Zero SR electric motorcycle SMOKES Ninja H2!!!

I visited Cleveland Moto and test rode the Zero SR and FX electric motorcycles and LOVED them! The SR laid waste to the Kawasaki Ninja H2 in a drag race!

Please call Phil at Cleveland Moto for info on Zero motorcycles.


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Tolga Yeşilyurt says:

ninja h2 have 137 ft-lb torque…

Jorge Gouveia says:

this guy can make us buy things even if we do not want to buy….. he knows how to convence lol

Chris Duke says:

I’ll have to build my own one day. By the time I’m ready, the battery tec should be up to speed. 18650’s or 21700’s ain’t going to cut it! Until then I’ll just have to keep playing with my electric 100ml range 60+mph bicycles. If I want to go on a long trip, it’s still going to be done on a gas powered motorcycle.

MrLele3000 says:

it is engine breaking!

Anthony Abelardo says:

Bike cost as much as a ZX10R, R1, etc.

Pepridge says:

Lol quit fooling around…you went up to like 5k rpm before you shift…that h2 will smoke that zero no problem..

Uriah Blaak Uncut says:



Rick Steeb Your ignorant I have a loud and a quiet bike and people pull out in front of me and cut me off 80x more on my quiet bike then my loud bike so i know from experience loud pipes make it safer! If you get bothered by hearing a bike for 10 seconds of your life just kill yourself and do everyone a favor because your most likely a asshole nobody likes anyway!!!!!

Dusty 101 says:

They seem great but would miss gear changes and mostly the sound of a fuel bike

John P says:

You know that guy is a rider when he tried to reach for the clutch when stopping 9:09

BHZ Motovlog says:

Kid with new toy haha that bike I my dream

speed demon says:

you weren’t even trying. you ran up first gear and then gave up. if you guys were on a dragstrip or open road it would be a totally different story. it would be all over by the time you snatched third gear or sooner. cool bike I’m just not ready to plan my day around charging the bike. I doubt the bike will go 160 miles even on gutless eco-mode.

Roiberd Robert says:

Where is the race agisnt the h2?

Devon Thorne says:

fantastic pitch. correction on one thing though, the bikes have power basically throughout the rev range, but graph torque vs rpm and it’s a leaning plank, just a straight line down. electric motors ONLY have maximum torque at exactly 0 rpm, like a magnets maximum resistive force is when its touching another magnet of the same sign. regardless this thing is amazing, and thanks guy from cleveland moto

ThisisMy Username says:

“Not hearing anything” is misleading since it certainly makes noise, just no where near as loud as an ICE engine

tyler durtton says:

did this guy that guy just couldn’t ride he launched it like a pussy

tony doyle says:

Sorry but the h2 would murder the zero try riding it properly and actually changing gears and keeping the hammer down pmsl

FrezZyK1nG says:

Yea i want a zero bike now

Ideas & Consecuencias says:

Hope the price goes down…

Deny2 Des says:

What worry me the most cars wont notice you !

Mars Sentinel says:

thumbs down for racing in front of people’s houses. #whytheyhateus

HuntinTox says:

Maby in acc but i dont think it smokes it in top speed not even close


17:48 h2 vs zero sr starts!

Michael Kastner says:

all that instant torque and no wheelie’s !!! 650 needs to get with the program!! send it !!!

joelski says:

Nah that H2 can run better than that he was sand bagging.

marty180 says:

Good music

Chris Corbo says:

That E Motorcyle made you go from a black guy to a white girl in two seconds. Lmfao!! I love this video brother keep them coming. SUBBED!!

Muga_d_biker says:

did he just say “loud pipes dont necessarily save lives”?. Video was informative till he said that. Ppl in cars be turning on riders with stock pipes that aint that silent. so what you think going to happen with something more quiet than a 4 cylinder with a stock exhaust.

Greenhorn Daytrader says:

Silent but deadly! You will get HIT because they can’t hear you. I’d still like one though. It’d be pretty cool.

Manuel Rendon says:

I love how this channel’s videos seem like a click bait but then their tag is actually real content. Nice! Keep it up!

EV zone says:

Imagine that electric bikes will only get better

Michael Kastner says:

too much info,shut up and ride the bike

Matthew Reynolds says:

No way it’s faster than the h2

zippy0099 says:

$16,000…WHAT!? DOLLARS!? Gtfo..

Allan Henderson says:

that h2 is faster than you just showed yes elec is instantly on but you didn’t really try

Tony Flick says:

They make lipo batteries for RC cars up to a 5c charge rate, we need faster charge rates! No 5 hour road trip on this thing.

Dragons Slayer 970 says:

Do it where both of you start going and then once you reach a line you go full throttle

Adam Mathew says:

The h2 would’ve dusted that electric bike if the rider actually got on it and had some balls but still an impressive electric bike

Michael Kastner says:

All the money 650IB has and he doesn’t BUY THE BIKE FOR YOU TUBE HITS

Peter W says:

What about 120+ db wind noise? (btw, This it’s why we wear ear plugs.)

Alberto Barañano says:

Nice video. I ‘ve tried one also. Here is my first ride with it:

Mitch Thompson says:

@0:52 that guy that runs the intersection on yellow SUCKS.

Moto Hobo says:

That owner knows his stuff! great content and lots of awesome information!

Flint Stone says:

650ib don’t be idiot u know that it can’t smoke h2. Fuck you for giving wrong info, I wish you dead in your next ride.

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