Zero S Electric Motorcycle Test Ride | Torque Monster!

Sick of burning the petrol juice? The Zero S 9.4 electric motorcycle could be the answer for you! With as much torque as a Ducati Monster 821, this thing gets up and goes! And it looks cool too!


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The gear and camera equipment i’m using:

Action Camera:
SLR Camera:
Bluetooth Headset:
Bluetooth Audio Pack:


Tanner Crook says:

Best review I have seen of the bike. Thanks!

Anthony Sousa says:

How fast can this hit

Dranzo Draack says:

won’t go with the kickstand down

Chasmodius says:

Believe me: the rest of the driving public really appreciates the lack of awful noise out of these things even more than you might!

b57ecv says:

The British government have banned the import of these, they can’t make any money on fuel taxation.

Chris Stratford says:

thanks for the nice review

Vince King says:

How about you hire the use of a battery network, stations swap your battery to a charged one immediately. You may get basic and duff ones though.

LiveFreeNDieHard1 says:

This bike under $10,000 will be a sensation.

REAl REAction says:

This is crazy..

Stan McBeth says:

Reason of 20 Gran because of Australian Dollar is weaker than US Dollar. Maybe; you can get solar panels for free power from sunlight. The plus side, with 240 volts with 15 Amp circuit does really help for very decent charging rate. Even 2KW. solar panels plus solar batteries will really help in big time.

Alessandro Friolibilherbeck says:

i don’t want the future ehehe

Craig Manuel says:

No clutch gives the bike instant access to your will. Electric motors gives no vibrations to the handles, very nice! When you get it, its more like hovering the streets!

When the full size mc hubmotors arrive you will get a REALLY high efficiency!
..and as a plus, only dust on the parts when fixing things.

GuardianLords says:

I instantly forgot you were in Australia when you just said you were in Australia and when you went on the other side of the road I panicked for a second.

Just for Fun says:

i could buy a bike like this!

Stuart Wilson says:

So, 9 hours to charge after 200km plus you get the bonus of no one can hear you coming at all.. ever. And only $20,000 — Sign me up!

Subtle Butthole says:

Is it LAMS Approved?

DrEffinSteamy says:

Did you say the bike engages when the kickstand is down? I thought it doesn’t…

Also, you mentioned the throttle not being what they made it out to be, but it looked almost like you were running it in eco-mode.

dobby8907 says:


Christopher Carney says:

They are around 10k now.

Brad Harrison says:

rode the RS model and it has some pep in it.
what i did notice more than anything was the noise of the tires gripping the road when you corner, accelerate or brake. so your senses start listening to whats happening with the grip on the road than the exhaust note and gearing.
its a very different feeling.
i to see this is the future if the prices are lowered.

TheObsessedGardener says:

Another Aussie!

Aussie Springbok says:

I’d still prefer the Lightning LS218

normellow says:

Keep an eye out for the SS batteries!

Jim Of LH says:

I would have to put a speaker on the back and have different exhaust sounds each day

roshan luchmun says:

the problem of this motor is the charging the have to improve the charging by solor are make a sistem it charge him self when the motor is running

TheDollmaker28 says:

I would absolutely love to buy one of these, but I have no idea how to charge it up. I mean I can’t put a cable out of my window from the third floor down every evening in the middle of the city.

Daniel sefair says:

cuando llega a colombia.

Alba Hipolito says:

To expensive
I’m not crazy
Good luck whit it ….

Raphael992908941 says:

this is adelaide ain’t it?

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