Zero FXS – Could this be the best commuter bike I have ever had the pleasure to ride !

First of, my thanks to Alec at the for lending me the the Zero SR and FXS. I take out the FXS on a 50 mile commute in London and discover it’s the…….. If you need to talk about electric motorcycles, then talk to the guys at The English Electric Motor Company, they are experts on this subject.

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fitzpatrickken says:

Yeah it’s fast but it sounds like a sewing machine!

Ed Lerner says:

Passing in the oncoming lane is legal? Sport mode wouldn’t be as necessary if you’re driving wasn’t so aggressive.

Grymus says:

I can’t stand people like this. Cutting between others and not staying in a lane not only put’s this person in danger but their actions put others at risk also.

WaxFace Network says:

when a car hits you just make sure to blame it on yourself ok

jim bob says:

I would never one one because of how bad they sound

Csóró_Breeki says:

With this bike,tunnel-fun is over!

Fast Pace says:

That thing rips! But you wouldn’t last a day in Texas traffic!

Ed says:

Fantastic, and I use that word only 5 times a year.

John the Human says:

Trying to get hit.

Eric Martin says:

i would never ever drive like that. omg that is dangerous

bigegg7170 says:

you ride like you own the road ,bike doesn’t matter

manifest 73 says:

It’s illegal to ride this in public roads in the US.

Versys16060 says:

Keep lane splitting like that and you’ll be going down if you haven’t already.

smokinvalves says:

I’m sorry, but it’s not a pass this time. Or any time.

Simon Guilmain says:

How can this be legal and safe? Driving in the middle lane and zigzagging between cars in traffic Lol! Here in Canada we cannot split lane like that. Car drivers would be so mad.

KungFuChess says:

I just test rode this.. brilliant bike! only wish they had some sound upgrade to make it a bit louder

Mister Pumpkinhead says:

Does this guy have a driving license?

Don Ross Shippey Jr. says:

The bike need regesttration or not?

Dave M. says:

This place looks like another world

Glenn Malcolm says:

RJ, It feels like you are riding in a more erratic manner while on the Zero than on the other three we see you on. Maybe its the sound difference, I’m not sure. (edit: a word)

Super5thDimension says:

It sounds so clean.

I want that

Zen Zen says:

WOW – awesome review RJ

Meme Master says:

Zero FXS given ^^

bchant19 says:

i think the seat is humped like that to stop you from sliding back in the seat when you open the thorrtle and feel that tourqe

YouStupidBunny says:

Just because you have the room for lane splitting doesn’t mean you should. You’re going to make drivers react and cause an accident. You ride like an asshole.

Kyle Couture says:

Loud pipes only save lives if its a granny driving. I play loud music when I drive. I have had harleys come right up next to me amd I dont hear them until they are alrdy passed me.

John the Human says:

No respect for other drivers.

kevin tyrrell says:

Lol it’s not same lol – can not believe how nimble it is – brilliant filtering

shivakumar thippani says:

Use the horn rj when your are on electric bike

Mark Bennett says:

You showed us some impressive sites and that bike was amazing. I know you feel confident but someone could easily take you out opening a car door in traffic – please be careful as you are a good guy to lose.

Inta Riktigh says:

Could the seat be that way bcs of the high acceleration so you dont slide off the bike :)?

Aerochalklate says:

7:16 lol that driver must be pissed

Nigel Bartlett says:

The bike looks fantastic. As a Nuda owner I would love to try one, but the lack of noise puts the accident factor way up for me.

Brian Rayment says:

R.J. what a fantastic ride. Just need to make the machine “Pedistrian aware” cause as you know the majority of pedistrians are blind and cannot read

J F says:

What are the laws for riding bikes here? Just go into whatever space is open for driving? Wish it was so insane of riding here

RetroMaticMike says:

It would be a quiet world if many picked this bike

François van der Westhuizen says:

electric bikes are gay

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