2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Motorcycle Review

Even though I am not a target customer for such a bike (6’2″ 250 lbs.) I wanted to try this for a few reasons. First, to directly compare it to it’s main rival, the new Yamaha R3 that I reviewed last week. Second, to see how things have changed over the past 15+ years, from the previous generation which I had a tiny bit of seat time with – the 250. This is a rock solid package. It’s simply a scaled down sportbike in all regards, perfect for blasting down the road, a track day, twisties – just plain good cheap fun. Nothing stood out as any major flaws, Kawasaki has definitely put the small sport bike experience under their belt to great use.

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Paul Berger says:

The route you took was beautiful. Flat road, not much in terms of suburban development. Lovely. Didn’t like the amount of traffic lights however; silly Kawasa.

Jesse Montez says:

Im only 5’4 on a good day. Lol could i ride this comfortably?

Chris W says:

wow that engine seems really weak..

Young Guns says:

im 6ft and 250 lbs, what would you recommend as a starter bike?

*skyartlerist* *D* says:

If ya don’t mind me asking, how much do you weigh?


im 6 ft 1in tall and 220lbs is it still a good bike for me?

NorfolkSouthern1068 says:

I’m choosing the Ninja 300! I enjoyed your review of this bike! I was going to choose the R3,…but I like the Ninja 300 better! I have sat on both bikes,and I feel more comfortable on the Kawasaki! I’m only 5’10” tall and 205 lbs. I can flat foot the bike!

Margarita Lopez says:

my dad has one.I is gold & black & green.

anthony adolphe says:

You’re the best I can now unsubscribe from time wasters and poor narrative up loaders. love from the UK

Bryan Bond says:

that bike will run over 100 mph and power band is at 9 k.

rasta boi says:

great review,wonderful bike

Archer says:

I’m 6′ tall, would this be too short for me?

Lefty Forehand says:

Would this be a good beginner bike to start out with. I have not rode before. Most experience I have is a moped 50cc. Heard you said it was a great beginner bike just wondering why. It seems like the power is a good place to be at so I dont kill myself.

Automotive Last Production says:

Nice review. I like it when the presenter is honest and not too scripted.

NorfolkSouthern643 says:

Gave this bike another look today,and believe it or not,…choosing it over the R3,which I WAS going to choose at first! Kawasaki has won my heart,…my vote goes for the Ninja 300 hands down!

Mindless Wen says:

I was about to ask you how tall you are but read the description lol. So I guess it would be perfect if I’m 5’9

Tariq J says:

I’m a beginner should I start on this bike or its ok to go for a bigger engine cuz i want to buy a gxsr 700

Noel Burger says:

The more I see these bikes the more I like them.

NorfolkSouthern1068 says:

I’m only 5’10” tall,..I’ve sat on these motorcycles,and they fit me perfectly! Unlike others who feel they may grow out of this motorcycle,..I don’t think that will be the case for me! I see myself having this motorcycle long term! I don’t have my motorcycle yet,….target date/month for purchase is about June or July of 2017. I’ll be ordering a Candy Plasma Blue Ninja 300. I need to take the MSF Course first!

bangyahead1 says:

The only thing I didnt like about my Ninja 300 when I bought it was the grips were too skinny and my hands cramped after a while, and not a long while either. I put Pussygrips on it and solved that one issue. Now it’s pretty much perfect.

Scott Me says:

Good review. I’m 6’1″ 280 lbs and I love riding this bike. It has no problems hauling me around at highway speeds or through the twisty and hilly roads. It definitely performs better than I had expected it to. I mainly got it for the wife to start out on but I’m going to enjoy it in the meantime, and it’s excellent on gas. Roaring toyz makes a good and easily adjustable lowering links for these, adjustable from 1-5 inches, I just installed one today. If you lower the bike, you will have to get the shorter kickstand with it. So far I can’t fault this bike on anything.

Gem Trizzi says:

Fuck I’m 6’3 240, any sport bike ideas?

Break shit says:

I’m a vegan

Silvirbullet says:

i know this is a bit late, but i got a question. I’m 24, almost 25, five foot two ish, would i fit on this easily? don’t know anywhere to find this in Iowa.

Anthony Aguilar says:

think i made up my mind and going to get the 300 as my first bike

Josh Foulkes says:

When u say ‘big guy’ do u mean tall or fat, no offense

Jesus Delgado says:

Thanks for making this video. I’m 6’3 and around 230 lbs. and am getting into bikes. I’m looking into the ninja and this review has helped plenty.

David Mesgna says:

This is a great commentary on the bike. Great upload!

Wili Lopez says:

would it be considered a pocket bike

Rob Scherer says:

Interesting the difference in views between this and the R3 review…

Aaron Perez says:

you’re in orlando arent u?

Daniel Di Maria says:

Any smaller blokes given this bike a ride? I’m 5’5″ with a 28″ inseam. Would I be able to comfortably have both feet on the ground with this guy? (wearing tennis shoes)

N' Tense says:

I’m getting a suzuki gsxr worth 10k new as a begginer bike yea I know it’s probably not the best for a beginner but I want something that’s cool looking and plus I figured is get one with gears I’m gonna have to learn eventually any way..

Captain SumTingWong says:

I’m 6’3 and I sat on one at the dealer and it is a little cramped but idk should I get it?

Evan Paluch says:

What bike would be better for a 6’1″ guy the Ninja 300 or the R3?

gerardo orozco says:

Im 5’9-11, good size for jt?

RatBastad Man says:

I have a zx14, but wouldn’t mind a 300 for going to work. speed isn’t everything and this bike will keep you out lf trouble

Adam Williams says:

I am 6’2″ 230 pounds I wanted to get the Kawasaki Ninja 300 as my first bike. I have never driven a bike and dont want anything to big. Would the ninja be a great Bike for me? Also Twowheelobsession can you do a review on the KTM RC 390?

Apolytos says:

The seat height is 31 inch! You don’t have to be that tall maybe at least 5’4

Bryan Bond says:

it’s not a 600. and that bike is as big as 600 it’s not small. engine size not bike size

David Cross says:

i was watching this video thinking i know this guys voice it sounds just like the guy from cigar obsession. duh it is!

Mike F says:

Dream bike
50bhp 300cc i4, EFI, 20k redline, ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, smooth fueling, 380 lbs wet, abs, slipper, steering damper, fairings, gear ind, positive neutral
Upright/race adjustable ergos

Fractal Visions says:

Very helpful review, thanks for uploading. I’m thinking to get the Ninja 300 for my first bike

MightyForSure says:

can you do the 650 also please, and review it for beginner.
btw how much is your weight and how long are you?

Narwhal Dave is a gay nigger says:

hey man im only 16 but its been my dream to always have a bike. Are there any legal requirements for me to get a bike?

Crux says:

What are some mods or things that I can buy for this bike? (I’m new at riding motorcycles)

KRlMZYY says:

Realy good review man!

HairyGrenade says:

I’m 17 and 5’5, am I too short for this bike?

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