2016 ADV Motorcycle Shootout

Rideapart’s Jim Downs heads to The Pirelli World Test Center in Giarre, Sicily for the Ultimate 2016 ADV Motorcycle Shootout between The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro, Honda Africa Twin, KTM 1190 Adventure and the BMW R1200GS.

Find out which new 2016 Adventure Motorcycles will come out on top.


Hanibaltherogue says:

Fuck my life! In my country you cant affort any of those… Even the AT cost 50.000TL while the avarage sallery is 1400TL per month

Azhar Gala says:

Where versys 1000? Poor kawasaki

Geleta Bekele says:

that is fantastic and want to be one of you living in Africa.

Boodieman72 says:

No Triumph bikes? Lame

therooster 0846 says:

They didn’t bring the KLR out because it already won.

malcolm mathers says:

I like only.// 93 hp lol

sportscardude says:

Dear RideApart: Why not try Honda’s new VFR1200x in this shootout?

gregtriumphrat says:

comparisons really do my head in. bikes are an individual thing. I would personally never sling a leg over a Ducati or Ktm and a Honda is just a no no for me. not because they are bad, just I don’t do these makes.

sandbiker says:

What, no BMW GSA or KTM R…?

Jeffrey Ocaya says:

10:33, it’s DCT for Dual Clutch Transmission and not DTC :-P. And, you could’ve compared the VFR1200 instead. Nice comparison video, though. Actually, it wasn’t just nice, it was great, very informative and very helpful 🙂

Adolfo Fullo says:

Great video I subbed please sub back thank y

Allan Byrne says:

This is bollocks, so you are out on an “adventure” and you take along 2 sets of tyres? These bikes are crap for a real adventure ride. This is total bullshit, load it up drop it and you are fucked.

András Vrbovszki says:

What is the best adventure bikes and why?

Neil Mawdsley says:

Pirelli sponsored !Italian bike wins ! What a surprise! That’s why you didn’t us the”1190 R “There nothing better off road Than the KTM !
I’ve ridden all the bikes in this test .

Walter Minnella says:

Awesome comparison! Also, glad you shoot it in my hometown!

Ian Hulme says:

Im thinking AT is a safe bet.

Shaun says:

the GAME is the better road bike, but the KTM wins hands down and 2nd is the Africa trip, end of story because this guy has no idea

mike carr says:

these bikes are wayto big for the trails plus your always in 1 st gear      their street bikes  75%

Jack Weber says:

Where is Suzuki V-strom on the comparison ?

Bob daniels says:

so how much did honda pay you for this?

Reza Saputra says:

yamaha gx ke pake.hhhhhhhh

umvhu says:

Very sensible, everyone rides with two sets of tyres.

DCCLo says:

Time for a new shootout with the 1090R and 1290R 🙂

Ricardo Fiorani says:

No Super Tenere ? 🙁

sdq sdq says:

twin always suck at the road , guess its a off road bike

BugOutMoto says:

I don’t see how rider would want to hit off-road for too long on those behemoth bikes. Drop it a few times and you will be could be nursing a hernia and ready to pass out.

Riyal Dinovryan says:

1:05 dunno not know… but those bike seems had character… like people does.

Nitesh Gowda says:

wow good review

bulletinyrhead says:

hahahahahahaha the video making from KTM hater all we know that…. KTM FOR EVER ORANGE POWER OLL OTHER’S EAT MY DUST!!!!

rugby says:

Super Tenere is the best adventure bike ever built

Leo G. says:

We need to see this with the 1290 super adventure on action

Little louie says:

Lol why not use the ktm 1190 r that’s so much better for road

MrLankruza says:

Paid for by Honda surely.

Alger G.N. says:

So I guess the Africa Twin is the best bike considering price-product hands down. Right?

3rdworldgwaming says:

how come there wasn’t a triumph tiger in the line up?i tht it was a good adventure bike…isnt it?

Leblond987 says:

4 big porkers! So called Ädventure”bikes are getting bigger, heavier and clumsier year by year. I blame BMW and KTM! We need to get back to the 650s.

Lina Hermans says:

damage i like thjs vid ideal X‑D

J R says:

Why not test the smaller GS800 Adventure you can compare it better to the Africa Twin

Luke Schofield says:

I don’t know how I’d feel about the BMW engine layout, one bad drop and you might crack the head.

souris verte says:

the honda is so reliable ,just bought one best bike after the honda xr 650l

geof herman says:

Fabulous comparo! I agree with some previous comments that there are more comparable bikes that could be included here (see KTM Adventure 1190r model). Nonetheless, the range of bikes is also appealing…makes for some interesting cogitation. Thanks for providing such quality on all levels. I immediately shared this with my fellow riders!

torrid94 says:

Africa Twin!!

Ragavan N says:

@2:45 head turner!

Diaz Netamor says:

Are those bikes always used in Dakkar Rally?

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