Zero SR electric bike test ride and review

The 2017 Zero SR is a automatic twist-and-go! I think the SR’s riding position is very relaxed, the bars set at a neutral position and the pegs low to the ground. Top speed a little over 160kmh/100mph. About 70bhp and a 116 ft-lb massive torque.
Range is 161 miles (259 km) on a single charge.
Charge time (standard) 8.9 hours (100% charged) / 8.4 hours (95% charged)
With max accessory chargers 2.6 hours (100% charged) / 2.1 hours (95% charged)
It´s an awesome bike but it comes with a hefty price tag!
Personally I would prefer the Zero FX, it think it would be a blast riding on the dirt, and it´s a lot cheaper too.
This is the beginning of the end of petrol-based motorcycles.

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madhav mali says:

Can it available in india and how mutch price in india

CARLOvonH says:


Pony Chaser says:

How do you change the oil when there’s no engine?

Phillip Wamsley says:

Never pay that much for a motorcycle regardless of the power source… Base 16,000.00 I guess they don’t intend to sell to working people…

Skeggy Cruiser says:

So much for loud pipes save lives, I’d be putting a playing card in the spokes, lol, just to give me a rough engine sound, lol, it’s a lot better looking than most and has a better range, but man that price, ouch! RSM8.

Huffle Hog says:

That sound is growing on me. Sounds like a spaceship when you take off like that!

MJR booger says:

You ever use indicators?

Dan White says:

It is still hard to wheelie these bikes. That is because 116 ft. lbs. of torque isn’t a lot. The torque figures for internal combustion, geared bikes is given for 6th gear and higher rpms, but the lower gears multiply the torque, so the SR does not compare to the torque you can get from a liter bike in 1st or 2nd gear at say 14000 rpms where wheelies are very easy with most sport bikes of 600 cc. or greater. The advantage of electric is how effortlessly and noiselessly you can get the speed and torque. These are fantastic bikes, but they aren’t touring bikes and I wish Zero would stop making them heavier by adding more and more battery capacity. The lighter-weight, shorter range electric bikes are way more fun than the heavy ones that occur with added battery packs, IMO.

azdesertdog says:

Fastest cordless drill on the planet 😉

Grafight23 says:

Future? These bikes are the present. Sure, they will increase in capabilities and popularity, but depending on your budget and priorities, they are just right for many people today.

HoaryRider says:

I have only seen one Zero. It blew passed us on the highway. It looks like a fun bike. Lack of charging stations would be an issue up here in small town BC. In the lower main land the Zero might be better suited. I have no doubt that one day the electrics will be the norm. RSMF Cheers

McBHERIG D´prypiat says:

LIKE brNazil,,,,,top speed,160km,,,,,melhor que a ninja 300c… kawasaki

quicksilver40 says:

So glad you had fun, ty for the vid. I test rode a Zero SR 3 years ago and was so impressed I’ve watched their progress weekly. Unfortunately I had to buy a ‘cheaper’ gas bike. For $3,000 US I got a Kawasaki Vulcan 500 and is a great starter bike. I am ready to upgrade but am waiting for the Zero’s to come down in price. Here in the U.S. they cost from $11,000 basic to $17,000 upgraded. That’s 3 to 6 times the price I paid. My bike costs about $870 a year to run and maintain so the cost of a Zero still can’t be justified for me yet. Having said that, one day e-bikes will rule the roads. The 0 to OMG ratio was so much fun! I’d say it had the pulling power of a 650 or 700 off the line, but no matter the speed, you always have torque. I’d be cruising along at 45mph and punch the throttle and jump to 70 mph in 3 seconds. It was wild! I’d like to see more videos of the Swedish country side 🙂

AmusementForce says:

What camera did you use to record this clip?

TheRoadRatt says:

Electric vehicles can easily beat in torque.

WheelsNotHeels says:

Very cool test ride…I was surprised at how fast it took off…wow! It’s very quiet, too. Can’t believe how expensive it is! That was fun to watch. I wouldn’t mind having a bike like that.

bodysurf100 says:

Mount a solar panel on it and you can keep going forever Gurra. 🙂

rlove4outdoors says:

When I electric bike…this is not what I respected! Seems expensive, but the distance between charges would never work for me being 100 miles to the nearest large city. Thanks for the look see. Seems like an awesome bike.

nakutettu says:

Haha! So strange when no engine sound when you stop! 😀 Would be fun to try this bike! I need to check if they selling this in Finland too so could test it. Also looking rather nice (y) Guess this is the future…

Cameron says:

Sounds like the bikes in Tron

BrianWest58 says:

$15K U.S. I’d like to ride one but don’t think the range is there yet for me. Impressive range as it is just not for touring.

viasevenvai says:

The price is totally justified. Imagine passing the gas station every 2 weeks and saying to yourself, “saved $5!”

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