2017 Extreme ATV Sand/Dirt Drag Season Reviewed

My review of the fastest of the Fast Extreme ATV/Quads Battles during my travels to multiple events during the 2017 race season. No fancy edits No Cool Music just the Heart pumping sounds of our sport in maximum form. so turn up the volume and enjoy!


Дмитрий Иванов says:

После этого вы говорите что русские сумасшедшие? Жуть какая

Caleb Shofner says:

KICKING ASS i love it- Just shreddin

Twisting GRIPS says:

Why is the same women riding so many different quads

Dennis Morris says:

That gray is the fastest

Mike V says:

Love the safety gear. Skin and blue jeans.???


Это пиздец

Dougie Johnstoe says:

That’s mental and the woman do it as well absolutely fantastic I’m from England

Garnett M says:

Just Raped ape running right there , Crazy i love it Subbed .

racefanwfo says:

The BITCH on the 4 stroke has a big FUCKING ASS.

kroni arai shoei says:


Tak Wong says:


GeraldRisch says:

Gloves are a no-no I guess.

Nick Rupp says:

I would be interested to see what they would do with different tires on pavement.

Noble Puker says:

Wish the cam would catch more times. Fastest i saw was a 3:28. A rail job with a banshee nose zip tied on. Had an inline 4 bike engine. Looks cool. I need to get into a sport like this.

K Phillips says:

Why do some of them have a drink bottle on the front frame?

B. Nicholson says:

Just amazing how fast these things come off the line!

Luca lol says:


Rick Ferrier says:

Holy crap those are fast out of the hole, what kind of power and speed are they putting out ? I have never seen those before and would like to see them live but I have no idea where to go to see them !

Gohot229 says:

Rev-bangers takes no skill….. loose the revlimiter and then race…

5li3e says:

that’s about the most exciting thing iv ever seen on youtube

LarJgrip says:

Are these running 8th mile?

jack bobfaster says:

Infact these shit atvs don’t work in an offroad way as well

Rayshawn Williams says:

Mannnn I Would Like To Ride. one

Fox250R says:

Get her some gloves.

TRUTH & LIES says:

Now that looks like fun..
Good ole girls & boys having a good time.. USA loves motorsports 10/10

Randy Reynolds says:

Dang!! The machine at 9:02 sounded swweeet! Gotta be pure adrenaline rush to be on one. Love it! And thanks for no hokey music… lol

Brian Evans says:

T-shirt and jeans… brilliant..

carlo fraiia says:

Why do yanks insist on no protection equipment. t shirt, jeans, and no gloves is not going to cut it. Oh but wait, Im wearing a helmet, Im good.

John Armenta says:

So this is a women’s sport then? Cool!

markdotcomau says:

how is this a thing?…only in America

kevin collett says:

That little fat girl was pretty good, 🙂

edwin storz says:

It’s crazy, just how much more accurate females are off the line than Men……..Ouch!

Ziggybam Murphy says:

Love it…are these sled motors in some of these bikes(what it looks and sounds like on some anyway) ? Man do they screw…

Ayaz Eliyev says:

ala sikim bu nedi mende 9000 nen gedeni var makisdiletin

Dirk Affenhirn says:

Geile Teile 🙂

robociock says:

How many gs?


Are some of these runnin Centrifigal lockup type clutches ?

CDNBaconRich says:

Can always tell when a woman is driving-they stick their ass out more.

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