Zero FXS Electric Motorcycle First Ride | The Future Of Motorcycling?

Zero FXS – This is my first little try of an electric motorcycle and my first impressions. I will do a follow-up video of my final thoughts of this bike as currently (13th July) I still have it. If you have any questions let me know and I address them in the follow-up video.

701 drag race will be in the next video so you can see how it faired 🙂

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Filming Equipment used:

Camera Primary – GoPro Hero 4 Silver –
Secondary’s – GoPro Hero 4 Black –
Intercom – Sena 10c / 20s –
Drone – DJi Mavic –
Data Logger – SpeedAngle
Helmet microphones – Sony ECM-PC60 –

Bike upgrades Super Duke:
Crash protection –
Carbon parts – &
Carbon Wheels –
Airbox tunning –
Steering Damper –
Tuning –
Suspension upgrades –
Clutch slave –
Tyres –
Riding Gear in this video

AGV AX-8 Naked Carbon –
Summer Gloves – Furygan FitR-R 2
Vest –
Touring Boots – Dainese Torque D1 Gore-tex
Kevlar Jeans – J&S Red Route Stretch Jeans

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Si Dog Ducati says:

Oh it’s dangerous, people can’t hear you coming, you need that exhaust volume!

Chris Esser says:

A fun part with these is that you can sneak around in places you shouldn’t be, basically because they are silent and it doesn’t spook people. It’s not much more impact to someone than seeing a bicycle go by.

40jonah says:

awesome break down, as usual!
Stay awesome LCR…

Luke Albanese says:

El Chopelectro…..

Robert O'Sullivan says:

I’d have one.
Not to the exclusion of my 2 noisy bikes though.
Plus silent death could be an issue.

Ye old chief says:

I’ll wait for the hydrogen bikes

Mp Mp says:

Thanks chops. And you kept it upright , unlike you know who.

Gareth .William's says:

try putting a peg an card in the spokes

Davidkxf says:

Bikes having started becoming boring enough as it is, with all the electronic aids, these will just kill the whole industry stone dead.

Pillokun says:

The no noise argument is for the most part a moot argument as at least I dont hear the cars when I am a pedestrian in the city because the vehicles are pretty quiet at low rpm and the little noise they make are drowned out by the ambient noise of the city so to speak.

TEST says:

Does the Norfolk company enter the Zero TT each year – ?

Philippe van Heek says:

Akrapovic slip on ?

Kevin Viney says:

Hi Lamb Chop Rides
Could you ask Zero UK what their understanding of artificial noise generation compliance rules is (if any) to their motorcycles in the future for sales in the UK?
For electric and hybrid newly sold 2019 cars, EU laws will require after July that typically a directional white noise will be output below 20 kph so alerting pedestrians etc.

TheMighty Vinnie says:

Great vid. But I still love the smell of petrol!!!

Rocky Pingale says:

England is so beautiful, except the gloomy weather.

EpicAdam Motovlogs says:

It looks like you really enjoyed riding that bike. I wouldn’t mind a go on it.

Dejakes says:

I hate the fact that in a matter of time these bikes are going to be better than our conventional, noisy, smelling, oil and petrol drinking bikes… 🙁 Review is excellent nevertheless, as always…

Michael Kastner says:

The range is not what they claim i have heard

Mantisen87 says:

Will it wheelie?

A Garden Shed says:

They’re impressive but I don’t want one. I like the sound of an engine and I like a clutch and changing gear.

Rocky Pingale says:

Just wait until the solid state, high density batteries arrive it will wipe out fossil fuel industry

Jason Smith says:

No wheelies would be a MAJOR issue

shaun says:

The Future has no SOUL

Eastern Menace says:

You can compensate for the lack of maintenance by using soft tyres, all of that torque will ensure you have to replace them every 3000 miles at least lol

Sir Ride A Bit says:

Very stealthy, James Bond would have one, I can see it being in that type of movie very soon.

vxlgsi says:

coal powered

SLAV says:

Unless someone steals my bike again i believe the 1290 will be the last gas powered bike ill own

John McGuinness says:

what you seem to forget is it was probably fossil fuels that were used to generate the electricity you use to charge it in the first place

TEST says:

since seeing the first Zero TT – this is what has evolved – fantastic Vid – A real first

Dopeboifresh500 says:

Amazing vid what kind of helmet is that thanks

Liam Vickerman says:

I love riding at night and personally I would love electric for that but an ls218 hooning about with naught but a woosh

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