is 55 cm but its pretty close to chin i just can’t even put finger into the helmet now i’am buying pista gp r so which size do you recommend?

wayne burton says:

great review, thanks

HKMediaChicago says:

Telling it like it is, love how you pull these reviews together with much effort and research put into them.

Thank you.

João Filipe da Costa says:

RIP Hayden.

Steimy Stein says:

I’ll still take a Suomy over any of those. I won’t buy a Snell rated helmet. Only ECE rated for me.

smith smith says:

notice that the bell and the shoei helmets swapped places at the start

Redz RR says:

I own a Shoei RF 1200. I was thinking of a new Shoei X-14 Rainey Helmet. But i am having second thoughts towards the AGV Corsa Andrea Iannone Segull winter test limited editon. The shape, aggressive styling, and graphics and the fact its a limited editon. Is really drawing me in. I do ride a red 899 Panigale which is a factor as well. Im torn. I wear a 2xl because i have a big head but with my dreads it increases my size. I dont do any riding on the track yet. But i plan to in the future. If you could give me your personal opinion on the two that would be amazing. Thank you. Your videos are really informative and very helpful to those of us who arent as experienced as yourself. Thx

hristos0 says:

why do you start talking like an idiot ?

TerryBollea1 says:

did you just say that the Bell star is the “Quitest” helmet??!!???? I think you might be a little concused m8 after that spill.

russell laureto says:

Great video , nice attention to detail. Now I really , really want a new helmet.damn you! LOL

James Mullen says:

The RPHA-11​ Pro also comes with a free tinted shield in addition to the clear. Not a huge deal but the box the Marvel ones come in is a work of art…it really screams premium. Pinlock shield included!

saddlebag says:

I’m not sure I want sex dripping on my table.

Shashank Ta says:

i have choice between hjc RPHA 11 or shoei X12…… wich one shd i go for?

Jerry W says:

Love the Review, will buy the Bell Race Star. New to motorcycle will buy the SuperSport S Ducati.


Good job man

zx10power says:

Whats up with the shmedium shirt lol.. jkjk.. Great video on helmets..

gb93669 says:

First, thanks for the review. But I find it ironic that a guy so into fit and comfort, freedom of movement etc. wears a shirt that is obviously one size too small. It pulls across the chest to where the buttons are strained, sleeves are too tight, and pulls under armpits. It’s also got to pull across your shoulder blades when you reach out with both arms…like when you’re riding. Your shirt shouldn’t fit like your helmets, that tight.

GigaHertz62 says:

What about Icon Helmets?

krombopulos Michael says:



Which helmet has the most compact shell?
Which is your favourite Brian?
Great review best i have seen as you list the weight which is most important.

EarlOfEasycore says:


Currently got 2 RX-7GPs (Corsair V) and HJC RPHA10+… all have done 20k+ miles in road/track, all year weather. I’ve been a long term wearer of Corsairs/RX’s for the past 10 years, is it worth switching to the AGV Corsa/Corsa R? The ML fits me snugly and is comfortable on my asian head. Is it worth gambling on AGV and trying something different? Also, is the revised Corsa R worth the premium over the previous Corsa… Will I notice the refinement of the revisions?


David Tran Media says:

Brian van is the best!!!!

Tyrelle James says:

I soon a I saw that spidey helmet I was sold

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