Zero SR Electric Motorbike First Ride Review

We all know it’s coming. Is it time to go Electric, we find out on the Zero SR.


ELPAYASO1422 says:

this off topic but what kind of boots are those?

Charles Dziki says:

California has wads of cash????

SemperFi 83 says:

I wouldn’t pay any more than 6 and a half 7 grand at most for this bike the same Ol dilemma you want people to go electric you want people to go green but you want to charge him an arm and a leg for it it’s ridiculous I’m going to spend $15,000 I’ll get a car which I’ll be I’ll have a lot more protected I’m going to buy a motorcycle I shouldn’t be paying any more than 5 and a half to 7 g regardless of whether it is using fuel or electricity

John Trussell 3rd says:

Problem is these old petrol engine motorcycle “dudes” just don’t get it. Keep pumping CO2 into the atmosphere and burning fossil fuels dipshits. What could possibly go wrong? Right? Stupid twats.

Rick Ncarolina says:

How long does that expensive battery last. How many charges can you get out of one..

Claypoly says:

So can you Charge the bike just by rolling down a Hill lmao nice

Veranda Tales says:

virtually maintenance free nirvana electric bikes, a couple questions before pulling the trigger you should ask yourself
1 what is the battery life?
2 what is the battery replacement cost?

Miguel Renato Comby says:

Good Electric T.F.A.`.

Gobble Mike Hawk says:

Petrol is not running out people don’t still believe that do they lol

Motomium says:

This is the end of itching to find a tunnel 🙁

Lintassimilator says:

I’m all for electric cars, but when it comes to motorcycles it just feels wrong somehow. Besides I’m not a fan of the electric motor sound, it makes it sound like a toy. “Well motorcycles are toys” some of you might say. No, they’re not. They’re fun to ride, but they’re not toys.

Robert Johnson says:

For having come from a petrol head this was a very fair review. Thanks for taking the time, and I particularly enjoyed that little witchcraft comment

Brian Purcell says:

I look out of my window at my petrol motorcycle with a tear in my eye . We`ve had some good times together old friend .

Redline R6 says:

18k for a bike that looks like a kymco … cant trust those skinny tires, oh and no engine noise …not for me

Drphillgood says:

They need to de-app this bike. I’ve seen a couple reviews and not one says that the custom mode can be set without a phone. What

Andy UK says:

so what license do you need for electric bikes?

222damien says:

This is just too small for me at the moment, If it was the size of any of the BMW bikes with the speed and distance increased I would get one tomorrow.

Kirk Brooks says:

California is about bankrupt. They don’t have “Pots and pots of cash”. But the Zero is cool!!

Jason Krumm says:

California is broke..

David Osborne says:

still too much money

ibez07 says:

what a boring cunt this fucker is

SemperFi 83 says:

also something doesn’t sound right about this you say that there is a fast charge option that you can recharge 95% of the battery in 2 hours but yet to do a full charge you looking at about 8 hours if there’s a fast charge option why would it take 8 hours to fully recharged if it only takes 2 hours to recharge 95%?

RJrigges says:

Love it perfect commuter bike

Snel 70 says:

I want an electric brain! Oooh wait, it already is LOL

Christopher James says:

California is massively in debt, not rich plus they have stupid laws, I’ll take Florida anyday.

Ryan Martin says:

California is broke as fuck one of the most bankrupt states in the union.

James Gray says:

Want want want but too expensive and not enough charging points around atm.

Your Mom's Boyfriend says:

idk if i can ever accept electric motorcycle

Joe Edwards says:

I like the idea of an electric motorcycle, but the styling needs to be improved. I need a wider variety of styles. The cruiser, yes. The café racer, yes.

blipco5 says:

Talk to me when they have a 400 mile range. Til then it’s useless to me.

Andrew G says:

very good review ….
the life of the battery would be a big factor …are we talking 2/3 years then have to shell out 5k

LibC says:

Good review. The electric motorcycles really interest me, the torque is on another level and the constant acceleration without working through gears must be something else. My biggest concern with the zero is the range; I spent most of my riding at “70” maybe riding for 100 miles to get to my destination – any idea when they’ll release a mile muncher?

75HP is my other question, torque is awesome below a certain speed but that puff soon runs out – given the top speed I suppose that’s not a big deal in this case – do you see them releasing something akin to an S1k?

bolderiks says:

The worst thing for an electric review is when it’s done by a petrol biased head. Electric is different, those who can’t adapt will literally stop moving their arse tomorrow.

Mububban23 says:

I get the feeling that, after a few pedestrains get smooshed by silently approaching electric cars and bikes, manufacturers will have to install a quiet “bip bip” option for the horn to alert people that you’re coming, without blasting the full horn at them. Kind of a vehicular polite cough.

shorryu FZ says:

ugliest thing besides the BMW C1

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